Being a food blogger definitely has its perks, like when a gourmet chocolatier offers to send samples of her chocolate for a blog review.

I saw a tweet from Valerie from Vianne Chocolat and a few emails later, we were scheduled to meet so that I could try her handmade chocolates.

Valerie met me at my office building to drop the chocolate off with her adorable daughter. It was so nice to meet the person behind the incredible chocolate I was about to taste.

I employed discipline from deep within, and I didn’t even open the bag until I was home with my camera several hours later. I also carried a whole dozen Mix Bakery cupcakes on my 3 mile walk. I’m good.

At first, I was afraid to even touch the chocolates as they were decorated with beautiful detail and precision. The variety that Valerie gave me to sample included raspberry truffles, a rose scented dark chocolate dove, a burnt caramel cup, lavender, raspberry Chambord, and mint.

Vianne Chocolat artisan chocolate

I had a fun time photographing the chocolates as they are truly little pieces of art. As an impatient person, I can’t imagine the work that goes into making them so pretty.

But we all know that the most important part of chocolate is its taste. How did these rate?

Vianne Chocolat mixed artisan chocolates


Vianne Chocolat mint chocolate

We started with the lavender. It provided the perfect blend of fragrant lavender and creamy, rich chocolate center. I am usually afraid that floral flavors might be perfume-y, but this was just the tiniest hint of lavender, balanced by chocolate.

In a similar way, the rose scented chocolate dove provided a hint of rose petal paired with deep, dark chocolate. The floral flavor was so subtle that it just enhanced all of the chocolate goodness.

lavender chocolate, raspberry Chambord chocolate

The raspberry Chambord was one of my favorites. The center was as creamy as the lavender, but it was also light and fluffy and provided a sweet hint of raspberry liqueur.

My favorite of the chocolates that I have tried so far (and I have a few more to go!), was the burnt caramel cup, as I expected. First of all, it is so pretty to look at, dressed in heavy gold foil. I actually cut into it with a knife because I was sharing the tasting with the mister, and dark, burnt caramel oozed out. We mopped it up with bits of deep, dark chocolate, and I savored each drop of its creme brulee-like perfection. The caramel was brought to the edge, that point where it is burnt but not too much. I love that roasted dark flavor. The finish offered hints of good, black coffee. Amazingness.

burnt  caramel cup Vianne Chocolat  

As I mentioned above, I have not made it through all of the Vianne Chocolat samples that I received. They are such high quality, richly flavored little gems that I want to savor them over a couple of days. I promise I will be reviewing each piece.

I can already see myself ordering these chocolates for a special occasion. Valerie seemed like such a lovely person, and there is such craft in these chocolates that I can not wait to try more. What makes the chocolate even better is that Valerie sources fresh cream and butter from New England dairies and also locally sources herbs, spices, fresh fruits, and other ingredients whenever possible. Talk about a win/win for everyone!

If you want more information or just to ogle photos of  beautiful chocolate, definitely visit her site.

I will be back from the Cape later today, but I hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

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  1. Heather’s avatar

    That chocolate is gorgeous! What great flavor combinations.

    I’m salivating!


  2. Brian @ A Thought For Food’s avatar

    Those chocolates are stunning!

    Def. a perk of being a food blogger. ;-)


  3. Jillian (back to the nest)’s avatar

    Mmm, those look fab. Gourmet chocolate rocks so hard!


  4. Colleen’s avatar

    Those chocolates are beautiful!!


  5. Michelle’s avatar

    Don’t you love posts like this? It is a tough job but somebody has to do it ;-)


  6. Elina’s avatar

    All in the name of research, right?
    I love truffles but hardly ever buy them. They are so delicate, I feel guilty eating more than 2… and that’s kind of not enough dessert volume for me. Is that weird?
    Anyways, they really are a special treat and these look phenomenal! I think she should use your pictures because they are better than the ones on her site!


  7. Baking Serendipity’s avatar

    Wow! These are exquisite! Almost too good to eat…almost :)


  8. Simply Life’s avatar

    wow, I love how you’ve been meeting so many interesting people! These look amazing!


  9. Rebecca @ How the Cookies Crumble’s avatar

    Yum!!! I think the burnt caramel would be my favorite too!


  10. Erin’s avatar

    Wow, these look almost too pretty to eat. I say almost because… it’s chocolate! ;)


  11. GreenGirl’s avatar

    wow, these are the best looking chocolate I’ve ever seen


  12. The Housewife’s avatar

    You’re right.. these chocolates are like miniature works of art! So very pretty and sound oh so tasty too! :)


  13. Valerie’s avatar

    I am so happy to read how much you enjoyed the chocolates! Seeing others enjoy them is the best part about making them. And Elina, I agree with you 100%, Meghan’s photos are much better than the one’s I’ve been able to capture for my website. Luckily I’m a better chocolatier than I am a photographer ;)


  14. Daisy’s avatar

    can I have some?! incredible.


  15. The Chocolate Priestess’s avatar

    Reviewing chocolate is a lot of fun, I agree, and a big responsibility with so much chocoholism out there. I’m glad these tasted so well, makes doing a review a pleasure instead of a chore.


  16. Alison’s avatar

    Lavender chocolate?? I can only imagine what that tasted like!


  17. Andrea @ Sweet N Green’s avatar

    Those chocolates are so pretty! They sound amazing!


  18. Megan’s avatar

    Oh my goodness… that raspberry Chambord one sounds amazing!


  19. Shree’s avatar

    wow! I’d love to review some chocolate :) These look great


  20. Magic of Spice’s avatar

    So luscious and wonderful!


  21. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

    Ah, the chocolates looks so delicious :)


  22. Charlene’s avatar

    Lavender and chocolate are great together. I made a chocolate and lavender cake once and it was wonderful.


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