My Favorite Things in Spring

I had another Prague post planned for today as I realized this week I never finished posting about our trip to Ireland and the Czech Republic back in January! But hey, maybe its nice to sprinkle in a little travel here and there rather than sharing it all at once. What do you think?

Instead of writing about our snowy (but gorgeous) time in Prague, I am inspired by the chirping birds and the sun streaming through my windows to write about my favorite parts of spring. Then I want to hear yours!

1) Longer days! I think we all have had enough of coming and going in the dark and rarely getting a chance to spend time in daylight. Even if it is that dark blue 5:45 sky, with a tiny bit of light off in the distance, it is a hopeful sign of longer evenings.

2) Spring flowers- Truly one of my favorite places to be in spring is Ireland because of the abundance of daffodils, but New England isn’t too bad. Copley Square in Boston does a gorgeous bed of tulips, and the Boston Public Gardens come alive this time of year.

3) Copley Square Farmer’s Market- While the photo below is from late summer, the farmer’s market does re-open in late spring, and the bounty of fruits and veggies slowly increases and changes as we enter the summer months. Two blocks from my office, I consider the Copley market one of the best things Boston has to offer!


4) Green! Whether it be the wearing of the green for St. Patrick’s Day, the drinking of the green in my daily smoothie, or the eating of the green in a variety of dishes, green is definitely the color of spring. FINALLY the dirty black snow melts away, and little green shoots start appearing everywhere. Is there any sight more welcome than buds on trees? (Other than the allergies they cause!) There is also something about spring that makes me want to eat healthier. . . and fresh, local produce becoming available makes it easier! Suddenly, its light out when its time to cook dinner, and a heavy, creamy casserole and red wine seems out of place. Enter Vinho Verde, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and other fresh wines that might have a touch of green flavor.



5) The Boston Marathon- As much as I am dreading it right now, both because I feel out of shape and am not close to my fundraising goal, the Boston Marathon is such a massive Boston tradition that no spring would be complete without it. Any day now, the billboards and the signs will be set up, Adidas sponsored ads that provide inspiration and get everyone revved up for the big day. It could be that as a runner I am biased, but to me it is a day of TRUE athleticism in Boston where thousands push themselves to the limits for various reasons,  and for only a handful is that reason personal financial gain. Its crowded, and I am sure annoying to people affected by road closures, but if you can ever get to the race route on Marathon Monday I highly recommend it!

I could go on and on about spring. I love being able to have drinks and dinner outside, taking walks at Castle Island without a whipping wind, putting away my dark, heavy clothes and pulling out something lighter and more fun. I love brightly colored pedicures, open windows, and less time sitting around. As we move closer to spring, I can’t wait to share all of those experiences with you.

What are your favorite things about spring? Anything specific to where you live?

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  1. Simply Life’s avatar

    Oooh I can’t wait for that farmer’s market!


  2. Terri’s avatar

    SPRING!!! I can’t wait! There is a certain feeing in the air in the morning when spring is coming. I felt it on Thursday…but it was snowing when I left for work on Friday :(


  3. Kelly @ Healthy Living With Kelly’s avatar

    To me…spring means great weather and finally NO MORE COLD!!!


  4. Tracie @Hollafoodzone’s avatar

    Spring must be in the air – every post I read today is singing its praises! In Alaska we are not seeing it in terms of green, but we are much appreciative of how much more sunshine and daylight we are getting at this time of year. Your post is making me wish hard for the green stuff tho!


  5. ValleyWriter’s avatar

    Longer days, the fresh smell in the air – and having the windows open to air out the house!


  6. Abby’s avatar

    I love Spring! It is by far my favorite season! I love the sound of birds and the longer days… but my FAVORITE thing is baseball season! I come from a family of baseball players and am a softball player myself–it was the beginning of all the craziness! I love the game and all the dirt and trips to the custard stand after wins!


  7. Kelly’s avatar

    I absolutely LOVE spring too :) There is just something great about knowing the days are getting longer (like you said) and the weather is getting warmer! Like Abby said, I love baseball starting (though you probably do not haha), I love being able to work out outside, take the kids at work outside for lessons, my list could go on. This weather is making me SO happy right now!


  8. Lindsay Meyer’s avatar

    Look at those amazing heirlooms – so pretty! I feel like life in San Francisco is eternal spring, but I am definitely excited for all of this rain to stop! (Rain is to San Francisco as snow is to Boston). Spring might actually mean rain for you, but it means the crazy, cold downpours are nearing an end for us. I can (hopefully) go back to running outside instead of on the treadmill.


  9. Krista’s avatar

    Ohhh, I LOVE those tomatoes! How wonderful. Come on, Spring!!! :-)


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I agree! I can’t wait for great produce!
      For some reason I haven’t been able to comment on your blog lately :(


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