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With the winter wonderland delivered to our doorstep this past weekend, you would think that our first instinct would be to stay in the house, shutters drawn, warm, and cozy. We did that for much of the day yesterday, me blogging and tweeting and reading Wine Secrets by Marnie Old, and the hubs working on his Masters thesis. But around 6:00 I think we both started to get a little stir crazy, not to mention that for some reason, when it is freezing cold out I often get a big hankering for oysters.

So after tossing the idea of going out vs. staying home around for awhile, we bundled up in our wintry finest and got in the car to head to the South End. The streets were well plowed, surprising for Boston, and there were barely any cars. The city looked SO pretty! The lights, the buildings, the greenery, everything decorated by Mother Nature suddenly had a whole new look.

We decided to give Gaslight a try for dinner as it has a parking lot and is close to home but also offers a raw bar that we had heard good things about. We have had brunch at Gaslight before but for some reason had never checked out their dinner menu.

When we arrived at Gaslight and made our way through the velvet curtains keeping the cold out, we opted to have a seat at the long, sort of u-shaped bar. As we expected, the restaurant was pretty empty, and we had our choice of seats.

Gaslight is decorated like a Parisian brasserie with subway tile and dark woods, providing the perfect atmosphere to cozy up to your dinner date for a romantic meal or a good place to enjoy some of their fabulous cocktails with a group of friends.

To start, we ordered 1/2 dozen oysters, and we both wished we had ordered more. They were ice cold, plump, with a briny ocean flavor and a spicy horseradish cocktail sauce for topping. They made me want to write an ode to oysters. I didn’t have time today, but stay tuned, it might just be posted here one day!

I also had a Fin du monde, a tart, very effervescent beer by Unibroue.

For our entrees, the hubby ordered poelee espagnol, pan roasted cod with shellfish, chorizo and sauce ā l’armoricaine  and I ordered the moules frites with pernod and coriander.


Moules Frites

Two perfect dishes. The frites that accompanied my mussels were served in a paper cone that was held in a little iron stand, and they were thin and crispy, done to perfection and a wonderful tool for soaking up the coriander heavy sauce. Coriander is one of my favorite spices, and I was delighted to find it both in the form of cilantro and seeds throughout. The mussels, like the oysters, were very fresh, plump, and delicious.
My hubs’ dish was bursting with flavor. I only got a bite because he gobbled it down, but the smoky chorizo paired excellently with the mussels, cod, and a big piece of bread to soak it all up.
The service at the bar was great. We were very well taken care of but never hovered over, so we got to have a nice chat over our meals.

Now that I know Gaslight has a great dinner menu and a charming evening vibe, I think we will become regulars, especially at their bar.

Even if you don’t live in the area, its worth checking out their website. Its like taking a tiny trip to Paris!

Speaking of Paris, we are trying to figure out what to do for our side trip when we go to Ireland. We want to spend a few days somewhere outside of Galway, either traveling around Ireland which we have seen much of before, visiting family in Italy, where we have both been but of course, love, or going somewhere new. I love Austria and would like to see Salzburg, but Prague also looks magical, and Spain will be warmer. Paris is the easiest as it has the most flights going  out of Shannon, but we have been before and aren’t necessarily in a rush to return.

Any thoughts for us?

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  1. sophia’s avatar

    Wow, sounds great! I don’t think I ‘ve had true French food before…those hot steamy dishes sound fab on a wintry day!

    p.s. How did you manage getting your own domain? I’m having so much trouble with mine!


    1. admin’s avatar

      Becoming self hosted was an absolute nightmare. If my husband didn’t work in IT I would have never gotten here! Fat Cow has been a very good host so far though. They are great at answering questions immediately.


    2. Kirsten’s avatar

      First of all, I am so envious you are going to Ireland for 10 days!
      I was going to recommend The Old Convent in Tipperary – it is a guesthouse w/ restaurant where I had possibly the best meal of my life, but I think it is closed for the month of Jan.. next time! Otherwise, maybe Dingle, Aldridge Lodge in Wexford, or Wineport Lodge in Athlone (haven’t been but heard its great).
      I really liked Prague as well. Excited to read about your trip!


      1. admin’s avatar

        Thanks for the tips! We are so bad at deciding where to go!


      2. Simply Life’s avatar

        YUM, what a great meal! I have just started looking up parking when I look for places – it makes such a difference!


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