Sensational Salad

Ever since the delicious blogger dinner at Vlora last weekend, I have been thinking about the traditional Albanian watermelon and feta combination, and I knew that I would have to try it in some capacity at home. And that’s just what I did for dinner.

But first, lunch. We got off to a late start on the 4th. My husband was kind enough to drive our friend Kari to the airport for her flight to San Diego, and while he did that I went back to sleep. . . until 10:30! I never ever sleep that late, and it felt soooo good.

I woke up, blogged, did some cleaning, and then we headed to Yankee Lobster for a little New England seafood lunch.

Yankee Lobster is a cute little place for fresh seafood down by the Seaport area of Boston. They have great, fresh, cold, Harpoon beer on draught (the brewery is something like .1 mile away!), and in addition to all of the prepared foods, they also sell fresh fish and lobsters to cook at home.

We shared the fried oysters and a lobster roll with fries and coleslaw. The oysters were a hit with a crunchy, light batter, and bursting with briny ocean flavor.

fried oysters at Yankee Lobster

The fries were excellent, but they don’t serve Heinz ketchup. . . next time I will bring my own. The coleslaw was really good as well, but the lobster roll was a little disappointing. The lobster was really dry, and while I used to love my lobster rolls with lobster salad: lobster, celery, mayo, I think I have become a devotee of the hot lobster roll with just lobster and butter. Decisions, decisions.

Yankee Lobster lobster roll and fries

After hitting up a completely empty Trader Joe’s- apparently grocery shopping ON a holiday is a good idea- we had a relaxing afternoon at home and eventually decided to just stay in for the evening.

I cooked up some tofu hot dogs and then got started on this splendidly simple salad.

Chunks of cool, sweet watermelon, crunchy yellow bell pepper, creamy, salty feta, and a dash of olive oil and balsamic were all I used.

watermelon feta salad

And next time, I think I would leave the olive oil and balsamic out and just let the flavors of the fruit shine through. Maybe a tiny handful of chopped fresh mint? All I know is that I am hooked on watermelon as part of a salad (or eaten by the bowl full for snack), and you will likely be seeing it here again.

After dinner, I ran into the living room to get something and discovered this:


Smuckers and Scout, sleeping together on top of the wine fridge. These two usually play and fight with each other, but I haven’t seen them sleeping together, and especially on such a small surface, in a long time. It was adorable.

Yes, that plate is theirs. They have their own plates in addition to their regular food bowls. Cats run the house, I tell ya.

The rest of the night was spent making chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches and watching Shutter Island: cookies from store-bought cookie dough and Trader Joe’s brand chocolate ice cream which is the best ice cream I have had in a LONG time. I am always disappointed when we go out for ice cream, but this has just that perfect chocolate flavor and rich, creamy texture.

Looking back and feeling rested and refreshed, I am glad we decided to spend the holiday together, at home, relaxing.

Do you ever feel pressure that you HAVE to do something on holidays like New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July?


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  1. Melissa’s avatar

    Watermelon and feta sounds like a delicious combo. Mmm, I wish I could eat some right now. And love the cats’ snuggle time. :)


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    fantastic photographs. I’m craving a lobster salad so bad right now! sorry yours was dry, but it looks so good! I tried Yankee Lobster’s clam chowder at the City Hall Chowdahfest today! yummm.


    1. Daisy’s avatar

      oh yea, and i feel the pressure you speak of ;) good for you for just relaxing at home. sometimes that is ALL you need to celebrate the holiday right.


    2. Kelly’s avatar

      You mentioned the other day that you were changing your blog title and i couldn’t figure it out cuz I was reading on my phone so now that I see it I love the new title. Are you going to change your url?

      I love my lobster rolls with just lobster- I could eat just plain lobster for awhile and be happy haha. I definitely think that salad you made could be good without any “dressing.”

      I used to feel a lot of pressure to “do” something on holidays, which always annoyed me. Now that I’m getting old haha I dont’ really as much- last night we came home from NH and I watched the Boston fireworks on TV, no thats a lie- I watched the Pops/Toby Keith and went to sleep before the fireworks started haha


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        I think I am going to play with a few different blog names to see what works, then will change everything. It will be a process :)


      2. Caroline’s avatar

        I love that salad! I have never thought of putting watermelon in a salad but why not, with feta it must have been scrumptious! And I love fried oysters too! Worth it every time!


      3. Magic of Spice’s avatar

        Great salad…and your kitty’s are adorable and apparently in need of a glass of wine:)


      4. One Healthy Apple’s avatar

        Looks like we were on the same wavelength this weekend! I love just enjoying my husband’s company and relaxing. There is no need to always be doing something- too much pressure!

        I have never had savory watermelon unless it was pickled. I would love to try this!


      5. Elina’s avatar

        It’s funny because ever since your last Vlora post I’ve been thinking about that combo too. Must buy watermelon soon! :)


      6. Corinne’s avatar

        dry lobster meat! say it ain’t so! hopefully that never happens to you again. what did you think of shutter island!?


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          I loved it! It was definitely one of those movies you think about for awhile after!


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