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The weekend is here! Well almost. . . only a few hours until we wrap up another work week. What are you doing this weekend? Tonight I am heading to a wine tasting at Morton’s which I am very excited about. Tomorrow I am going to Down 2 Earth, Boston’s Sustainable Living Expo, and Sunday I will reunite with my puppy dog friends at the MSPCA. Due to training and travel, I haven’t been to the MSPCA to volunteer in a few weeks, and I totally miss dog walking!

Today’s Friday Foodie Feature is no stranger to Travel Eat Love readers. Kelly from She Wears a Red Sox Cap has guest posted about her New Zealand adventures (here & here) and shares my love of food, fitness, wine, travel, and New England. I read her blog every single day, and I have had fun following her wedding planning. Probably more fun than she has haha :)

Take it away Kelly!

Kelly - She Wears a Red Sox Cap

How long have you been blogging?
My one year blog anniversary will be April 22nd, so almost a year. I also had a really ridiculous blog back in college that was basically a dialog between me and some of my friends.

What is your favorite thing about blogging? Least Favorite?
I think my #1 favorite thing about blogging is how much it has expanded my horizons. I have tried so many different foods, recipes, restaurants, exercises, etc because I knew it would make “good blogging material,” but really it just makes really good experiences that I am so happy to have had. I’m a bit of a “play it safe” person, so it’s nice to have that extra push to try new things and always challenge myself. It has also expanded my horizons about people. I have made so many great blogging friends and it’s so fun and interesting having friends from all over the world. For a whole list of things I love about blogging, check here:


My least favorite thing about it is when I’m a restaurant and someone wants to know (usually friends of friends or something) why I am taking pictures of my food and why I blog etc. I know I should just answer the questions up front, but I always get a little embarrassed about it. It always seems to make more sense to people once they read my blog, but when they haven’t yet I always get that “why would you EVER do that” vibe from them.

What has been your most fun blog post to write?
All of my posts have been fun to write, but probably my favorite was from my recap of my spring triathlon last summer. The triathlon is sort of why I started the blog in the first place and I had talked a lot about training, and a knee injury I suffered (and still suffer, boo) as a result of training, so it was nice to show the hard work had paid off.

Another fun post I did with Eric on cheating in relationships. Glamour Magazine did an article on what they think is cheating, vs. what is not cheating. Eric and I discussed each one and I posted about our opinions. Eric’s responses just made me laugh, so I laughed the whole time I wrote the post :)

Where do you see your blog this time next year?
Truthfully, I’m not sure. Most obviously, I’d love for my blog to be better, and to have a lot more readers. But I haven’t 100 percent worked out exactly how I am going to accomplish that and what changes it will mean for my blog. I think that is okay though. If you had asked me where my blog would be today one year ago, I would’ve had no clue either- and I’m so happy with how far it has come.

Is there anything else about your blogging experience you would like to share?
I am so happy that I ventured into the blog world about a year ago. Most days I look forward to coming home from work so I can write my blog post (and eat my ice cream in front of the tv haha). I think the number 1 way that I keep blogging so positive for me is to not take myself too seriously. I know that if I don’t post one day, my readers will survive :) This attitude has helped keep blogging fun and not make it seem like another item on my already too long to-do list.

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  1. Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat)’s avatar

    I love Kelly’s blog and hearing about all the fun stuff she does. :D


  2. BostonRunner’s avatar

    Kelly’s blog is the best : )


  3. Jessie’s avatar

    Yay, I love Kelly’s blog! I read it a lot, too :) I definitely hear ya when you say the bloggerverse won’t fall down if you don’t post a day – we certainly get busy!


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