Sundays in SoWa

It’s back! I was so excited to spend part of yesterday meandering around the SoWa (South of Washington) open markets in the South End. Live in Boston and never been? If you like this blog at all, you would LOVE the SoWa markets. A combination of farmer’s market, craft fair, and antique sale, the market has everything from decadent brownies to rhubarb to handcrafted bags and jewelry to adorably designed dog collars.

We spent a bit of time wandering around the market just being happy to be outside again. New England winters are loooooong, and I miss the outdoor fun.

Fiddleheads at SoWa Market Boston

Peppers at SoWa Market Boston Produce at SoWa market

I love fresh fruits and vegetables. They are so photogenic!

Rhubarb at SoWa Market

Rhubarb makes an excellent low calorie sauce or jam. It’s so easy, chop and rinse rhubarb stalks, then put them in a pot with a teaspoon or 2 of strawberry jello-mix. Add heat and let it all simmer together until the rhubarb has fallen apart. It is yummy! If you have fresh strawberries on hand, tossing those chopped in is delish as well. Use it to top plain yogurt, ice cream, or even on its own.

Shitake Mushrooms at SoWa Market

I am intrigued by these Sassy Sauces, and I want to learn more. They looked absolutely delicious, and had I been feeling better, I would have stopped to chat with the owner. Hello rum caramel! I could do with a dish of vanilla ice cream topped with that right about now!

Sassy Sauces

Several bakeries had artisanal bread on display. I can taste the freshness and feel the chewy texture of these breads right now. Both Sel del la Terre and When Pigs Fly make  incredible bread products. Give me a ciabatta, some olive oil, and some goat cheese, and I am all set! 

Sel de la Terre Bread When Pigs Fly Bread

I had hoped to do more browsing of the jewelry stands and the artist’s open studios that were also going on, but I had quite the dizzy spell from being in the sun and having not eaten yet. When I get like this, I need to be away from people and to shove something in my face as quickly as possible. A sprite and a cheesecake bite later, I felt a little better but not great.

The lesson? I need to eat more. I have been thinking this for quite awhile as I often leave the house without food and it is really just silly. I know myself, and I know how scary and uncomfortable these spells are. Ironically, the last really bad one I had was at The Ferry Building Market in San Francisco.

As a result of this revelation, I spent a ton at Trader Joe’s just to make sure I had plenty of fruit, yogurt, and nuts on hand to make sure I am full. Really, sometimes I just sit at my desk, tummy growling like mad, and do nothing about it. Not good for my body or my mind.

I would love to hear what your go-snacks are for on the go and if you have some easy,quick recipes that can be made and brought along on an outing. I hate just grabbing granola or nutrition bars; I get so sick of them!

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  1. Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries’s avatar

    Yumm I want some of that fresh bread! And some “sassy sauce”!


  2. Erin’s avatar

    There’s really nothing like a good farmers market, with fresh fruits and veggies and breads. Yum! I missed going this weekend but will probably hit one up early this week instead.


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    I was at SOWA yesterday afternoon and had a great time. There weren’t too many farmer’s market stands still there later in the afternoon but it was still such a good time!


  4. ashleigh’s avatar

    I’m a big snacker.. I always keep fruit, veg, cottage cheese and yogurt in the fridge at work. I also have PB at my desk. Fruit is very portable for when you are out and about. Popcorn is also a great snack!


  5. Jessie’s avatar

    I LOVE Boston for many reasons but number one might just have to be the food. My sister lives there now and I am itching to finish my master’s in northern Virginia so I can get up there!This market looks lovely! And your blog title sounds so perfect!! I love it. Keep it comin’ please. I’ll follow for sure!!



  6. Abby’s avatar

    I hate to admit it, but I go for the granola bars! Gotta get better at that!

    Oh, and you won my giveaway :)


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Oooh! I didn’t even remember entering! :)


    2. RunToTheFinsih’s avatar

      I think farmer’s markets are just SOOO much fun!! I wish I had a TJ’s here, though I’d probably just spend too much money.

      did you announce the giveaway winner, maybe I totally missed it!


    3. Corinne’s avatar

      If you aren’t big on energy/granola bars what about if you made your own trail mix of sorts. Nuts, dried fruit, chocolate if you want, coconut. Also, kale chips and roasted chick peas could be something to carry around to munch on that differ from reg. chips! Apples/bananas are another go to for me. Next time I am in the area I am going to that farmers mkt! LOVE when they are a mix of produce and CRAFTS! That is how the one in Portsmouth is!


    4. Susan’s avatar

      I almost went, I’m so mad I missed it! I can’t wait for the next one, I’ve never been.


    5. Lindsay’s avatar

      I love the beautiful veggies at the market! I’m addicted to our farmer’s markets here. I try to hit atleast two a week! We don’t have a TJ’s. :( So sad.


    6. Courtney (Pancakes & Postcards)’s avatar

      Ah! Farmers markets are the best. This is beautiful. I miss the LA farmers market SO badly.


    7. Elina’s avatar

      Ooh, I didn’t know the SOWA market opened already.
      My go to snacks – roasted almonds + apples. Both “travel” well. I always have nuts and bars in my purse.


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