A snacktastic week

Its Friiiiiiday! And I only have 3 days of work next week! What are your weekend plans? Tonight I am going for drinks with co-workers to celebrate one of my co-workers’ leaving (happy for her, not happy she is leaving!!). Saturday is long run day and dog walking, and Sunday we are going to another Bin Ends Fine Wine Flea Market with some friends. And planning our Napa winery itinerary of course :)

This week was intense, both work wise and exercise wise. I upped my workouts and had some really great runs. I just may have some exciting running-related news soon, but we’ll see ;)

I spent some time feeling really fatigued and really just realized that I wasn’t eating or resting quite enough. So I made a conscious effort to bring more snacks. The Healthy Living Summit swag bag and my Good Health Natural Products goodies helped immensely with this effort :)





Good Health veggie chips are definitely my favorite product of their so far. Made with spinach and tomato purees, they are sooo light and crispy and really taste like vegetables. The tomato tastes like warm tomato soup. The day after a hard run, this bag came in handy. It was satisfying, delicious, filled me up but not too much, and was the perfect compliment to my healthy eating throughout the day. Yum.

Not pictured are the Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies that I grabbed from my swag bag. I have never had these but holy childhood snack! They are just like goldfish, with nutritionals that are pretty good, and they come in small snack sizes. Perfect for my desk drawer. . .

Also not pictured, but the best dessert ever, cinnamon apple chips dipped in TJ’s raw almond butter. Creamy, sweet, buttery and crunchy. Yum!

Barney Butter also made an appearance. I love the little packets that were in the swag bag. I haven’t broken into the jar I won yet, but I am sure it won’t last long. Barney Butter out of the packet as a snack on its own is quite delish, as is Barney Butter mixed with plain Greek yogurt.


Also consumed this week was a cheer me up meal:

P8250631 P8250632

Sushi and crab rolls from our sushi go-to, Teriyaki House. Cheap, delicious, free delivery, and they offer both sushi/Japanese food, and Chinese food that is a lot less greasy than most I have eaten. Served with some wine with an exhausted, sore knee-d me skipping my workout. . . felt SO good!



I also ate a week’s worth of this. Spinach and romaine salad with homemade pesto roasted red peppers, pickles, onions, goat cheese, and torn up focaccia from the farmer’s market last week. This was lunch every day, with some Ginger Carrot soup from Trader Joe’s. I love yummy lunches like this!

Keeping well fueled with food that is both healthy and satisfying definitely gets me through the week. Sometimes just ordering some $20 sushi on a Wednesday night is enough to make the week feel a bit less mundane and a little more special!

I hope you are all having a fantastic Friday! See you tomorrow!

  1. Allie (Live Laugh Eat)’s avatar

    Hmm is the news a marathon!?

    I have yet to mix in almond butter with Greek yogurt–what am I waiting for?

    Enjoy your weekend and insanely short work week!


  2. burpexcuzme’s avatar

    Hee hee, I wish everyday was $20 sushi night! But I guess that takes away the “special” part!
    Enjoy ur weekend! :D


  3. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    $20 sushi night definitely helps the work week go by a bit easier.
    Enjoy your weekend!


  4. traveleatlove’s avatar

    Hopefully I will be able to say in a few days! :)
    Soo excited about the short week; I have had one day off all summer!


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