Farmers Markets Week

As summer grudgingly comes to an end, we celebrate all of the great things that Massachusetts Farmers Markets brought to us this year. I for one feel as though each week is made better x 100 by my many visits to the Copley Square market, and if you have been reading my blog for the past few months, you know that I can’t help myself but post weekly photos of the market and all of the local produce I enjoy.

It all started back in the spring, the market sparse with things like fiddleheads, the colors and life of the market a welcome relief from a cold winter and a gray, rainy spring.

fiddlehead ferns

And rhubarb, perfect for making an easy, warm rhubarb compote for yogurt and ice cream . . .


Colorful root vegetables like Easter egg radishes and beets popped up, making some incredible, crunchy salad additions. I discovered my love for raw radishes topped with tiny slivers of Kerrygold butter.

Easter Egg Radishes

The greens and herbs were plentiful throughout the summer, my favorite being dinosaur kale and of course, basil for intensely flavored pesto.


Fresh, local varieties of squash started appearing, bright yellows and greens painting Copley Square with color and providing the perfect tools for kitchen adventures like zucchini pancakes and pattypan squash with a Greek twist

pattypan squash

And then finally there were the heirloom tomatoes. I wait all summer for these beauties, inspiration for new recipes like heirloom tomato panzanella, cod with tomatoes, and the base for a fabulous multi-course tomato dinner.

heirloom tomatoes

The farmers of Massachusetts should be commended for all of the hard work they do. Each year I have lived in Boston, I see more and more people buying food from local farmers, and I hope that will continue. As we see with mass produced food situations, such as the current egg crisis, it is best to know exactly where your food comes from, even down to the person who picks it and brings it to market. We are pretty lucky here in Boston to have such great markets just about every day of the week!

One of the greatest parts of blogging is that it is a living, growing, diary. In the dark, depths of winter, I will be able to look back to see all of the beautiful local foods I ate this summer. . . and to to look forward to making them even more a part of my diet next summer!

But summer isn’t over yet, and the markets go on for a few more months so be sure to check them out for the gorgeousness of fall, pumpkins, apples, honey, cider, and more!

And maybe someday soon we will have our year round public market in Boston!

As I mentioned above, this post is part of the Celebrating the Flavors of Massachusetts blogathon, hosted by In Our Grandmothers’ Kitchens. If you love local food, why not donate to Mass Farmers Markets?!  


I had a dream the other night I was on a tour bus with Mick Jagger and Mark Bittman. This may have to do with my obsession with being in the cast of Spain on the Road again. . . not sure exactly what it means, but I woke up really happy!

Have you had any weird dreams lately?

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  1. ashleigh’s avatar

    This is such a great recap of all of the meals you made from the farmer’s market. I need to start going more often.. there’s one right outside of where I work that I recently started going to. The food is so delicious and fresh!

    I’m looking forward to cider :)

    I keep having dreams of tsunami’s! At least once a week.. I hate it!


  2. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    I wish there were more markets outside of the city :(
    Everything looks wonderful!


  3. Shanna @ Shanna Like Banana’s avatar

    Oh my goodness..I LOVED Spain On the Road Again…I’m hoping they do one for Italy :) Wouldn’t that be incredible?

    Last night I had a dream that I could get my underwear up past my knees. NOt a darn clue what that was all about. My mind is not normal ;)


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      They totally should do one for Italy! And invite us along to help out. :)


    2. TheHealthyApron’s avatar

      What a refreshing post! I love the recap of how you utilized the farmers’ markets this summer! Awesome!


    3. Kelly’s avatar

      I’m actually more excited for the markets in the fall! I love squash and apples and all that fun food stuff!


    4. Brian @ A Thought For Food’s avatar

      AHAHAHA! Mark Bittman and Mick Jagger? Swoon! That would be quite the pair.

      Love this post and am ready to go back to Spring when we had fiddleheads! I miss those little guys!


    5. Amanda @ bakingwithoutabox’s avatar

      A gorgeous review with such lovely photos. How I love being spoiled enough to have farmer’s markets pretty much year round in Southern California. So different than my days in the South.
      Love that dream. Mine was looking at a house with a real estate agent with my husband. A haunted house. That smelled like marshmallows. (?!?)


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        Swoon. . . I would love to live anywhere in CA! It would be a dream come true to have year round local markets!


      2. Megan’s avatar

        Gorgeous pictures. I always feel 100x better when I visit the farmers market too. I can’t wait for the year-round market!


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          Me too! I keep trying to picture it in my head. I am sure we will spend lots of time there. :)


        2. Chef Dennis’s avatar

          now thats an interesting dream! I am so going to miss our farmers market this year, we have been truly blessed with such a bounty of fresh produce.


        3. Corinne’s avatar

          ooooo what are fiddleheads! what mysterious looking veggies. how do you cook those guys? what do they taste like!? 21 questions :)


          1. Matt Kay’s avatar

            Fiddleheads are fern fronds that haven’t matured yet. You typically have to cook them twice with a change of water to remove toxins. They’re great in asian food.

            Those squash look great too. I can’t wait for all the fall vegetables.


            1. traveleatlove’s avatar

              Thanks for sharing that info about fiddleheads! I have eaten them but never cooked them at home.


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