Toast and other childhood comforts

The week is half over!! I just had a most amazing massage which has really worked out the kinks in my back and neck. If you live in or are visiting Boston, Madelon at Healthworks in Back Bay is seriously the best massage therapist I have ever gone to. She is so thorough and has such a great vibe and energy that I really feel throughout me.

I really needed a massage today, and I am proud of myself for splurging. It has been a stressful week, and I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.

While I was up not sleeping, I watched Good Eats on Food Network and it happened to be about toast. The timing of this show topic was pretty funny because over the weekend while in NJ, I had the opportunity to visit with my awesome nana who is going to be 95 (!!!) in November. When we were little and would go to stay with my nana, she would give us rye toast with butter and a glass of milk. For some reason, I don’t know if it was from playing all day or being with my loving nana, but that snack seemed to knock us out! This got me thinking more about childhood favorites, especially ones that my nana made.

-homemade strawberry jam from strawberries picked in the back garden
-homemade cranberry sauce at the holidays
-potato bread- yum yum yum, homemade bread with potato grated up in the dough, SO good!

Its amazing how thinking about food can bring you back and make you feel so many different things. What are some of your favorite food memories?

Visiting with my nana always comes with lots of laughter and stories, and this time it made me think. I was on my way back to Boston from NJ when I visited, and in my head I was rushing through the visit knowing I had work to get back to. Then it hit me. Sounds sort of lame that it took me so long, but I thought “Meghan, she’s 94, what are you going to do in Boston that is more important than talking with her?”. It was silly, but it just showed me how wrapped up I get. After that I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and had lots of fun conversation. My nana told me that if she had her life to live over again she would have learned another language and studied Christian history, a subject she is interested in. She was happy to know that I am learning Spanish, and for me it was SO interesting to hear what someone at her age looks back and thinks. What wisdom and perspective! We had a great visit, and today I am just feeling grateful.

I am also really starting to think about school again, definitely not full time, but starting a program. I have been looking up a few gastronomy programs, and I am really interested. I think with my 5 + years of marketing/PR/events experience plus more knowledge and training in the food and wine field I would really be able to craft something great for myself down the road in something I am passionate about.

Lots of thoughts going on. Thanks for baring with me on this ramble!

Now for a food spotlight: Dancing Deer Bakery

We were ordering a gift for a colleague today, and Dancing Deer Bakery came up. It’s been awhile since I have eaten their deliciousness, but I thought it was worth a mention in my post tonight. This bakery is incredible! They bake delicious, interesting cookies, cakes, and to die for brownies that are sold at some Whole Foods and also can be ordered online in beautiful gift packages. My absolute favorite treat from Dancing Deer is their molasses clove cookies. Yum yum yum! Soft and sweet with a little bit of spice, these cookies are autumn in your mouth.

courtesy Dancing Deer Bakery website

courtesy Dancing Deer Bakery website


Cute packaging :)

Cute packaging :)

One of the sweetest things about Dancing Deer is their dedication to philanthropy to ending family homelessness through their Sweet Home Project.  I am so much more interested in supporting a business and spending my money somewhere when I know the owners and employees are working toward some good in the world and not just for profit. If you need to send a gift for any occasion, I would really recommend visiting the Dancing Deer site. I can’t wait to order some goodies for the house soon. . . perhaps for when we have our influx of family visitors! :)

Phewwwww that was a lot of typing! I need to go and do some research on classes that I might want to take. Thanks to all of you, as always, for reading and commenting. Good night :)

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  1. MarathonVal’s avatar

    That was a nice post about childhood foods and visiting with your grandma – I try to stay in contact with my grandparents as much as I can and I’m so happy that I do. Grandparents are the best!! We are lucky to have them in our lives aren’t we?


  2. Madison’s avatar

    Aw, toast with your nana sounds so nice.

    I have some great memories with my Mimi…every Christmas season my sister and I would spend a couple of nights at her house and bake cookies for mom and dad. We usually just snuck cookie dough behind her back, not doing much baking. haha.


  3. burpexcuzme’s avatar

    Food is so much more than physical nourishment! I love how much it ties into our memories and emotions. Fav food memory: stealing a whole bowl of Korean noodles from the kitchen with my little bro!

    And hee hee hee, I love the cute packaging!


  4. Kailey’s avatar

    my favorite food memories would be going to McDonalds/burger King with my dad and sister right before seeing a movie that my dad would always fall asleep. My mom detest fast food so it was our treat. haha


  5. Kelly’s avatar

    Oh man, I would love to run the Newport half with you but sadly I don’t think my knee is going to tolerate my race addiction. Boo :(


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