Summer Solstice Challenge & Clean Eating Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

This morning I was feeling pretty sluggish after yet another bad night’s sleep. I needed a killer Green Monster to wake me and fill me with vitamins, especially after the day-long feast we had yesterday!

Today’s GM (for two)

Close to an entire bag of spinach

6 large strawberries

½ pint blueberries

A few globs TJ’s Greek style 0% fat yogurt

3 TBS ground flaxseed

½ cup water

4 ice cubes

This really hit the spot and fueled my walk in to work. The weather looked daunting, but about a mile in, the sun came out, and I was warm again. I feel like since I started walking, I feel much more awake and serene than if I had taken the train (those of you in Boston can sympathize with frustration at the MBTA!)

This is a really busy time of year for us, so lunch is often at my desk, and today was leftover chili with fresh avocado on top. I had a spoonful of agave nectar mid-afternoon for a treat. . . this stuff is soooo good! Its like light caramel. Yum.

Dinner was an amazing salad of spinach, corn, beets, onions, avocado, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, and a few pieces of TJ’s apple/chicken sausage. I have been eating a bit more protein lately in meat, nuts, and yogurt, and I am definitely feeling the difference, a lot more satisfied, less snacky, and just stronger in general. Which leads me to exercise. . .


Summer Solstice Challenge 

Basically the hub and I have decided that for the month of June, leading up to and just after Summer Solstice, we need to squeeze every second of daylight out (hopefully this will become habit and continue as long as possible). So we will be going on nightly walks around Castle Island, our favorite by-the-sea location in South Boston. If its still light out afterwards, we will catch up on the deck, do some gardening, or just hang out outside. I’m calling it a challenge because, despite our best intentions, we often end up back in front of our computers doing work or zoned out in front of the tv for the rest of the night, exhausted and getting ready for the next day. We will thank ourselves for doing this come December when we are stuck indoors and leaving work in the dark. So far I have walked close to 8 miles today, and we are off for another short stroll to enjoy the rest of the day.


A few things to note:

Bostonians, don’t forget that Scooper-Bowl starts tomorrow! Ice cream + supporting the Jimmy Fund = a fabulous idea!!!

Here are a couple of posts I am working on for the upcoming weeks:

Spotlight on Ireland- I have lived in Ireland and visited about 14 times, so I hope to do a several part post chock full of photos!

Local favorite- Joanne Chang of Flour and Myers + Chang

Visting my brother in law and family- The beaches and vineyards of Italy’s Adriatic coast

I would also like to start collecting some guest posts on YOUR favorite travel destinations. So the question for today is:

What is the best trip you have ever taken? I am really interested in hearing about different places, both to plan trips for myself and also to share even more great info with my readers. I am hoping to highlight some reader posts starting in July and maybe have one a week over the course of the summer.

Enjoy the light this evening!

  1. Carolyn Jung’s avatar

    Ooh, can’t wait to hear about Joanne Chang and her bakeries. My sis-in-law raves about those baked goods, which she enjoys whenever she visits her daughters at college in Massachusetts. I, myself, have yet to have the pleasure. But perhaps one day. I’m sure your next posts all about traveling will inspire me to plan a trip soon.


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