Szigeti and Sushi

Is it spring or summer? I don’t care what they are calling it, it has been warm and sunny, and I love it! Last week, I received a wonderful spring surprise from my favorite wine and spirits PR rep, the same lovely who invited me to the Austrian wine tasting awhile back. (If you haven’t checked out my Austrian wine tasting post, I would love if you did. I don’t consider myself a great photographer, but I love these photos!)

A bottle of Szigeti Grüner Veltliner Brut arrived at my door, just in time for the rain to stop! I even had a little photo shoot out on the deck.

Szigeti Sparkling Wine

Szigeti Austrian Sparkling Wine

Szigeti Austrian Sparkling Wine

Szigeti makes an incredible sparkling wine with tiny, festive bubbles and a crisp, slightly tart, citrus flavor. It truly is the perfect wine for long evenings, picnics, and dinners on the patio, which is what we ended up having.

The warm weather brings a few eating options that are different from winter. Gone are the hot soups and stews, the root veggie curries, and the heavy meals. Instead, we welcome salads, cold soups, quick stir fries, and sushi. On this particular evening, the night before a perfect day off, we opted to order sushi from Teriyaki House, our go-to South Boston sushi spot. It’s quick, it’s tasty, and it’s incredibly cheap!


The best part about Teriyaki House is that they offer a huge range of Chinese and Japanese options that are yummy and taste healthier than the standard Chinese takeout fare. Their hot and sour soup is a cold cure, multiple times over, and their veggie curry dish with noodles lasts for four or five meals.

For this dinner, we opted for a spicy and crunchy roll, a spicy tuna roll, a garden salad with ginger dressing, and a hot and sour soup. We get the hot and sour soup even in the heart of summer; it is that good.

The sharp bubbles of the Szigeti Brut met the fatty, spicy tuna and did wonders for the sushi! The flavors really danced around together in my mouth providing a satisfying lightness and richness.

I was so lucky to have another opportunity to drink a delicious Szigeti wine and to share it with my husband on a perfect spring evening. Such a wine brings a celebration to an ordinary weeknight! :) And seriously, after such a long winter, we have reason to celebrate, don’t we?

Have you had nice weather where you live? What spring foods/wines are you loving?

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  1. Constance C’s avatar

    best combination ever :) I loveeee sushi!


  2. Steph (@mediterraneanmiss)’s avatar

    Hi lady! What a lovely dinner. I especially enjoy the fact that you decided to celebrate a weekenight with your husband <3 how special! The boy and I like to uncork a bottle of wine when we cook together too, it makes everything that much more fun – not to mention more delicious.

    Great read, as always <3


  3. Simply Life’s avatar

    what a fun package to get!


  4. Rebecca @ How the Cookies Crumble’s avatar

    Sushi and champagne! I can’t think of a better combo! Delicious! I’ve been eating lots of salads and lots of asparagus and artichokes. Just wish asparagus didn’t make my pee smell. :-)

    Vegas is having an interesting spring. Usually by now it’s in the 80′s and summers well on it’s way, but instead we’ve had cooler temperatures and at least one rain storm a week! WTF, this is a desert! Entirely too much rain! I think the rest of the country has been stealing our weather!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Then I won’t tell you that it was 90 yesterday :) But we do have a cold, gray, misty evening tonight. Temperatures that drop 40 degrees in one day = welcome to New England!


    2. Kelly’s avatar

      I am totally LOVING this weather too! I should try Teriyaki House- I love Chinese and Japanese food but always want them to be a bit healthier (well actually Japanese is usually healthy, but Chinese?). I still want to try Austrian wines too ever since reading your post!


    3. Coley’s avatar

      I love Prosecco and have been drinking it often these days. I recently added a new twist I learned that’s great for Spring… adding an (edible) hibiscus flower. Have you ever tried it? I got the idea at The Boston Shaker – check out my post if you’re interested!


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        Thanks for the link! Looks very yummy!


      2. MarathonVal’s avatar

        Oh my gosh, sushi and sparkling wine sounds SO good right now. What a dellightful combo… have a wonderful weekend! :)


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