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Even though I have only spent a few days of my life there, Charleston, SC is one of my favorite cities. Beautiful, charming, fashionable, and a foodie paradise, Charleston is a place I want to visit again and again.

If you have been reading since the beginning, you may remember one of my earliest posts about High Cotton, one of the best meals I have ever had. It was so different than food I was used to, and I vowed to return someday.

Recent sightings of green tomatoes at the Siena Farms stand at the Copley Market and a post by Megan from Delicious Dishings had me thinking about High Cotton’s fried green tomatoes, so I finally took the plunge. For the record, Megan’s looked much better than mine :)

Frying scares me a little. Whatever I coat in crumbs or flour usually falls apart and makes a burnt, crummy mess. However, I will consider last night a success.

green tomatoes

I started with firm green tomatoes which I sliced in fairly thick slices.

green tomatoes

I mixed corn meal with pepper and salt.

corn meal

And one by one I coated the tomato slices in egg and cornmeal and pan fried them in just a bit of olive oil until the cornmeal looked a little brown. I probably could have cooked them more, but I was afraid of burnt crumbs :)

They came out delicious, and didn’t look too bad.

fried green tomatoes

fried green tomatoes with red onion jam

The green tomatoes I had at High Cotton were topped with a red onion jam, so I tried to create something similar. I simmered a whole red onion in several cups of white vinegar until the vinegar was almost all boiled away. I added a tiny bit of sugar, and topped the tomatoes. It was nice and tangy and went so well with the savory tomatoes.

We paired this with a 2007 Venge Gladys’ Vineyard Syrah, a nicely spicy red with some great dark fruit flavors and a lovely softness to it. This is a special wine, and I decided surviving a hellish work week was occasion enough!


I am off to Turner Fisheries and then to Newport Winefest for the day. Have a great one, and if you get a chance, please go on over to CRAVE Boston’s website to check out my guest post on Catherine Stanton Schiff, the host of Cocktails for Everyone!

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  1. Kelly’s avatar

    Funny I was just talking to someone about fried green tomatoes, never had them!
    Charleston SC is on my “to visit” list- very close to the top. Why is that list always growing and never quite shrinking?


  2. Vegan by Valerie’s avatar

    Those look SO much better than anything I could get at a restaurant – wish I could jump through my computer screen to try them since I’ve never had fried green tomatoes before!


  3. Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers’s avatar

    Oh I love High Cotton!!! And I love how you recreated a fave meal from them. Those tomatoes look delish!


  4. Jessica Maillet’s avatar

    Those look beautiful. I’m definitely going to try them. Is the tomato soft or still pretty firm after cooking?


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      They are still really firm. When I started, they were super hard which actually made it pretty easy to do the frying. So good!


    2. Shannon’s avatar

      Charleston is beautiful. I visited during a long weekend in college and fell in love with the southern charm. I also made a dish with green tomatoes a few weeks back that came out great!


    3. Debbie’s avatar

      I loved the movie”Fried Green Tomatoes”- and I love just looking at them!




    4. Jean at The Delightful Repast’s avatar

      I’ve always wanted to visit Charleston. So much to see and do and EAT! Would love to tour the tea plantation. Meanwhile, I can cook me up a mess of fried green tomatoes!


    5. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine’s avatar

      Hello! So… I was just going through old blog-related emails and found that you had commented a Very Long time ago! And somehow I never headed over to your blog…
      The fried tomatoes look great!!


    6. Megan’s avatar

      I think your tomatoes look beautiful! I like the idea of the onion jam… the only thing I was thinking when eating mine — besides how delicious they were — was that I wished I had thought to make a sauce or something to pair them with.


    7. Cookin' Canuck’s avatar

      I could eat these all day! The coating is perfect and I’m sure the onion jam added a really nice extra kick.


    8. Michelle’s avatar

      Your tomatoes look beautiful! I had some fabulous green tomatoes from Siena Farms recently and they were wonderful! Hope you had a great time in Newport; it was great to see you yesterday!


    9. Kristy’s avatar

      Those tomatoes looks amazing and I bet they tasted great!!! :)


    10. Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

      Even thought I’m not a fan of tomatoes those look really good. I’m always looking for new ways to eat tomatoes :)


    11. Kocinera’s avatar

      These tomatoes look so great! I remember a lot of fried green tomatoes when I tried out gardening a few years ago…I was too impatient to wait for them to ripen. :D


    12. Squeaky Gourmet’s avatar

      I have never tried a green tomato fried or otherwise. These look delightful!


    13. Lisa’s avatar

      These look great – I love the addition of the red onions… I have a bunch of green tomatoes in my backyard, I’ll have to try this soon!


    14. city share’s avatar

      Yum, those look fabulous. I like the pairing of the onion jam and fried green tomatoes. Thanks for the recipe.


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