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I was so excited to be able to be a guest blogger for Travel Eat Love because that means that I can post a bit more about my travels and the food I’ve enjoyed on those trips!  I decided to go with our most recent adventure; this spring my husband and I were able to spend about 10 days touring around Northern India!  Indian food is one of my absolute favorite ethnic cuisines; I love all the flavorful spices and especially the naan! :)  During our trip we were able to visit about 8 different cities, and I just loved getting to taste what were the local favorites.  By the end of the trip I was able to even start recognizing some words on the menu to even know what I was ordering instead of just pointing to something on the menu and hoping I would like it (which, of course, always did)! 


DSC01874[1]  DSC02114[1]


Here are a couple of our favorite meals and areas.  Of course, the Taj Mahal makes the list of the most incredible places I have ever seen.  Before we arrived, I thought it was going to be a tourist trap that looks amazing in every picture but is just “okay” when you’re really there…wow, was I wrong!  I could have stared at it for hours and never ceased to be amazed.  We took the advice of the locals to see it during the sunrise, and as you can tell, it was just breathtaking!
This other photo was taken during a boat ride in on the Ganges River in Varanasi during another sunrise that I will never forget.
Varanasi is an incredibly unique city as just in this short boat ride, we observed people mourning the loss of loved ones, others beginning their day with a holy bath or silent meditation, people washing their clothes in the river and a mix of rituals, celebrations and religions.  I learned so much during our short stay here and feel so grateful that I have been able to experience this rich and diverse culture! This was an amazing trip that I will never forget! Now I just hope to learn a little more about how to be able to cook my own Indian meals at home!  :) ~Simply Life


Thanks so much to Gina for sharing this amazing trip with us. Is anyone else hungry now? :) Check out her blog at You will want to move in with her and her husband just so you can eat dinner with them every night!

  1. Nick’s avatar

    My mouth is watering looking at your pictures! I could eat naan with every meal. Thanks for sharing, looked like an amazing trip.


  2. Jolene (’s avatar

    Yummmmmmmmmm!!! I LOVE Indian Food!!


  3. Simply Life’s avatar

    Thanks for the kind words! Hope your trip is going well! :)


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