Souped Up

I love soup. I love how comforting it is and how healthy it can be. I love how versatile you can be with soup ingredients and even how impressive serving a soup can appear despite the often very easy task of making it.

With the weather in  Boston in the full throes of a pre-real-winter freeze, the choice to make soup for lunch was an easy one, and the fact that we had butternut squash and a variety of yams/sweet potatoes shaped the course of the flavors I would use.

Unsurprisingly, I decided to make a creamy, vegetarian curry soup. You may recognize these flavors from my past cooking adventures:

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I started out by boiling the potatoes and chunks of butternut squash while thinly sliced red onion simmered in a frying pan nearby.





Once all of the veggies were nice and soft, I tossed them into the blender with one can of Goya coconut milk and one can of water.

Then I added two TSP habanero oil, a few dashes of hot sauce, one TSP of red curry paste, and a dash of cayenne pepper. For some reason when I am feeling down and have a bad day, eating really spicy food really lifts my mood! While I was cooking I snacked on some tortilla chips with habanero oil. It made my eyes tear and my nose run, but it totally put me in a better mood!

Once the soup was thoroughly blended, I set aside a Tupperware full for my lunch and put the rest on the stove to heat up for tonight’s dinner which consisted of frozen pizza and this soup. I think Monday’s are going to be frozen pizza from now on. I am SO tired.

I literally feel like I have nothing left in my tank, so I am going to go to bed early! I will have to catch up on blog reading and cleaning another day.

But before I go. . . drum roll please. . .

The winner of the Sur le Table gift card is Lynn from The Actors Diet! Congrats Lynn! Please send me an email at

Have a great night everyone! I am hoping I have more energy tomorrow!

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  1. Jessica’s avatar

    That soup looks delish!!


  2. Caroline’s avatar

    Sweet potato and coconut milk! Fabulous choices for a blended soup. I too love soup and find myself craving it more than ever now that the weather is becoming cooler every day.


  3. Rochelle (Acquired Taste)’s avatar

    I hope you are feeling better after some of that lovely soup and a good nights rest! They don’t call it a “case of the Mondays” for nothing!


  4. linda @saltyseattle’s avatar

    ultimate comfort before the big storm hits, and this soup would carry you through. putting it on the list, thanks!


  5. Cajun Chef Ryan’s avatar

    When did you say soup was on? :-)
    I always love a good soup and this one looks great!


  6. Kelly’s avatar

    Congrats Lynn :)
    I have been in total soup mode lately too, it must be the weather. I like the idea of adding coconut milk, I am going to have to try that.


  7. Simply Life’s avatar

    Yum, I’m definitely a soup-lover in the winter months as well!


  8. Jessie’s avatar

    oh I love soup during the winter season too simply because it always succeeds in keeping me warm and satisfied


  9. Alta’s avatar

    as much as I love sweet potatoes and squash, I started out wondering where you were going with this soup recipe. And then you mentioned coconut milk, and immediately I was sold! Sounds creamy, comforting, and delicious. I’m a huge fan of just about anything coconut.


  10. My Man's Belly’s avatar

    coconut and sweet potatoes sounds like a great combination


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