Favorite Indian Food Ever.

I have not yet visited India, but I have eaten in many Indian restaurants and was lucky to spend my high school years running track and cross country with friends whose parents were from India and spoiled us with multi course homemade meals.

Aside from those incredible at home meals, the best Indian food I have ever eaten is at Kashmir in Galway, Ireland. When I was a student studying in Galway, they offered a daily buffet lunch for about 6 pounds, which for my roommates and I who were broke, vegetarian foodies, was miraculous!

When the hubs and I started dating, and we returned to Galway together, I was so happy to see that Kashmir was not only still open, but moved to a bigger location right on the water. Over the years, we have always made it a point to visit Kashmir on each trip to Ireland. We even ate here after we got engaged :)

On this past trip to Galway, we ate at Kashmir twice, once for a family dinner after my 13 mile run and once for a Sunday buffet lunch. Both times were amazing and left me wanting more. There is nothing better than spicy, filling, satisfying Indian food after a long run on a cold and blustery Irish winter day!

We always start with poppadums served with yogurt raita, mango chutney, and those spicy, pickled onions that I am addicted to.



Blurry, yet delicious and extra spicy Vegetable Boona with coriander, cloves, cumin seeds, bay leaves, garlic and ginger. This dish was a flavorful dinner and delightfully filling paired with naan bread.


The Sunday buffet offers a fairly large variety of both vegetarian and meat options including Dal Makhni, Vegetable Balti, Chicken Tikka Masala, Basmati rice, and Kheer, that creamy coconut rice pudding that I always seem to find room for.

Now that I am writing this, I have a major craving for Indian food! We may have to work a lunch buffet into our weekend plans :)


Do you like Indian food? What is your favorite dish? Restaurant? Or do you make it at home?


imageJust felt like sharing this cool photo of the hubs walking down by the Spanish Arch in Galway. We couldn’t see much due to the fog, and it was very cool/eerie!

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  1. Kelly’s avatar

    Okay here it goes…
    I’ve never tried Indian food!
    I know, ridiculous! What is wrong with me?! I actually really want to. But I don’t really like curry, or anything spicy, so I’m kind of afraid. I need to go with someone who can direct me about what to order haha.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      There are lots of dishes that aren’t too spicy or curry. That’s why buffets are fun; you can try a bunch of stuff. Plus they are usually geared more for the general population, not chili pepper fiends like me! :)


    2. Meghan’s avatar

      Yum! Also now craving Indian. Still hating that the fabulous place that was within walking distance to me closed! I love chicken tikka masala. Also, one of the best Indian places I have been to was in Inverness. I had this very spicy (even for me) chicken dish that was amazing, but sadly haven’t found it in places in the US.


    3. Krista’s avatar

      How wonderful! :-) I didn’t have Indian food while in Ireland, but this sounds fantastic. :-) I adore Indian food – especially homemade. Yum! Yum!


    4. Raija’s avatar

      Ah the Spanish Arch… :) Memories.


    5. Mellissa’s avatar

      I love indian food, especially Lamb Rogan Josh and Butter Chicken. However… we fail miserably at making it at home. Somehow it never turns out. :(


    6. Alison @ finnyfinds’s avatar

      Great post … I LOVE Indian food! It’s my absolute favorite, partly because it’s so vegetarian-friendly. My favorite dish is palak paneer – sauteed spinach with paneer cheese. My hubby took me to an Indian restaurant for V-day last year. Yum!


    7. Jessie’s avatar

      I love Indian food! My favorite dish is Bhagan barta (which is soaked with oil, I know ;) ). I’ve tried to make it before without the oil, and boy, is it NOT the same. I agree with Alison above: I also love palak paneer. I still haven’t found a great Indian restaurant here in CT.

      I think a lunch buffet is definitely in order!


    8. Fit Chick in the City’s avatar

      I love Indian food! Its delish! I’m not sure that I have a favorite, but I love that every Indian restaurant offers lots of veggie options.


    9. Simply Life’s avatar

      Wow that does look delicious! Hubby and I like Cafe of India in Cambridge and Mantra, in Boston! Well, only far after the real deal we got to have last year in India :)


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