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Happy Monday! Over the past few months, I have done a lot of thinking about blogging and realized that, while I consider myself a food and wine blogger much more than a healthy living blogger, there is still plenty of room for health and fitness in my blog. As you probably know, I am running the 2010 Boston Marathon for The ALLY Foundation. I haven’t written about running much at all lately, and that is because I am barely running! After a hip injury this fall, I am staying completely committed to a more holistic training approach than I have used in the past. It is my hope that this way of training will help me to avoid injury and mental/emotional burnout that comes with marathon training. The plan I am using is 100% my own, so I really won’t know how effective it is until I am doing my longer runs in February and March. I will report that I am feeling great right now and in surprisingly good shape at the moment! In case you are interested in my plan, I have included a full week’s workout plan below:

Sunday- 1.5 hours of dog walking, a mix of sprinting and standing around throwing a ball,  2.5 mile speed walk (11 minute miles), 20 minutes of Dave Farmar power yoga

 Monday- 2.5 mile walk to gym, 35 minute bike ride with low level hills   

Tuesday- 45 minutes on the elliptical at 8:30/ mile pace

Wednesday- 60 minute massage! (just this week, not every week)

Thursday- 2.5 mile walk  to work 40 minutes of power yoga

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 6 mile run,  20 minutes power yoga


For the next couple of weeks, I am only running one or two times a week! Hopefully this type of training will make my entire body strong and will give me endurance without overuse on any one muscle or muscle group.

How do you train for big runs/hikes/bikes/swims? Do you follow a recommended training plan, make your own, or a mix of both?

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  1. theredmenaceeats’s avatar

    I need to add more core and weight training to my current plan. I generally follow a recommended plan, though as I run more I am learning to adapt them to my needs!


  2. Kelly’s avatar

    I think thats very very smart what you are doing. I somehow managed to get an overuse injury last May (that still is bothering me) from running 3 times a week, never more than 4 miles. Since I’ve been injured I’ve learned a lot about all of the parts of the body that need to be in shape in order for running to take place without injury. Your plan looks great to me. I have to say in my limited training experience I tend to start out with a plan and then it gets really adapted based on how my life is going, how my body feels etc. I think plans were meant to be adapted a bit :)


  3. Meg C.’s avatar

    messages help soo much! I sometimes think I can’t possibly stretch out enough and need my muscles worked on manually – it really feels great. I get where you’re coming from on training – because of joint issues I can’t run more than 3 or 4 times per week so when I train for my first half marathon this spring I’m planning on doing one long run per week with two short ones during the week. That way I hope I won’t get injured. Your plan sounds great with lots of variety!


  4. Christine @ Fresh Local and Best’s avatar

    I think it’s a good idea to do a little bit of both, everyone has different needs and it’s important to keep them in mind, especially for such a serious challenge. Good luck! :)


  5. Mardi@eatlivetravelwrite’s avatar

    Now that even sounds like I could cope with that. Of course, there is the fact that I hate running….. ;-)


  6. Simply Life’s avatar

    I love training because it pushes me more than I would typically push myself but I never go “too” hard on myself and feel like I keep a balanced approach…I think that’s why I continually look forward to news runs and races!


  7. Jolene (’s avatar

    I am only doing the C25K program … basically for people who suck at running! Afraid I am not much help with suggestions!


  8. greensandjeans’s avatar

    I usually am loosely following a program, but I have found after countless injuries and stress fractures, that I REALLY need to cross train! I love running but my body definitely does not! For the half I ran recently I ran 4 days a week, two of those ALWAYS on the treadmill, and the other two days I was on the elliptical or went for a bike ride. As long as I got the longer runs in I didn’t worry quite as much about the milage on my other “runs” and instead focused on time. And shazam! I ran a PR or 1:52!


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