My 20′s: 10 Defining Moments

Happy Saturday! Today is February 20, and officially marks the beginning of the last month of my 20’s! Rather than dreading my 30’s, I am really excited about a new decade and the chance to celebrate the life that I have had so far. I thought it would be fun to share 10 defining moments from my 20’s with you to kick off the last month of this crazy decade :)

1) January 2001- I moved to Ireland to study abroad. Those were the days before I had a digital camera, and I don’t have any scanned photos. Moving away from my family for some 7 months, having to find my own apartment, learning a different currency and cultural way of life was a truly defining step in becoming who I am today.

2) March 2001 – Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and my 21st birthday in Ireland. Not only did I have the friends and roommates I lived with in Ireland, but several friends from America also came over for these occasions making March 2002 pretty much a time of non stop fun and entertaining. I still managed to do well in school too ;)

3) March 2002- I lost my father.

4) May 2002 – I graduated from college into a post 9/11 economy without a clue of what I wanted to do with my life. I proceeded to substitute teach for a few weeks, then spent the summer unemployed. This was the last time I took longer than 2 weeks off of working, and I wish I had savored this time rather than spending it panicked about my future.

5) September 2002- I got my first job in Boston and found my first grown up apartment, living alone for the first time in my life. It was a tiny studio in Allston in a pretty gross, slightly scary building. But I found it by myself, I paid for it by myself, and I was pretty pleased with myself.

6) August 2003- Love at first sight, I saw my husband for the first time. He was temping at Brigham and Women’s, and I was still working there, my first job out of college. We both hated the jobs, but we had them for a reason. We haven’t been apart since.

7) January 2005- We bought our first condo. It has been accompanied by MANY headaches throughout the years, but we have made great friends with awesome neighbors, made a completely new neighborhood our home, and for the most part have been very happy here!

8) August 18, 2006- We got married! Surrounded by family and friends, we had the most perfect summer evening for a New England lobster bake and sail around Boston Harbor.

9) I became an auntie. . . 8 times! We have 6 nieces and 2  nephews, 5 in MA, 1 in NJ, and 2 in Italy. They range in age from 1.5 years old to 9. I never could have imagined having such a big and fun family! I also became a godmother in October 2007 :)

10) June 2009 I started blogging. Seems like such a small thing, but over the past few months as I have made new friends and contacts, I have started to shape in my head a career path (or paths) that incorporate all of the things that I love in my personal life. It feels amazing to enter a new decade with clearer goals and a better idea of what I want to do “when I grow up”.

These are just a few of the biggest moments of the decade. Through my 20’s as through the other decades of my life, I have enjoyed the love and support of my mom and sister, have made many great new, lifelong friends, traveled on dozens of work and vacation trips around the country and outside the US, run 3 marathons and am training for a 4th, and have been able to work on a variety of causes that mean a lot to me.

Its been a great decade, and I can not wait to see what the next one brings. In the meantime, I get to enjoy a year full of birthday celebrations for my friends!

What are some of the more defining moments of your last decade?

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  1. Jessie’s avatar

    You’ve certainly been through everything in your 20′s! I definitely remember that feeling of graduating from college and not having ANY clue what I was going to do. I spent a couple of months panicking before I finally got a job at Tufts. I sure wish I had enjoyed that summer, too.

    Love the wedding pic – gorgeous!


  2. Kelly’s avatar

    I love this post! It was so fun to learn all of the things you did in your 20s and I’m glad you have such a great attitude about entering a new decade!
    Did your study abroad to Ireland start the travel bug for you?
    Your wedding pics are beautiful!


  3. Terri’s avatar

    This is your best post yet! I cried through the entire thing! You should be very proud of all your amazing accomplishments…I know I am!


  4. Raija’s avatar

    Its wild to see a decade laid out in such milestones – and its really special to know that I shared in many of them with you! :) Onto milestones to share in this next decade!! Happy graduation!!! :)


  5. Simply Life’s avatar

    wow, what a great list to reflect on!


  6. Abby’s avatar

    Your lst decade has been filled so much adventure, and excitement, and many heartbreaks and learning experiences! I am sure that your nex tdecade..and all of those to come.. will be filled with many many blessings! Thanks for this beautiful post!


  7. pen’s avatar

    Wow, what a wonderfully reflective post. It seems like your 20s were a decade full of growth and great things!

    My top defining moment of the past 10 years? Getting my puppy. It may be sad, but I’ve never been so full of love.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      As an animal lover, I think thats totally sweet! Just don’t tell my cats that I didn’t include them in my defining moments. . . oops ;) Adopting them 5 years ago was also a very important moment in my life!!


    2. Lindsay Meyer’s avatar

      I love your attitude about aging… be excited! No sense in getting your panties in a bunch about a number.

      If I think about the last decade… I go from 8th grade to present day! My walk through the decade would include high school, college, work, travel… wow! Ten years is a LONG time. Many months ago I wrote about a letter I have from 12/31/1999. It was about my goals for the future. Funny how some are spot on but how my youth shines through.

      Keep living life to the fullest and sharing the best bits of it with us!


    3. MarathonVal’s avatar

      What an awesome post! You have accomplished a lot of amazing things over the past few years. I know you will have many more amazing moments to come soon and I look forward to reading about them on here! :)


    4. High/Low’s avatar

      Wonderful recap – love your top moments! They not only captured a remarkable decade (with lots more great times to come) but also reminded me to remember the lovely moments of my own life (and not to take these moments for granted!)


    5. Allie (Live Laugh Eat)’s avatar

      Meghan! This is one of my favorites posts of yours. I swear you look like you’re 24…and I am not just saying that. You make me hopeful for the future. Thanks.


    6. Kirsten’s avatar

      I love this post — thank you!! I have been a little bummed about turning 29 so this is really inspiring :)


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        You have such an exciting 29th year ahead of you though! It is going to be great!


      2. Tiffany’s avatar

        I absolutely love your list of the defining moments of your 20s! For me, it was going to a college where I didn’t know a soul, graduating, moving cross country, moving back cross country, going through my dad suffering from a heart attack and various health issues afterwards (but still going strong) and accepting the fact I will never be perfect but I am happy with the person I am.

        I would imagine 21 and St Pattys in Ireland would be a blast. And not to be trite but so far, I am actually enjoying 30 amd sure you will as well :)


      3. Christine @ FRESH LOCAL AND BEST’s avatar

        This was a very sweet post. I enjoyed learning more about you!


      4. Jess’s avatar

        As someone who recently hit the big 3-0 (well, it was in Oct but who’s keeping track!?), I say embrace it. So far, it’s turned out to be a pretty great start to a new decade and I feel even more “me” now than I did when I turned 20, 21, 22, etc., you get the picture. ;) And I love seeing your “life” laid out over the course of the past decade, I totally should’ve done that when I turned 30, there’s still time, I suppose…I’m 30 for the rest of the year, right?? Embace, embrace, embrace!


      5. Karena’s avatar

        that’s quite a decade, lady! i’m sure 30 will be fabulous and full of memorable moments!


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