Go go [me] & goji

Ok so a couple of weeks ago I decided to jump on the me & goji bandwagon. All the cool bloggers were doing it, and being new and all. . .

Just kidding, I really love cereal and love being able to customize just about anything, so when I discovered this site, I thought it would be fun.

You start with a base and go through all sorts of add ins- dried fruit, nuts, grains, even chocolate! Each item has a cute little leaf icon that gives you more information when you click on it. To make your custom cereal, you just drag and drop ingredients into the bowl. There is a fabulous little nutrition label that tallies your cereal nutrition stats as you go, so if you are on a special eating plan of any type, it’s perfect. Not only do you get to have all of this fun, but you also get to name your cereal!

I received my order within 3 days, which is pretty great. It is a massive tube full of goodness that will take two of us maybe 2 weeks to eat, so though it seems pricey, its pretty worth it. I named mine Summer Granola, a totally lame and last minute idea, but I wanted to call it something!

The taste verdict? My blend of raw muesli, dried strawberries, dried raspberries, cacao nibs, and chia seeds is just perfect! The right amount of fruit but not too much. And my first experience with chia seeds has been great; you can’t even taste them. I won’t say what they look like to me, but I am looking forward to trying some of my favorite bloggers’ chia seed recipes!

Anyway, my 2 cents on me & goji. I will definitely be ordering it again, and look forward to each cereal and yogurt filled morning!

Off to do more work, but I will be back later with more delicious food and hopefully a giveaway!

  1. Angela’s avatar

    Sound good! Do you know if they ship to Canada?


  2. traveleatlove’s avatar

    They do ship to Canada! Good luck with the run and the fundraising!


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