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Attending The CRAVE Boston event proved to be a good idea as I found two new readers and guest bloggers through it! The following is a great review of Vox Populi, a Boylston Street favorite for cocktails and after work appetizers. Thanks so much to Phebe for sharing this delicious experience with us. It definitely makes me want to visit Vox with my co-workers soon!

 Vox Boston

Vox Populi

755 Boylston

Boston MA 02116

There is nothing more refreshing than family, food and fun and with the  Fourth of July weekend I was going to get my fill of all three. My sister planned to be in town with her new beau and I could hardly wait to see the new couple. My mind was already racing where my boyfriend and I would take the them and politely grill him about his interest in my big sister, however with only one meeting under my belt I had to rely on my sisters two loves, martini’s and her little sister. With one love already in the bag, it was off to a martini bar that could hold its vodka and cointreau. My boyfriend and I finally decided on VOX Populi, a Martini bar known for its smooth Brazilian Blue, Hot and Dirty, and sophisticated bistro like setting.

Vox Martini

Vox Populi


As I entered the restaurant it was apparent that already VOX was holding up to its reputation. With  lit candles and a warm welcome from the hostess I could hardly wait to dive into the menu. Our waiter, a twenty something guy quickly greeted our party and before he had a chance to pour our water he was screaming….GOAL!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO, I knew immediately how to diagnose him, he had come down with the 2 month fever called World Cup. I have seen a few of my dearest friends overcome by it some taking a few days of rest at home while they watch their favorite team, I mean try and recover. Needless to say our waiter patiently waited on us while keeping a watchful eye on the Paraguay vs. Spain game, clearly he was a going for Spain and being the sport that I am I played along yelling and screaming at every potential goal.

Between screams from the bar and from our table I politely asked what the popular martini was and our waiter quickly rattled off a few until one piqued my interest. I decided on the Brazilian Blue and for my entrée the Vox Chicken, a pan roasted marinated Statler chicken breast with herb risotto and parmesan spinach and pan jus, and my boyfriend decided on the southwest chicken sandwich on a hearty roll with corn relish and red pepper mayo. At first sip my martini was blissful, it was cold had a crisp bite and you could taste the vodka and the Cointreau. It was in essence exactly what a martini should be and VOX had won me over with the perfect drink.

As we waited for our food to arrive, to my surprise 3 more people became stricken with World Cup fever, and slowly but surely it spread through the restaurant many even taking to the bar to sit closer to the hanging from the wall, hoping to get a closer glimpse of the game. As the “fever” spread through the restaurant I couldn’t help looking around and people watching (a favorite pastime of mine) and enjoying the ambiance there was something really home like about this World Cup thing (or FIFA as I began to call it), it was bringing so many people across the country and in Boston together in the most extraordinary of ways and there seemed to be a sense of pride in rooting for your country.

While I was starting to finally embrace the World cup frenzy our food was a welcome distraction to the game and the tasting began. I eagerly dove into my Statler chicken breast and risotto and nearly fell over, I asked my sister to try a bite and with one glance we said the same thing “NELL”. The risotto was reminiscent of something that was cooked in our southern home by our grandmother who we affectionately refer to as Nell. It closely resembled her macaroni and cheese combination.

chicken and risotto

Vox Chicken Burger

The risotto was perfectly cooked and had exactly the right blend of cheeses to keep me wanting more. The chicken was cooked to absolute perfection and while it was incredibly moist was adorned with a crispy crunch of skin, again a favorite with my southern taste buds. The spinach and pan jus were simply icing already on the perfectly adorned cake. My taste buds were in heaven! I can say with cooking like this VOX has a new loyal guest. I’m certain my next visit will be with a group of girlfriends AFTER the World Cup.

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  1. Phebe’s avatar

    Meghan thanks so much, you did a wonderful job pulling in all the pics from the review. I just wanted to give you my blog as well, and you MUST try VOX!

    Thanks again!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Thanks, Phebe! I will add that line in, but we have been with only spotty internet and barely any cell service up here in the valley.


    2. Daisy’s avatar

      Great post Phebe! I love the martinis at VOX. Last time I was in I had a dirty martini with bleu cheese stuffed olives. exquisite!


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