Real Pickles are addictive!

I recently came across the website for Real Pickles when I was searching the web for locally made products. I am hoping for this to become a focus for part of my blog, and while the products may not apply to you if you aren’t local, I hope you will still find it interesting, be inspired to try your own local products, and let me know what they are!!

The mission of Real Pickles is awesome:

“We are committed to promoting human and ecological health by providing people with delicious, nourishing food and by working toward a regional, organic food system.”

Reading through their site and learning about their commitment to family farms and cleaner, safer food made me want to learn more. Real pickles uses lactic acid fermentation to produce their variety of foods: dill pickles, sauerkraut, red cabbage, ginger carrots, Asian style cabbage, and tomatillo hot sauce, all organic. I have long been interested in fermentation, and spent a good bit of time reading about the health benefits of fermentation on Real Pickles’ website:

I contacted the company to see if they would be able to provide me with samples of their products to review. They very kindly and very quickly sent me their dill pickles and Asian style cabbage just 2 days later!

The verdict, these products were both amazing! I have literally eaten half the jar of pickles in 2 sittings. The pickles are crunchy, tangy, and garlicky. The Asian style cabbage is so fresh and delicious, with a nice spicy kick and is also very crunchy, a nice slaw like consistency. I added the cabbage to a hummus and whole grain bread sandwich for lunch today, and it was the perfect addition to my sandwich. It really added flavor and a beautiful texture.


I am super excited to have found these products. They ship only in the Northeast, so if you live up here definitely check them out. Their website also offers free recipes, so even if you don’t live up here, check it out! I will be ordering more pickles very soon, along with the ginger carrots (how good does that sound?!) and more Asian slaw. I can see Real Pickles’ products becoming a big part of my lunches every day!

  1. MarathonVal’s avatar

    I LOVEEEEE pickles. I actually haven’t bought them in months (a year even?) but they are one of my favorite foods. Those, and capers, are hands down the BEST way to beat a salty food craving!


  2. Andrea@WellnessNotes’s avatar

    Oh, the pickles sound awesome. Too bad, I won’t be able to buy them… But thanks for sharing anyway. I love reading about local, organic, sustainable companies that produce interesting foods!


  3. burpexcuzme’s avatar

    sounds interesting! Is that Asian style cabbage like kimchi?


  4. Michelle’s avatar

    Mmm, those pickes sound good! Too bad I don’t live around the area! I’ll have to check out the recipes for sure.


  5. Lynn (The Actors Diet)’s avatar

    mmm i love me some pickles!!!


  6. Kailey’s avatar

    I LOVE PICKLES!!! these sound great.


  7. traveleatlove’s avatar

    It is like kimchi. It actually says that in parentheses on the jar, but since I wasn’t sure if it was technically kimchi, I didn’t say anything. I love it though!


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