Wine in a Box Wednesday

Oh yes. On our last trip to Bin Ends we just happened to taste some wine, and one of those wines happened to come from a box, and we kinda sorta liked it.

Wine in a Box Garganega Pinot Grigio  

Here’s a little info I found about this wine (source)

Cantina di Soave, which has been producing premium wines since 1898, incorporates 110 years of winemaking experience with cutting-edge viticultural techniques. “As the wine market continues to evolve, we recognized that the fastest growing category was missing its crown jewel—the world’s first Italian box wine,” said Enore Ceola, Managing Director of MW Imports, importer of Duca del Frassino (a Division of Mionetto USA, Inc.). “These wines represent our mission— to showcase premium Italian wine from the Venezie that over-delivers on quality, taste and appeals to today’s discerning wine consumer.”

Duca del Frassino Garganega/Pinot Grigio Tasting Notes

Duca del Frassino Garganega/Pinot Grigio, light straw in color, offers hints of white flowers on the nose followed by crisp, well-balanced flavors of stone fruits. This luscious, fruit-forward wine is a perfect aperitif, but also pairs well with seafood and light pastas. Garganega [gahr-gah-NEH-gah] is the dominant grape in Soave, the region’s signature white wine.

For $16 for 3 liters, this wine is a steal and an excellent summer barbeque option. It truly does have a lovely floral nose with some apple-y notes and a hint of peach. I think it would go really well with barbequed grilled chicken and salads, and it would be a great, inexpensive option. I am not sure exactly where I am in the boxed vs. bottled debate, and I am certain I won’t be drinking ALL of my wine out of a box, but it was fun to be able to try this. The BEST part about the Bin Ends experience for sure!

I normally try to spend some time pairing up our food and wine, but last night I just wanted to throw something quick and healthy together for dinner, regardless of its pairing with wine. I don’t know about you, but I have had an AWFUL allergy week, and all day yesterday I felt like I was half asleep. A rainy cold day did NOT help.

So I whipped up one of my favorite combos of flavors, a mixed bean coconut curry with some Trader Joe’s frozen edamame.

Trader Joe's edamame

The sauce contained a can of coconut milk, a big bunch of chopped cilantro, a bit of grated ginger, lemongrass paste, and curry powder. I added a dried bean mix, which had been soaked for a few hours and was also from Trader Joe’s.

Coconut Curry Sauce

I let the mixture simmer for about an hour, then added some pineapple for sweetness. On the side, we had our first corn on the cob of the summer, topped with Kerrygold butter, of course.

Corn on the Cob

Corn Cobs

It was yummy and filling,and although I was really tempted to just order some pizza based on how I felt, I am glad I pulled this together. Real food is easy, and it almost always feels better. Almost :)

What do you do when you REALLY don’t feel like cooking?


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  1. brandi’s avatar

    that curry sounds SO good! I love a good curry, but mine never taste like the ones I get at our local Thai place.

    Egg dishes are always great when I don’t feel like cooking because they’re so quick! It’s also nice when I have random leftovers in the freezer.


  2. Erin’s avatar

    PB&J sandwich. Sad but true. ;)


  3. Elina’s avatar

    Unfortunately when I REALLY don’t feel like cooking, I don’t. Haha. We end up eating out or I just eat randomness from the fridge or freezer. Not the greatest way to be a role model. :)


  4. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

    When I don’t feel like cooking I go out to eat or order a pizza :D

    That corn on the cob looks delicious, I could eat that all summer!


  5. Jessica’s avatar

    That all looks and sounds great!


  6. ashleigh’s avatar

    Thanks for the wine review! That sounds like something I would like.

    When I don’t want to cook I usually make a pita pizza or salad. They are both so easy!


  7. Jessie’s avatar

    I’m glad you pulled together something instead of ordering pizza because I’m sure it was more delicious! When I’m tired, it’s pressed sandwiches!!

    I hope you feel better and your allergies go away *fingers crossed*


  8. Kelly’s avatar

    Haha, boxed wine- brings back memories haha.

    When I don’t feel like and/or have time to cook, I either have a tuna sandwich, some leftovers or we go out to eat :) though I am not a big take out person.


  9. Alyssa’s avatar

    Duca del Frassino is a fun & fresh wine in a box from Italy – the first of its kind from the Veneto region!

    This high-quality wine, sold in eco-friendly packaging, is available throughout Massachusetts and various states in the US.

    For more info on DUCA visit:


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