B-day in Wine Country

Hi from Sonoma and Napa! Today is my birthday na na na na na! :) We have quite the agenda of tasting room visits for the day, plus some relaxing walks and dinner in Healdsburg, one of my favorite wine country towns. Turning 30 for me is all about looking ahead. . . while reflecting on all of the wonderfulness that has touched my life and also thinking of ways to pay that forward.

Today I am happy because of my family, which includes my awesome husband, my friends, health, my cats and all of the animals I get to volunteer with each week, sunshine, travel, food, wine country, and all of you! What a journey this year has been, and how much blogging has changed my life! A year ago I was not even really reading food blogs, much less writing one, and here I am now, having met soooo many great people, attended the Foodbuzz Festival and the Healthy Living Summit, received many great wines and other products to review. I majored in English in college with no idea what I wanted to do, except for the fact that I knew that writing should be involved. Well I do spend some time writing for a living, but I love how blogging has allowed me to take that love into my own hands and out into the world.


Goals for 30

1) Continue learning and working hard in my current job while hopefully moving closer to a field that I am passionate about, whether it be food, wine, or travel

2) Take more long weekends to spend time with family and friends.

3) More yoga! And relaxing and being present in general. I am a pretty big anxiety case, and I would like to not spend my entire life like that!

4) Kick this bloggy up a notch! I would love to have more guest post and freelance writing opportunities, increase my blog traffic, and generally get more involved in the food, travel, and wine blogging worlds. Attending BlogHer Food in San Francisco (and hopefully FoodBuzz Fest too!) and maybe a few other blogging conferences. . . and DEFINITELY lots of blogger meetups!

5) More US/local travel. I really want to visit the Finger Lakes in New York, Savannah, New Orleans, Charleston again, NYC, as well as someplace in Canada, maybe Newfoundland?

And now, a couple of photos of places I love, just for fun. Have a great day!


Roundstone Pier, Ireland


Valley of the Moon, Sonoma

What are you happy about this weekend? Let me know!

And for paying it forward. . . The ALLY Foundation is super important to me, and time is running out for you to enter my raffle!


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  1. Raija’s avatar

    Can’t wait to share in some of your fabulous goals for this decade! XOXOX!


  2. Kelly’s avatar

    Happy Birthday! I love your goals for 30, especially the travel ones since I definitely want to go to all those places as well!

    Have an awesome birthday, though- how could you not in wine country?!


  3. Sasha’s avatar

    Happy Birthday! Have the best time in wine country. I love it there soooo much!


  4. Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite’s avatar

    Happy Birthday Meghan and may your next decade answer all your hopes and dreams! XOXO


  5. Lindsay Meyer’s avatar

    Awww, happy birthday! I hope you’re enjoying Sonoma. I noticed that you’re going to Rodney Strong. If you have time, stop in to J, right next door. Really awesome pinot noirs!

    I am in Chicago for a race tomorrow and it is snowing like crazy. I might forgo the running. I haven’t trained in snow/cold in years :-/

    Ireland was awesome (so many pictures to organize now!) and I’m sorry to have missed like a dozen of your posts. Finally beginning to dig out of the mess that is Google Reader!

    Great reflections and goals! Enjoy this milestone and all the good things that are to come!


  6. Jessie’s avatar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You deserve a wonderful year of love, laughter, and plenty of good food and wine! I think your goals are admirable, and I have no doubt that you will meet them. Have a wonderful time in Sonoma :)


  7. Angharad (Eating for England)’s avatar

    Happy birthday!! Have an amazing day in wine country and enjoy Healdsburg – what a beautiful place :)


  8. Simply Life’s avatar

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day!


  9. Jenna @ Healthy. Happy. Well.’s avatar

    Happy Birthday! What an awesome place to celebrate!


  10. Tiffany’s avatar

    What an awesome birthday trip! My sis lives in Petaluma and I just adore that area. Healdsburg is so much fun—have a great time and an amazing birthday!


  11. Jenn (eating bender)’s avatar

    Happy Birthday, lovely girl! Thanks for the website suggestion ;) Of course I will be looking to you for tips! I would also love to chat with you offline sometime soon when you are back and settled at home.

    Until then…have fun, girly!! You deserve it and congrats on a great list of goals for 30!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I am working on a bunch of posts now, but I will pull together a list of all of my favorite wine country places and will send it along :) Exciting!


    2. Melissa’s avatar

      Happy Birthday! (Sorry I didn’t get the guest post done in time)

      Enjoy California! But definitely visit the Finger Lakes. I’ve been to several wineries there and enjoyed them a lot! :) and more blogger meetups, woohoo!


    3. Katie R.’s avatar

      Yeah, Newfoundland is getting up there for me to visit. I have a whole slew of family up there so its mainly just getting there for me. I heard its absolutely beautiful though. Can’t wait.


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