Healthworks Blogger Bash

Best gym ever, hands down. Last night, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I attended the Healthworks Fitness Blogger Bash. This event brought together 20 women bloggers from the Boston area, and provided us with the opportunity to work out together, then to enjoy some fabulous food and drinks over at Alibi at The Liberty Hotel.

As you know, I love my gym. Even without fun events, it is everything you would want a gym to be, beautiful, clean, fun classes, all women, great spa area, close to my office. I have been a member for over a year, and I can’t imagine going to any other gym ever again. Yes, I am spoiled.

Healthworks Back Bay Lobby 

The Blogger Bash kicked off with a spin class which I JUST made. Getting out of work was tougher than I want to talk about. Don’t worry, you’ll hear more later. I was greeted by the fabulous Judith, who handles all of Healthworks events and partnerships. Judith introduced me to J.D. from Ripe, hooked me up with an amazing swag bag and a Ripe mocktail, and I was on my way to a spinning class taught by Eden Kessler, an instructor whose classes I have been taking all winter long and loving.

The Ripe mocktail was delicious. Sour, refreshing, and way better than the water I had in my bottle, it was ideal for a warm day and a TOUGH spinning class. I tell ya, spinning with Eden or Jon twice a week all winter was what truly got me marathon ready. When I run again next year (hint), I plan on maybe upping my spinning classes to thrice weekly. More on that later as well. 

 Healthworks Sawg Bag

This bag is full of magic: coupons for Siggi’s yogurt, a free massage at Healthworks (where I am a massage devotee), a free spray tan at Skin Health, a free cut AND color at Rock Paper Scissors, a free task from Task Rabbit, a gift certificate to Ever Save, a bag of Mad Hectic Oatmeal (which I have been dying to try!) , a sports bra from Nux, a t-shirt from City Sports, and MORE. Seriously, the best swag I have ever received.

Want to try Healthworks for yourself? Check this 3 day pass out!

The spinning class was challenging, especially because my fitness focus lately has been on strength training. You would never know I was able to run a marathon a month ago. Eden is fantastic though; you are never doing the same thing for very long, she plays fun music, and the class flies by.

I had a refreshing Vita Coco and some Pop Chips to tide me over after the class.

Vita Coco Coconut Water

Then we got all dolled up and ready to head to Alibi. Healthworks is a fabulous place to get ready for a night out. Sometimes I go there just to shower and get ready for dinner after work ;)


Healthworks Bloggers

I didn’t get to meet everyone, but I did see Elina, Tina, Ali, and Colleen and later Leslie. So many wonderful bloggers, so little time!

We all poured on to the street like a class trip, and we made our way over to The Liberty Hotel. I have not been out with a group this big in a long time, but it was fun!

Healthworks Back Bay

The Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel is a former jail, which makes the architecture and history pretty interesting. And the fact that their bars/restaurants are Alibi, Clink, and Scampo is kind of fun too.

The Liberty Hotel

The hotel kept a lot of the original features like the brick work and iron bars.


Alibi features mug shots of well known people who have had a run in with the law. Recognize this lady?

Paris Hilton Mug Shot

Liberty Hotel Scampo Pizza

We feasted on food from Scampo at The Liberty Hotel. Scampo features delicious Italian food by the famed Lydia Shire, and we were pretty lucky to have pizza, tuna tartare, and caprese salad. I had a few slices, and it was sooo good.

Ripe and Double Cross Vodka provided some fabulous cocktails. I enjoyed two of these strawberry basil beauties. They were Double Cross Collins’s,and really, what says summer more than strawberries and basil? I have never purchased Ripe or Double Cross products before, but I loved them both, and having them around makes cocktails easy, yummy, and natural.


Ripe and Double Cross Vodka Drinks

 Double Cross Vodka Collins

Scampo makes the most fantastic food. You could easily spend hours eating and drinking at The Liberty Hotel. My friend stayed there for her bachelorette last year, and it is a sweet place to sleep as well, if you get too tired of eating and drinking ;)

Scampo Boston Caprese Salad

I wish I had gotten more photos of bloggers, but just trust me when I say it was great to see Shannon, Mellissa, and so many others at this event.

Boston Food and Fitness Bloggers

The Healthworks Blogger Bash was full of fitness, food, fun, and cocktails, and I was so honored to be included. Thank you so much, Judith, Hannah, and all of the Healthworks team, along with the sponsors and providers of swag bag magic for such a great night.

Scampo Pizza

Nom nom nom. I can not wait to eat Scampo’s pizza again! We may have some good news to celebrate soon, and I am thinking Scampo would be a great place to celebrate. To be continued. . .

What are you doing this weekend? I am heading up to Truro for the Coastal Wine Trail kickoff, one of my favorite events from last year and the FIRST event I ever blogged about!

Did you enter my Olivia’s Organics giveaway yet? You only have a few more days!


  1. Melissa’s avatar

    Such a fun event! I love HealthWorks too! Hannah and Judith are awesome for putting this together for us. :)


  2. Corinne’s avatar

    Healthworks looks like the bees knees and that picture of Paris Hilton has me giggling. Looks like a fun night! Have fun at the Coastal Wine Trail kickoff! What is that all about? Ah don’t answer that, I will just read your review from your FIRST event :) ha.


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    It sounds like a great event with some of my favorite bloggers! Looks like it was a blast!


  4. Erin’s avatar

    Wow, what a fun event! It’s awesome there are activities like this to meet like-minded people and make new friends.


  5. Elina’s avatar

    Great recap! It was great seeing you. Looking forward to hanging out again next Thursday. Have fun at the Coastal Wine Trail kickoff. Sounds awesome! :)


  6. Kirsten’s avatar

    Potential good news….? Fingers crossed!! See you next week — looking forward to it!


  7. Caroline’s avatar

    What an awesome event to attend! I am totally jealous of your swag bag. I think the actual bag is SO cute!


  8. MarathonVal’s avatar

    I agree, I credit spinning for why I had a great marathon training season…. I haven’t gone in a few months (just got bored) but I’m starting to get the itch to get back into it!


  9. ashleigh’s avatar

    Wow that looks like so much fun!! Spinning, drinks and free swag sounds like a great time to me!


  10. Lindsay Meyer’s avatar

    OH wow, that pizza! If I ever end up in Boston, I’ll know which gym to get a membership at!


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