Gym Pet Peeves

You know you have them. I can’t be the only one who has a laundry list of things that annoy me at the gym. I haven’t done a pet peeves post since my travel pet peeves a loooong time ago on my way to San Francisco, and I think its time.

My gym, Healthworks, which I totally love, has recently had a few promotions including a very popular Groupon offer for 24 classes for $24. A great deal, yes, and one that has added significant traffic to the gym. I haven’t been able to get to a Friday spinning class in weeks. And as you learned here, it has become impossible to get near a blow drier or even a mirror for that matter. As I leave the gym each day, I think of a mandatory gym etiquette class and what topics would absolutely have to be presented.

1) GUM IN THE CUP HOLDERS. Now, if you are old enough to attend a gym on your own, I don’t see why you need to be told about this, but I can not tell you how many times I have gone to put my water bottle, locker key, iPod in an elliptical cup holder, only to find a wad of gum stuck to the side. Really? If you do this, you are just gross, sorry.

2) Tissues in the cup holders. Not as vile as gum, but my gym has little reminders on each machine, telling you to bring everything, including tissues with you. H1N1 farm anyone?

3) People who don’t wipe down machines and mats. No need to explain this one.

4) Talking on the phone while occupying a machine. . . and not working out. Cell phones aren’t even technically allowed in my gym, but I have seen women sit on bikes or stand on treadmills for 20-30 minutes talking on the phone but not exercising!

The locker room. I could write a book about the gym locker room and the things that annoy me. Here are just a few.

5) How much space do you need? The locker room at my gym is quite nice with lots of benches and lockers. It seems that every time I go to the gym, I end up next to someone who needs the entire 6 foot long bench for her bag, coat, clothes, cosmetics and towel/s. Never mind that there are 15 other lockers and therefore 15 other women who might need to put something on, or gasp! sit on the bench.

6) The locker room is not a cafe or a conference room. Sure, catch up with your friends or workout buddies if you want. But if my locker happens to be in between yours and you friend’s I just ask that you don’t lean against mine even when I say excuse me and am clearly trying to get to the locker behind your bum.

7) A little bit of modesty doesn’t hurt. Sure, everyone needs to change. But do you need to do your pedicure on the bench while wearing NOTHING? Probably not.

8) Stretching on the locker room floor. Ew.

I am sure that I could think of plenty more, but at the risk of sounding like a total cranky pants, I will cut it short. Hehe someday I should do a pet peeves list about the MBTA. I am pretty sure most of Boston could join me in that one!

Ok, let me know, what are your pet peeves at the gym? You know you have them!

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  1. meg c.’s avatar

    hahah i love your peeves. i go to HW in cambridge and some of these are the same there, too. here are some of mine:

    1) the woman who goes BANG BANG with her shoes on the treadmill. drives me insane!

    2) woman who sits on one of the chairs in the locker room and puts her bag on the other. um, i need to sit there. so i’m just going to move your bag. your bag doesn’t need its own chair.

    3) you wanna talk grossness in the locker room – i once saw a woman blow drying her pubes. ickk


  2. Nicole’s avatar

    hahaha I was JUST complaining about this to my husband tonight!! This goes along with my complaint of, do you REALLY need to spend 10 minutes applying lotion to every part of your body with one leg up on the sink with NOTHING on! haha so many stories…so many pet peeves. thanks for the commiseration!


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    I love this list! #5 totally happened to me tonight. My other annoyance is when people “work out” together, which really translates into two people chatting loudly while very casually/barely using the eliptical/treadmill/weights. I’m all for working out with a buddy but keep the chatting to a minimum and remember that people are waiting to use the machine. Thanks for giving me an area to gripe!


  4. Morgan’s avatar

    All of my pet peeves too. This is more a personal one actually. When I lived in Boston and went to Healthworks my friend’s husband would come with her, and sit in the cafe the whole time she “worked out” which was basically walking or going lightly on the elliptical NEVER breaking a sweat. If they couldn’t be apart they should have just gone for a walk outside together!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      There are always husbands on the couch and at those cafe tables in Healthworks! I don’t get it. It sort of annoys me to have men in the building at all lol!


    2. Kelly’s avatar

      Yeah, I obviously got the Groupon thing, but I would hate it if I was a regular member of Healthworks. I get pissed enough at the New Years Resolution people!

      Also share all those pet peeves. And people who use weights way too heavy and DROP THEM on the floor, or make insane weird grunting noises haha


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        Don’t worry, I think the Groupon thing was a great deal but maybe just bad timing with many of the New Year’s Resolutions people going strong! I avoided the gym the first 2 weeks of January haha :)


      2. Jessie’s avatar

        Ok, gum and used tissues in the cup holders are just GROSS. Gag. I’ve fortunately never seen those, but I unfortunately have seen #3 – people dripping with sweat, too. My favorite was the guy who came at the same time as me every day and would SING ALONG to his mp3 player. I’m sorry, but if I wanted to hear off-key singing, I would sing in the shower. :/


      3. Clarice’s avatar

        I’m glad people don’t leave tissues in the cup holders at my gym. That is not ok. I just don’t get when women leave their long hair down and are running on the treadmill or hitting the elliptical machine. I get to each their own, but how can someone stand their hair sticking to them. Gross!


      4. Mellissa’s avatar

        I have a lot of those pet peeves too but my biggest one is the women who are in full makeup who don’t even break a sweat and just stand around looking pretty. Why are they there. Grrr! They take up space in the weight room doing nothing.


      5. Meghan’s avatar

        The not wiping off your machine thing is TERRIBLE. Last week I was on the cross trainer (which is the most sweat-inducing machine ever) and the guy next to me finished. I saw him walk over to the paper towel thing, so thought all was well, but yeah, he proceeded to wipe down the ab machine he was about to use. After I was done I very visibly wiped down my machine AND his while he was still in my viewline.

        I also hate when people are on the weight machines and literally take 5 minutes in between their sets. Some people actually sit on them reading a magazine!


      6. Melissa’s avatar

        I’m a fellow HealthWorks member so I share your pet peeves. Grrr, haha.

        I am shocked my some of the nudity. Never seen a naked pedicure but I’ve been lots of topless hair drying while wearing pants and shoes. If you put on the bottom half of your outfit, why not the top?!?!


      7. Caitlin’s avatar

        How about ‘that dude who only goes to the gym to try and pick up girls!’ Come on, you know the one. I don’t belong to a gym anymore, but when I did there was this one guy that I swear was only there to hit on women. I once saw him try to strike up a conversation with a girl and she mimed that she couldn’t talk due to wearing headphones (and, hello.. she was trying to work out). He then mimed back to her to take the headphones out. It was awkward for everyone who witnessed, ha!


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          Hehe I totally forgot about all of that! Going to a women’s only gym for the last 2 years has had its perks!


        2. Raija’s avatar

          Hysterical! You are the best! :)


        3. Leeanne’s avatar

          Gymgoers talking on their cell phones while using cardio machines – unbelievable. Even more unbelievable: I once saw my husband doing it. I gave him a WTF lecture and he protested, saying it’s the only time he can talk to one particular friend who just drones on and on. Yesterday we walked into the gym lobby and there was a big orange hand-lettered sign posted on the doors, saying cell phones were no longer permitted on the gym floor. Ha!


        4. Lizzy’s avatar

          hahah I love this! I just found your blog so I am reading a couple of your entries and stumbled upon this. At my gym, there is this girl, who sits on her towel naked ON the FLOOR, indian style and does her makeup with a hand-held mirror. Really? Awkwarrrdddd.


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