Lemony Veggie Couscous

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Recreating my meal at zazu was what I had in mind when I started in on this Israeli couscous creation, and I must admit, I was quite successful. Minus, of course, the beautiful Santa Rosa scenery and TasteLive! friends.

zucchini, onions, tomatoes, couscous

On Saturday night, I opened the windows, put on some Grateful Dead, and got to cooking this delicious dish.

I cut 3 medium sized zucchinis into thin discs, then slowly sautéed them on a very low heat with a sweet farmers’ market onion. 


In the meantime, I took an entire box of Israeli couscous and mixed it with a few teaspoons of olive oil, garlic powder, and black pepper and allowed it to start to toast over a low flame. Then I squeezed in the juice of three lemons (would use at least two more next time!) and then added a couple cups of hot water to allow the couscous to cook all the way through.

To the zucchini I added semi-cooked corn and raw heirloom tomatoes, then some olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper.

I squeezed half of a lemon over the cooking veggies, then combined everything and topped it off with a good pour of olive oil.


lemony veggie couscous

Such an easy, flavorful, and filling vegetarian recipe. It was no zazu, but it was close and quite delicious. I will keep working on it to see if I can make it more up to zazu standards, but until then, I have a new vegetarian dinner in my repertoire, and you can’t beat that.

Do you have a favorite restaurant meal you have tried to recreate? Where was it from, and how did you do?

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  1. Simply Life’s avatar

    Great mix -that looks delicious!


  2. Mellissa’s avatar

    I just had a sandwich that had mushrooms, garlic, goat cheese, black beans and arugula that I am going to recreate! Just need to reverse engineer it.


  3. Shanna @ Shanna Like Banana’s avatar

    The addition of corn is so simple, but such a great idea especially with the lemon!


  4. Heather’s avatar

    That looks amazing!

    Like Mellissa, I have tried to recreate sandwiches from restaurants – my favorite is avocado, cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing….delish!


  5. Erika @ Food, Fitness, & Fun’s avatar

    Ooh, that couscous looks amazing! I love recreating restaurant dishes at home!


  6. Melissa’s avatar

    Love it, simple and delicious! I’ll definitely be trying this soon!


  7. Megan’s avatar

    This looks so good! I love Israeli couscous. I also love putting tons of fresh veggies like this in couscous or pasta dishes.

    There are several meals I want to recreate — starting with that chocolate dessert at 10 Tables — but I can’t think of any I’ve actually recreated yet.


  8. Michelle’s avatar

    This looks so healthy and so perfect for summer! I’m like you and have definitely been re-creating some dishes lately like Vlora’s watermelon and feta bits, Momofuku’s pork belly buns and Myers and Chang’s green papaya slaw!


  9. genesis’s avatar

    i have everything except lemon and couscous. you think quinoa would work too?


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I think it would definitely work!


    2. amie’s avatar

      this recipe sounds great!! so glad i read this – i have 2 boxes of the exact same trader joe’s couscous in my cabinet and have yet to make it. now i have some ideas! :-)


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        I added 3 boxes of that couscous to my grocery list for this weekend! I just love the texture of it and how versatile it is!


      2. Dana’s avatar

        Wow, this looks so tasty… I will definitely have to try it. Thanks for sharing!!


      3. norah’s avatar

        what a great looking dish! thanks for sharing this!!


      4. Sara’s avatar

        This cous cous looks great! I once did a lemon and asparagus one that was super refreshening. Perfect dishes for summer!


      5. Kathy Gori’s avatar

        This looks just great. Wonderful flavors.


      6. Belinda @zomppa’s avatar

        Great to know you better! This recipe is terrific.


      7. jillyann’s avatar

        This is something I would definately make for dinner. Looks wonderful


      8. Marley’s avatar

        Oh, YUM. Y-U-M!!!

        This is my kind of food. I love all the colors and simple flavors at work in this recipe. Beautiful photos and description, thank you for sharing! Wanna try this soon, except I’ll wanna add some shaved goat cheese over the top!


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