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Have I told you lately that I belong to a fantastic gym? I don’t even need to work out. . . and I really haven’t since the marathon. Really I bring my workout clothes, and I end up in the sauna and that’s it. I promise a return to regular exercise and eating soon, but for the moment I am having too much fun. Last night’s Healthworks  fun was had at the Boston Wine Exchange, a brilliant store in the Financial District. You may remember that I visited a little over a month ago.

Boston Wine Exchange  

Boston Wine Exchange

Judith, who organizes the Healthworks events, does such a great job of engaging gym members, um, even those of us who don’t work out very often. I almost missed this event, but when I saw Tina at Bin Ends, she mentioned it,and I was lucky to get a spot. The Boston Wine Exchange  has a wine tasting machine that allows you to try 8 wines which is more than helpful in making purchasing decisions.  And they have quite the tasting schedule on offer. They also have great prices for wine, beer, and liquor, especially for the location.

Boston Wine Exchange Tasting Schedule

A great wine selection

Boston Wine Exchange

We had an informative introduction to our tasting and started with a Liberty School Chardonnay. As you might know, I am not always a Chard fan, but this was not too oaky, easy to drink, and just delicious. The Liberty School Cab was incredible as well, lots of cherry berry flavors, and ideal for a weeknight for its price point.

Tasting Liberty School Chardonnay

We also enjoyed the Austin Hope Syrah, a little pricier, but completely worth it for its  lush flavor and richness.  I am fairly obviously obsessed with Napa and Sonoma, but these wines were from the Paso Robles wine region of California, and they made me think that I need to plan a Paso Robles trip soon!

The highlight of a visit to Boston Wine Exchange is the wine tasting machines. Once we tried a few wines with the very knowledgeable wine reps, we were left to our own devices with the tasting machines. Muahahaha. No really, a bunch of women with full access to 8 wines. Fabulous. Eamon, the owner of Boston Wine Exchange, is a bit of a risk taker apparently. . .;)

Boston Wine Exchange Tasting Machines

I enjoyed spending time with Tina and Mellissa who was one of my running buddies during my marathon training. As much as I love running, I really enjoy other activities with my running friends!

Thank you, Healthworks and Boston Wine Exchange for the opportunity to try some delicious wines while meeting new friends. I took full advantage of the Veuve Cliquot sale at Boston Wine Exchange as I feel like I may have something to celebrate soon. I also bought a recommendation, Dark Horse Brewing Company IPA which was a hit with my husband and a good Lost-watching beer. I look forward to returning to this store very soon and to attending more Healthworks events in the future. Oh yeah, and exercising. Yeah. That.

What is your favorite ever spring wine, beer, or cocktail?

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  1. brandi’s avatar

    how fun! There are so many fun events in Boston :)

    Favorite ever?

    I love a good, fresh mojito in the summer.


  2. Sarah Higgins’s avatar

    Sam Adams summer ale, gin & tonics, and absolut ruby red vodka w/ club…I love summer happy hours!!


  3. Daisy’s avatar

    What a great event for you ladies! Dirty Martini. Warms you right up in the winter, cools you down in the summer. I even think it pairs well with food.


  4. Wendy Irene’s avatar

    The wine selection looks awesome! I can’t pick a favorite because it really changes for me depending on what I feel like! :)


  5. Elina’s avatar

    I don’t have a favorite wine or beer, but I do love sangria in the summer. Looks like a really fun event! See you tomorrow for more boozing ;)


  6. Mark’s avatar

    I’ve only seen these wine tasting machines a few times. Truly wished that more stores had them in place.

    As for a favorite – I’m with Brandi on this one, a tall majito on the deck is pretty heavenly. A pomegranate martini made with PAMA liqueur instead of juice is incredible too!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I am growing mint just for mojitos :) So summery!


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