Hills to Climb, Beer to Drink, Naps to Take!

More Prague! I hope you all aren’t bored yet! After we left the palace, we saw a snowy embankment that looked like it had a park at the top. Obviously, we had to go and explore, even if that meant scaling the hill in the snow to avoid the icy steps.

walking around Prague

Hill running in Prague- am I the only one who wants to run up every hill I see?

We didn’t get any photos up on the hill. All joking aside, it was pretty treacherous and in hindsight, not the best idea to be treading on ground covered with a foot of snow, especially since we didn’t know the terrain. We almost fell several times, and if we had it would have been a long way down.

We decided to walk along the river before crossing it to get to the beer hall that we were eyeing up for lunch. The views were beautiful.


After crossing the river we encountered the Prague State Opera House.

Prague Opera

We had a clear lunch destination in mind, U Fleku,a beer hall that dates back to 1499.

No drink menus here, our server asked if we wanted beers, yes we did, and we were presented with two mugs of dark beer.


Our server also offered us shots of Becherkova, a Czech liquer that is used as an aperitif. We declined, but I really wish I had tried it.

Since we were both FREEZING, we started with soup. I ordered the garlic soup which had a hot, tangy broth and an abundance of delicious croutons floating in its lovely garlicky-ness. It reminded me a lot of the Sopa de ajo blanco that I made for the Nature’s Pride contest.


We also ordered warm cabbage salad, beer cheese with butter and onions, and speck dumplings. Holy hearty meals! Everything was really inexpensive, and I think we expected the portions to be tiny which they were not.


lunch in Prague

Beer cheese is interesting. . . in a VERY strongly flavored, dense, thick sort of way. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but it was cheese topped with butter served with a hearty bread. I was full after a couple of bites!

After lunch and a bit more walking, we were feeling cold and sleepy, so we returned to our beautiful hotel/apartment where I had the best nap of my life. I am not a napper, but laying on the comfy couches watching German reality TV while the hubs translated for me, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. What a completely refreshing day!

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  1. Jessie’s avatar

    I love running up hills! Although, I think I like running up hills because then I can run down them :)

    That beer cheese looks interesting. They really do like to eat hearty there … cheese with butter??


  2. Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg’s avatar

    Beautiful, beautiful! I went to Prague four years ago, and I’d love to go back some time!


  3. Kelly’s avatar

    Definitely not bored of Prague yet but getting more jealous by the second. Trying to focus on my upcoming US trips to be less depressed haha. By the way, I really enjoyed watching TV when I was in Europe. In Barcelona we got weird German MTV and the shows were in English but there were German subtitles- it was pretty amusing!


  4. Krista’s avatar

    NEVER bored of Prague! More! More! :-) I’m craving that garlic soup now. :-)


  5. Simply Life’s avatar

    Beer cheese?! OH YUM!


  6. Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)’s avatar

    Gorgeous! Prague is absolutely one of the most beautiful cities in the world!


  7. Ariana’s avatar

    Prague looks lovely! Enjoy your time there!


  8. Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite’s avatar

    I went to U Fleku in 1991 and still have the t-shirt!!! Love that place!


  9. leslie’s avatar

    i’m just catching up on your prague posts and am feeling so nostalgic! it looks just as cold, gray, and heavenly as i remember it.

    u fleku is a great spot – one of my favorite bars in the city is actually across the street from there. i wish you had tried becherovka though! it’s delicious – smells like christmas morning, or so the non-jews tell me. :)


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