Lessons learned from almost a century on earth

My nana will be 95 this November, and in addition to being incredibly sharp mentally, she is also physically healthy, and has maintained beautiful soft skin throughout her life. I am always seeking ways to stay healthy, happy, and look my best, and I think we often forget how much we can learn from older generations who existed before Botox, all sorts of fancy medical technology, and a beauty industry that teaches us to panic about getting older. Below I have listed a few of the things that my nana has done throughout her life and that I believe help her to continue to live a quality life at close to 100! (Disclaimer- this is all based on personal experience, not the advice of a physician. As with anything, you will want to research what is best for YOU before trying it!)

Apple cider vinegar: My nana has been drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar mixed with water several times a day. In addition, she has taught us to put it on bug  bites, sunburn, pimples, and to gargle it when feeling a sore throat coming on. Pouring a bit on your doorjamb on a regular basis  smells for awhile, but keeps ants from coming in. This common home remedy seems to fix just about everything.

Barley Green: This is one I haven’t tried yet, but the Barleygreen website says:

BARLEYGREEN™ is made from 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC CRYSTALIZED JUICE of young and fresh Barley Leaves. As a complete whole food it has the highest potency of Organic Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids and Enzymes. It is the ultimate source of phyto-nutrients, is gluten free, has a neutral ph without any artificial colors or preservatives. The chlorophyll molecule structure is similar to haemoglobin, thus readily and speedily absorbed into cellular levels.

 Nana has been drinking this for years. I admit that we have all made faces watching her drink it, but now that I am an adult on my own, I look forward to giving it a try and having her kind of energy!

Oatmeal: Many of my favorite bloggers share my love of eating oatmeal, and this great food has been a staple in my family forever. My nana, in addition to eating it, has washed her face with oatmeal (roughly 1/4 cup mixed with enough water to make a paste) for her entire life. While she does have wrinkles, she has always had the softest, blemish free skin. It’s no wonder that cosmetics companies have been exploring oatmeal’s benefits over the years.

Organic produce: For as long as I could remember, and my mother could remember, nana filled her entire backyard with vegetable and fruit gardens that she fertilized with composted scraps and manure. I remember picking all sorts of berries to make homemade jam or greens to make salad, something that was done just about every day. These days, organic produce can be pricey, but if you have a patch of ground or even a sunny room and a little patience, there is a lot you can grow at home.

I hope to provide a post on my deck garden later this summer if all goes well! Please cross your fingers for me! :)


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