Giveaway Winner + a Cheesy NEW Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who commented on my Boston Marathon recap. It was SUCH a great day, and I had so much fun sharing it with all of you. If you missed it, please do give it a read :)

I am excited to announce the winner of a $30 Equal Exchange gift card, Lindsay from Life with Lindsay! Lindsay, please email me at and let me know what email address the e-certificate should be sent to! Congrats!

Now that the Equal Exchange giveaway is over, I am excited to announce another giveaway!

I seem to find the Cabot Cheese table wherever I go, whether I am at the Newport Food and Wine Festival , Newport Vineyards Holiday Wine Festival, Wine Riot, or my own kitchen.  I loooove their cheese and I love their way of doing business. Here’s a little bit of information from their site.

Cabot’s Cooperative Heritage

Cabot Creamery is a 1,200 farm family dairy cooperative with members in New England and upstate New York. We value our roots as a cooperative ~ and as a way of doing business.

So what does it mean to be a co-op? And why are we different?

Being a co-op, we are owned and operated by our members, which for Cabot are our farmers and their families.

As a cooperative, we emulate the Rochdale Cooperative Principles. We value community, quality, democracy and local ownership. Our owners serve on school boards and select boards. They are volunteer firefighters, planning commission members and Green-Up Day participants.

As Vermont is a small, intimate state, owners are also involved in making a difference at the state level, promoting our “working landscapes,” revitalizing our downtown economies and protecting our environmental resources which make Vermont, Vermont.

This is who we are and these are our strengths. Through our principles and actions we support the places where we live and do business. This is what makes us different.

I love that they are made up of small, local farmers and place such an emphasis on community. I firmly believe that this approach creates the best real food, and it certainly shows in Cabot’s cheeses. I am so excited that Cabot has offered to give one lucky Travel Eat Love reader a cheese gift box worth $25. Isn’t that exciting?

To enter:

1) Visit the Cabot website, and let me know by leaving a comment on this post what cheese you want to try OR what your favorite Cabot cheese is if you have tried them before.

2) Follow me on Twitter, and Tweet a link to this giveaway.

3) For an extra entry, follow @cabotcoop on Twitter and let me know either on Twitter or through a blog comment, that you are following them.

4) If you have a blog, link back to this post.

The chance to win starts now, and the winner will be announced on Thursday, April 29. Good luck!

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  1. brandi’s avatar

    I love cabot cheeses, but I’ve NEVER seen the flavors in stores here that they have online!

    That tomato basil, garlic & herb, and chili lime cheddar all sound fantastic!


  2. Mellissa’s avatar

    This is the best giveaway ever! I LOVE cheese and even have a shirt that says so. I really enjoy their aged cheddar.

    I do follow both of you on Twitter.


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    I would love to try the chili lime cheese. I bet it would be great with spicy tacos!


  4. Michelle’s avatar

    I also follow you and @Cabotcoop :-)


  5. Lindsay Meyer’s avatar

    Oooooh, wow. Cheese!

    I have to say, the private selection sounds awesome. Described by some as the “best of the best” my mouth is almost watering in anticipation of someday being able to catch a taste of this!

    And thanks for the giftcard! I can’t wait to order that little basket of chocolates, just like I said I would in my last giveaway comment ;-)


  6. RunToTheFinsih’s avatar

    First, I just read your boston post and YEAHHH you have me all pumped to keep working on my speed.

    I have been buying Cabot at publix lately becaues it just sounded good! I am in love with this Jalapeno Pepperjack flavor


  7. The Red Menace’s avatar

    Oh, it’s gotta be the Seriously Sharp.


  8. Baking Barrister’s avatar

    I’ve never seen these flavors before! The garlic and herb sounds amazing–two of my favorite things, garlic and cheddar.


  9. bunkycooks’s avatar

    I love their black wax extra sharp cheddar.


  10. Katie @ Cozydelicious’s avatar

    I adore Cabot! I buy the 50% reduced fat cheddar every week (the only lite cheese out there that I can enjoy – it even melts well!). But if we’re talking about a splurge, my husband and I LOVE the horseradish cheddar. It’s amazing on a burger. Yum!!!


  11. Lara’s avatar

    I love the super sharp aged cheddar cheeses. I did a trip up to VT just to do the tour/taste the cheese!


  12. Lara’s avatar

    I also follow Cabot (and you) on twitter (@goodcookdoris).


  13. Wendy’s avatar

    Wow, what a nice post! And such great comments already. Thanks from our farmers :)


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Looks like you have a lot of fans! Now I want to go on a Cabot tour this summer!!


    2. Elina’s avatar

      I just tried the Cabot horseradish cheese on Saturday at the wine riot and I’m seriously obsessed now. The cheese gift basket would be awesome! :)


    3. Megan’s avatar

      I love cheese! mmmm hahaha I would want to try to private stock :) and awesome job at Boston!


    4. Benjamin Daymon’s avatar

      I use a 50/50 blend of Cabot’s Extra Sharp Cheddar and a Monteray Jack to make my homemade macaroni and cheese. Cabot cheddar gives the dish just the right “bite” and tangy flavor.

      I follow you and Cabot on Twitter – I’m @


    5. Simply Life’s avatar

      congrats to the winner!


    6. Shava Nerad’s avatar

      I was already following Cabot, and my favorite is the Hunter sharp cheddar — but I grew up in Montpelier, VT so I was an early adopter! :)

      Following you too, now!


    7. Madeleine @ Notes On A Page’s avatar

      Super obsessed with cheese AND Cabot. I love their spicy pepperjack.


    8. ashleigh’s avatar

      I love cabot! I went to their creamery in VT in November, it was awesome! I love their horseradish cheese.


    9. Madeleine @ Notes On A Page’s avatar

      Also following Cabot on Twitter!


    10. meg c.’s avatar

      love cabot cheeses! any cheddar, pepperjack, etc.


    11. Nicole’s avatar

      I would love to try the tomato basil cheese!


    12. Sasha’s avatar

      Cabot cheese sounds terrific, and of course I follow you on twitter! Nice post.


    13. Morgan’s avatar

      A belated congrats on the marathon by the way, you’re amazing!
      I LOVE Cabot cheese. I could move into the cabot cheese annex in burlington. I love all of the flavored cheddars. I’ve never had a cabot cheese I don’t like


    14. Daisy’s avatar

      Seriously Sharp is seriously always in my fridge. For the past year I have been into Hot Hababnero Cheddar. it’s so ridiculously hot. I love serving it to guests and (warning them) just how hot it is but no one ever beleives me! People are shocked at the intensity. It’s awesome. I love Cabots!


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        I have not had Habanero Cheddar! I LOOOOVE habanero peppers and hot sauce and anything that is spicy, so I will have to check it out!


      2. Aileen’s avatar

        I love Cabot, but I’ve never seen their horseradish cheddar. I’d love to try it!


      3. Melissa’s avatar

        I love wine. I love cheese. And of course I love pairing the 2. I’d keep it simple with some Cheddar cheese. Yum!


      4. Megan’s avatar

        I found the Cabot Cheese table at the Wine Riot too! Love all their cheeses, but I definitely find the horseradish one really interesting!


      5. jen’s avatar

        I love their pepper jack, but its the only one my store carries. I would love to try their flavored cheeses like the chili-lime or the garlic and herb.


      6. Lisa’s avatar

        Cabot Habanero Cheddar sounds wonderful!


      7. Simply Life’s avatar

        I would love to try the sundried tomato basil cheddar!


      8. Kelly (Hot Cookin')’s avatar

        We LOVE the extra sharp cheddar cheese Cabot makes. Kraft and store brand cheese don’t even come close to the flavor that Cabot cheeses have. I also like pepper jack, but don’t buy it often because it’s too spicy for my kids.


      9. rebekah (clarity in creation.)’s avatar

        i’m not a huge fan of cheese, but the sundried tomato sounds incredible for a panini!


      10. Holly’s avatar

        I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like. Looking at the website, I was interested in the clothbound cheddar and the tuscan rubbed cheddar. Cheese may just be my favorite food. LOVE it.


      11. Holly’s avatar

        I also started following Cabot on Twitter, and tweeted the link! Can you tell I’m in to cheese???


      12. Tiffany’s avatar

        I just love the name of their Private Stock Cheese item, it sounds classy :)


      13. Tiffany’s avatar

        And I linked ya back to my blog!


      14. Physicschick’s avatar

        Oh, oh! I would love to try the Tuscan rubbed cheddar! Sounds sooo yummy!


      15. sara’s avatar

        I would love to try the sharp cheddar!


      16. sara’s avatar

        i follow cabot on twitter


      17. sara’s avatar

        i follow you on twitter too!


      18. Joy’s avatar

        omg chili lime cheese YUM!!


      19. carla's tasty treats’s avatar

        Yum! I love the way the specialty cheddars look especially the cloth wrapped one…but it would be hard to say no to one of the fun flavors like tuscan rubbed


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