Salty or sweet?

When it comes to snacks, which do you reach for first, salty or sweet? I definitely like both but tend to favor salty treats over sugary sweets.

About 3 minutes into my Beacon Hills run today I realized I was starving, and for the entire hour I was running, I went back and forth between thinking of food and feeling nauseous. Despite this, I ran strong and really felt good on the hill, which is killer.

I was most excited to arrive home to crack open some of the snacks that Tim at Good Health Natural Products so generously sent me to try. Thanks Tim!!

I knew the first item that I wanted to try was their Kettle Style Avocado Oil Potato Chips in Chilean Lime flavor. After chugging some water to rehydrate, I started in on the chips. (Hey, I needed to replace the sodium I lost on the run! :))

Look at all of these snacks!

Look at all of these snacks!




I also decided to try a few of the Kettle Style Avocado Oil Chips in plain sea salt. The verdict? Delicious! Very very crunchy due to the kettle cooking. Both flavors of chips reminded me in the best way possible of the chips (crisps) that we get in Ireland. For whatever reason, chips in Ireland taste way better than standard US chips, much richer and more buttery. In fact, one of our friends from Belfast has only one request when we go back to Galway to visit family, that we bring her plain, salted potato chips.

Anyway, back to the Avocado Oil Potato Chips. They have that high quality, rich taste that we love. The Chilean Lime is definitely my favorite as I love the combination of citrus and salt, and the real lime extract really comes through. The best part of these chips is that they are cooked in avocado oil, harnessing the good fat from avocados and making these chips 30% lower in fat that traditional potato chips. To read about all of the benefits of chips made in avocado oil, definitely check out the Good Health Natural Products website.

Now, obviously these are still chips, still meant to be eaten in moderation as part of a healthy diet and all, but given that I am going to enjoy snacks as part of my life, I would rather go toward ones that are delicious AND healthier. Good Health Natural Products is based in Greensboro, NC, and they have an online store, so readers throughout the country can enjoy their products as well. Stay tuned for a review of their apple chips, olive oil chips, and their South of France natural soap products.

I am off to have a relaxing night home alone and to catch up on a few things for work. Tomorrow evening I will be at the Healthy Living Summit cocktail party, hopefully meeting some of you!

Later this weekend, I plan on introducing my “recipe of the week” campaign, so be sure to check back. Have a great night!

  1. MarathonVal’s avatar

    I’m one of those weirdos who craves BOTH sweet and salty!! Sometimes together, sometimes alternating – something sweet, then something salty, etc. It’s a terrible cycle since, unlike a plain sweet or plain salty craving, it never seems to get satiated haha


  2. Alison’s avatar

    I’m definitely sweet. I could easily eat just ONE potato chip – I hardly ever crave salty things.


  3. Andrea@WellnessNotes’s avatar

    I love salty snacks. Chips can be very dangerous for me unless I am forcing myself to be mindful… :) I’m already dreaming of the avocado oil potato chips… :)


  4. Erica’s avatar

    What fun swag! Can’t wait to hear what you think of allll the products! Hmm I think I crave a little of both. My usual snacks are fruit with nut butter or veggies with hummus!


  5. burpexcuzme’s avatar

    salty salty salty! But I don’t like chips. They make me thirsty. I like stuff like…crackers, pancakes, pretzels, you know?
    The avocado oil chips look really interesting though!


  6. Ruby’s avatar

    Ooooh I love kettle chips! Yummy! These sound awesome. I really like both salty AND sweet. But I think I reach for chocolate first.


  7. Shelly’s avatar

    What is it with Europe and fried potatoes? I don’t normally care for French Fries but the ones in Switzerland are to die for. They are just incredibly light and crisp and flavorful.


  8. Angharad’s avatar

    I love kettle chips! Gah! Those two flavors both sound amazing! Must…find….them…
    I am definitely a salty snack kinda gal but I have a massively sweet tooth as well. Hmm. I’ll just take a bag of your finest kettle chips followed by a big bar of Green and Blacks please!


  9. traveleatlove’s avatar

    I have the salty/sweet problem as well! I could easily go back and forth between them and eat way more of both than I need!


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