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¡Feliz Viernes! Today is a sort of half day in my world. . . 2:00 closing means everyone checks out at about. . . 11? Just kidding, there is lots to do before the long weekend, but I could not be more ready!

Last night, Michelle from Fun and Fearless in Beantown and I hosted a little blogger wine, cheese, and cupcake event at the Boston Wine Exchange, a store I may have visited a few times before. (Love it.)

Cheese was generously provided by Cabot and the most delicious cupcakes I have ever eaten were brought by Kelly from Mix Bakery

First, the wine.


John Avery walked us through a tasting of 8 or 9 wines, and he had a ton of great information about each one. We started out quiet, but we ended up a chatty group after a few tastes! ;)

John Avery at Boston Wine Exchange wine tasting

There were some summery whites like the Enanzo Chardonnay which had a slight oaky flavor to it. Despite this I really liked it; the oak was subtle enough to make it a very drinkable Chardonnay, and you know how I feel about this topic.

Boston Wine Exchange Wine Tasting with John Avery Boston Wine Exchange John Avery Wine Tasting

Eamon and John  chose lots of great wines for us, but I most enjoyed the Foris Pinot Noir, the Enanzo Tempranillo, the Bell Claret, and of course the Trentadue Chocolate Amore Port which I first tasted last summer with my culinary goddess good friend Jill. I bought a few wines after the event, and I will review them individually as I open them which likely won’t take too long :)

Bell Vineyards 2006 Claret

And what is wine without cheese? Rachel, who works for the PR agency that represents Cabot, brought by LOTS of Cabot cheese for us to try, along with fun gift bags that contained more cheese and a wine opener. I think all of us bloggers were familiar with Cabot, with its delicious variety of high quality cheeses in some awesome flavors like Hot Cheddar.

 Cabot Hot Cheddar Cheese

Nothing wrong with a wine and Cabot cheese dinner. Nothing at all.

Cabot Cheddar

Once we had tasted through all of the wines that John Avery was pouring, we made our way back to the wine machine area for some Mix Bakery cupcakes and more Cabot cheese.

I found another new favorite wine in the 90 + Shiraz Viognier.

Boston Wine Exchange Wine Tasting Machine

And new favorite cupcakes in Mix Bakery’s selection: chocolate with peanut butter buttercream, Mounds, with coconut cream filling, double chocolate brownies, and perhaps the best and most amazing dessert I have had ever, the rhubarb cupcakes with a vanilla bean cream on top.

Mix Bakery Cupcakes and Brownies 

Rhubarb Cupcakes from Mix Bakery

Mix Bakery currently provides cupcake DELIVERY and will hopefully grace Boston with a store very soon. I want to call Kelly right now for some more of those rhubarb cupcakes! If you have a special event coming up or have just been looking for a perfect cupcake in Boston, Mix Bakery is your place. I think they passed the “moist” test of all of us bloggers ;)

Mix Bakery Cupcakes


I met some pretty famous and fabulous bloggers at this event. In addition to Michelle and my friends Elina, Melissa, and Kirsten, I had the pleasure of drinking wine with the following:


Thank you SO much to Eamon from The Boston Wine Exchange, John Avery, Kelly from Mix Bakery, and Rachel for representing Cabot. We all had a lot of fun, and we will hopefully get together again soon.

You should join us :)

What’s on tap for the weekend? I have some island visiting, wine drinking, sun worshipping, dog walking, and sleeping to do! Have an awesome FRIDAY!!!

  1. Michelle’s avatar

    I had a great time as well and the Foris Pinot Noir was definitely my favorite for the evening! We should plan something similar soon!


  2. allijag’s avatar

    OMG your posts have been KILLING ME lately. I think at this point I’m about 5 seconds away from just finally up and moving to Boston ;)


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      You should!! Or at least come for a visit!


    2. Evelyn @ cheers2healthy’s avatar

      I’ve never had a rhubarb pastry before but I plan to before but I plan to this year while it’s in season!


    3. Elina’s avatar

      You are so cute. I had a blast. Happy Friday!!!!!


    4. Jen @ Tiny Urban Kitchen’s avatar

      Wow! What a great idea for an event! Did you guys come up with the idea and contact the vendors? Or vice versa?

      Ha ha .. tell me, is that all you had for dinner? Wine, cheese, and cupcakes? ;)


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        I had sushi at home too! My Thursday night constant :)


      2. Jenn (Jenn's Menu and Lifestyle Blog)’s avatar

        I love Cabot cheese, it’s definitely dinner worthy. :) Those cupcakes look heavenly!



      3. Lara’s avatar

        Thanks again for the invite – it was great to meet you! And I definitely counted the wine, cheese, and cupcakes for dinner!


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          Thank you for coming! Hopefully I will see you again soon. . . maybe in the BU Gastro program :)


        2. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

          Cupcakes, CHEESE… I envy you! :D


        3. Kirsten’s avatar

          Thanks for hosting last much fun! See you soon! World Cup!


        4. Daisy’s avatar

          those cupcakes look amazing! esp after the terrible ones I had last week. Boston Wine Exchange is so good to you ladies!


        5. Simply Life’s avatar

          Oh I’m so sad I couldn’t make it but thanks again for the invite- looks like a great time!


        6. Shannon’s avatar

          looks awesome! you can’t really go wrong with wine, cheese, and cupcakes :)


        7. Scott’s avatar

          I love Trentadue Chocolate Amore Port, goes so well with desserts. However, I can only take so much of it! Nice blog!


        8. Megan’s avatar

          Thank you so much for hosting! It was such a lovely event. I really enjoyed the wine tasting and the cupcakes, and I loved that first Australian wine in the wine dispenser… and the sauvignon blanc we tasted. I also agree with you on the chardonnay. It’s probably the only chardonnay I’ve ever liked. They’re usually way too smoky for me.


        9. Adam Ray’s avatar

          If you ever make it out to Santa Barbara, California you should check out EOS Transportation for their great Santa Barbara Wine Tours at I bet you would get a kick out of some of the great tasting wine & winery’s in beautiful sunny California.


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