I love a rainy day

Ohhhh happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic day! Last night was a lot of fun. A bunch of co-workers and I went to Cuff’s in Boston’s Back Bay for some drinks and food. Over the course of a couple of hours I had a glass of prosecco and a delicious Mirassou Pinot Noir along with some just okay curry fries.



P8280676   P8280674 

Not great photos, but I just love the setup on the bottom photo. A lovely summer event setting!


P8280678 P8280679

My farmer’s market beauties of the week


I left them a little after 7, and the hubs was kind enough to drive into town to pick me up as it was chilly and drizzly. We ended up having an impromptu dinner. After wandering around the South End and trying a few places, all of which were packed (a good sign indeed!) we ended up giving The Beehive another chance. I have had some not so great experiences there with service and meh food in the past, but last night was awesome! We ended up sitting downstairs at the bar for our meal, listening to the live jazz that they have every night. It was SO dark, so I don’t have any photos unfortunately. I ordered a Mumm Napa prestige sparkling wine as an ode to our upcoming trip to the Mumm Winery (woohoo, I can not wait!). We also ordered the grilled buffalo shrimp and the raw bar platter for two.

I love sitting at the bar once in awhile. It feels a little less formal, we get to sit side by side, and it just feels fun. Our buffalo shrimp came quickly and oh my goodness was this meal incredible! The grilled shrimp were slightly spicy and they were on a bed of a chopped celery and carrot salad with blue cheese and buffalo sauce. It was so incredibly delicious that I wanted to lick the plate! The salad was crunchy and fresh, the blue cheese was tangy and creamy, and the shrimp had that lovely grilled flavor. The raw bar platter was impressive and equally delicious. I get a huge oyster craving every now and then, and last night’s oysters were briny and plump, with a perfect horseradish accompaniment. The platter also included a perfectly cooked chilled lobster, tuna tartare, to die for shrimp ceviche, and chilled shrimp. This was the perfect amount of food for us, and we devoured every bit.

The hubs got a migraine not long after we got home, so we were in bed and sleeping by 10:30. It was much needed! It poured all night long and got quite cold, the perfect sleeping weather. I slept right until 9 and jumped right out of bed. I was unsure of my plans for today, but since we saw on TV that the Senator’s funeral procession was getting ready to leave the JFK Library, I put my running clothes on, hubs got on his bike, and we raced over to UMASS Boston to stand along the road. It took about 30 minutes, but we were able to see the motorcade go by. I then finished my run which was in total about 40 minutes. When I got home, I did a 45 minute stationary bike ride. My workouts are OVER for this weekend! It was a good endurance mix though, and since I have been having some intense lower back pain over the past days, I felt like lessening the weight bearing part of my workout would be a good idea. I am not sure what it is, but when I look down, I actually wince because of the pain that travels down my back and into the back of my leg. Its gotten better over the last few days and I am really looking forward to a full rest day tomorrow. The only working out I will be doing tomorrow is picking up my tasting glass at the Bin Ends Fine Wine Flea Market.

I am not sure what today will bring. The rain is really coming down, and I am really enjoying not having to go anywhere right now. We do need to finish planning our trip to San Francisco ,and I need to clean the house for our cat/house sitter, but other than that I may just read food blogs and be lazy all day :)

Do you like to split up your cardio workouts? Do you feel it helps/hinders your performance at all? See ya later!

  1. MarathonVal’s avatar

    I’m so jealous that you live in Boston – I can only imagine all of the incredible history in that city!!! I hope I get to visit oneday…. although it’s not high up on my husband’s list I’m afraid. He likes places with white sand beaches, haha… yes I’m still working on that ;)


  2. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)’s avatar

    Thanks for finding my blog and stopping by and commenting! I havent had time to poke around yours, but glad to hear you are a yogi too :)


  3. Lynn (The Actors Diet)’s avatar

    i love a rainy day too. i would spend it cooking those beautiful beets!


  4. traveleatlove’s avatar

    If you ever plan a trip here definitely let me know!White sand beaches don’t sound too bad though ;)


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