Dream Dip

Hotel conference food can be hit or miss, and the food at my conference so far has been lacking. A light lunch coupled with a lack of the variety of afternoon snacks part of my normal routine, and by 2:00 yesterday I was hungry, cold, tired, and wanting to be at home to make some real food. Specifically, the delicious dip that I made on Sunday to go with spicy turkey burgers, a recipe that will be posted at a later date.

While prepping the dip for the first time, I made good friends with it, dipping raw zucchini and red peppers in it, then using it as a dressing for arugula. Oh the possibilities!

The goods:

2 cups Greek yogurt, I used 2%, but you could easily use 0%

1 cup roasted piquillo peppers, dried with a paper towel to remove as much moisture as possible

4-6 cloves garlic, I went for 6

1/2 TSP crushed red pepper flakes

sea salt and ground black pepper to taste

red pepper dip

It’s spicy, creamy deliciousness, poured over a turkey burger, with pita triangles, and really I love vegetables, but this dip could get a veggie hater to give them another try.

turkey burgers  

I love the simplicity of this dip and the variations that could come from it. I have made similar dips before, but for some reason, maybe the proportions I used, this just rocked!

I am thinking of adding ginger, garlic, soy, and curry powder this weekend, and I can’t wait to make this for entertaining.

Other food this past weekend included my amazing zazu inspired couscous dish which I will post later in the week and this mezze platter from Sultan’s Kitchen in downtown Boston.

For less than $10, I had feta, hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, salad, grape leaves, and olives. It was divine!

vegetarian mezze

I ALSO bought some summer reading this weekend, The Vintage Caper by Peter Mayle and Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue. I feel like some good trashy beach reads were missing from my life.

What have you been reading lately?

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  1. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

    That dip looks realllly good. I just finished reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and now I’m moving to lighter, chick lit! I really liked “One Fifth Avenue” – I hope you enjoy it too!


  2. Thehealthyapron’s avatar

    OMG I can’t wait to try this dip!!


  3. amie’s avatar

    this sounds awesome! reminds me of one i’ve made a few times – more of a cracker/chip dip though. same basic method but cream cheese, roasted red peppers (and sometimes a few peppadew), salt & peppers, dash of hot sauce. so good and easy!


  4. Michelle’s avatar

    There are so many things I’d like to respond to.

    First, the dip. I love using Greek yogurt as the base of my dips and one of my favorites is using Sriracha, lemon juice and garlic. And like you, I like to use it as a dip and a sauce in different dishes!

    Second, I just recently started going to Sultan’s Kitchen since it is super close to my work. It is a little pricey for lunch but the falafel there is SO good!

    Third, I’m reading Three Cups of Tea and it is totally inspiring me as I’ve been in a little bit of “what am I doing with my life/am I really happy with what I’m doing” funk right now. Totally recommend it!


  5. Shanna @ Shanna Like Banana’s avatar

    Now that’s a great lookin’ Greek spread!

    I was just at a week long conference and the food was spectacular! They had a snack bar open throughout the whole day that had the usual suspects of cookies and brownies, but they also had fresh fruit, sliced fruit, mixed nuts, granola bars, teas, etc. It was amazing!


  6. Corinne’s avatar

    ooo the color of that dip is beautiful! i am reading The Help and loving it. each chapter is written from a different person’s perspective (love that) and the overall tone is very positive amongst the civil rights movement and turmoil that saturated the south. candace bushnell screams summer read! hope you enjoy it!

    keep dreaming about good foods and sooner or later you will be out of conference food hell! :)


  7. Lizzy’s avatar

    Dip looks delicious! I just read Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl… such an amazing book! Have you read it?


  8. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    Fabulous spread! I just finished The Help and Lunch In Paris. I’m starting Prep and The Knitting Circle tonight. I like to read more than one book at a time. Is that weird?


  9. Chef Robin White’s avatar

    Ok you successfully have my attention with this low fat masterpiece. How can it taste bad it’s impossible. I am making this tonight and bringing it to my Weight Watchers meeting. Stuff like this could help me lose 26 more pounds. Thanks and keep up the great work here on this great blog!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      You are doing GREAT! I have no idea how anyone can lose any weight in the business you are in! But yes, this dip is really flavorful and can make anyone want to eat vegetables!


    2. Gina’s avatar

      After reading this posting and drueling over the pictures I am SO hungry!! I can’t wait for the Turkey Burger recipe! I’m reading Face of an Angel by Denise Chavez. :)


    3. Allie @ CookReadRun’s avatar

      Hey, just stumbled upon your blog. I LOVE the title. It’s what my dream life would consist of. I can’t wait to read more!


    4. Simply Life’s avatar

      oh that does sound great!


    5. Kelly’s avatar

      I’ve read like 3 trashy beach novels in a row, and as much as I love trashy beach novels I actually asked Eric if he has any good murder mystery type books around because I need a break haha


    6. ashleigh’s avatar

      That Greek platter looks so yummy!!

      I am currently reading The Secret and Lunch in Paris.


    7. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

      One Fifth Avenue was fun, I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do. Definitely a good summer book :)

      I’m a big fan of dips – can’t wait for the recipe!


    8. Elina’s avatar

      The dip sounds fantastic. I’ve been thinking I should make something like that lately… maybe because my MIL made a roasted red pepper dip last weekend that I pretty much polished off on my own in 4 days. ;)


    9. MarathonVal’s avatar

      Do you know that when I was little my favorite food was dolmades (stuffed grape leaves? Haha I was a foodie even as a child….


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        Yum! That is so cute :)


      2. Sommer @ A Spicy Perspective’s avatar

        That does sound wonderful! I love the use of yogurt!


      3. Kocinera’s avatar

        Oooh this looks great! I love the color!


      4. Claudia’s avatar

        This would enliven a turkey burger. Love the touches of heat. Await the cousous – love playing with that. In the midst of Let the Great World spin – not trashy but amazing.


      5. Creatively Domestic’s avatar

        I love Greek Yogurt. Thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely be trying this later.

        Creatively Domestic – Simple Cooking


      6. Lisa { AuthenticSuburbanGourmet }’s avatar

        What a fantastic dip! This is a must try. :)


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