Seiyo Sushi and Wine Bar

Happy Friday! I couldn’t find a foodie to feature in time for my Friday post, so I bring you a restaurant review instead. Remember, if you want to be featured, just email me at traveleatlove (@) I am lining em up for fall already! Any fun weekend plans? My hubby is working, so I am hoping to get some good workouts in, along with some cleaning, volunteering, and finally the first Boston Food Truck Festival at the SOWA markets. If you are going, let me know; I would love to meet you there!

I also have 2 fun giveaways coming up with a few more being planned for the coming weeks. . . lots going on! :)

I often walk through Boston’s South End on my way home from work, and along the way I pass tons of great restaurants and shops. I have eaten at many of them multiple times, Coppa, Toro, Petit Robert Bistro, The Beehive, Pops, Stephi’s, B & G Oyster, Anchovies, the list goes on and on. And then there are those restaurants that I pass by, wonder about, but never actually get to.

Last night I was feeling like I hadn’t a drop of energy left. I have been putting a lot into work, blogging, writing for other websites, and felt a little bummed that I am missing BlogHer and all of the opportunities that come with it. We decided we needed to go out to dinner, and we adventurously tried           Seiyo Sushi and Wine, a restaurant that, though beautiful, never seems as full as many of the other South End spots.

To that I say, more room for us!

Seiyo has a gorgeous interior, but we decided to take advantage of the thunderstorm-cooled summer evening to sit on the patio.

Seiyo sushi

Seiyo, being a sushi and wine bar, has a great wine list and a completely off the hook beer menu.

beer list

We decided to share the Biera Corsa ‘Pietra’ Chestnut Amber Ale from Corsica. It was beautifully nutty, toasty, and delicious.

Biera Corsa Amber Ale

soy sauce chopsticks

We ordered the shrimp shumai, avocado salad, Seiyo California roll, and a spicy tuna roll.

avocado salad


Everything was perfect. The California roll was made with chunks of real Jonah crab meat, and the spicy tuna was some of the freshest I have ever eaten. The shumai were pillowy little bites of shrimp and dough, blissfully dipped into a slightly salty sauce. The avocado salad was the most heavenly, though. It had a creamy dressing, and I am sure it was full of fat, but it was so yummy. Crunchy strips of seaweed, soft avocado, and crisp cucumbers, all mixed together, an exciting mix of textures and flavors.

The service at Seiyo was extremely friendly. We felt so welcome, and every need was anticipated. I haven’t been to a sushi restaurant with such a developed beer and wine list and unique dishes in awhile, and Seiyo was exciting and refreshing. I can’t believe we haven’t gone sooner!

Random Friday fun question: do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I had my nose and belly button pierced but I took them out when I graduated college to look more employable ;)

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    This place sounds like a hidden gem! I’m heading to SOWA/Food Truck Fest on Sunday so hopefully we’ll find each other…and yes, I have a series of tattoos hidden except when I have a bathing suit on :-) Thinking about getting a tattoo? I used to have my belly button and right ear cartilage pierced but took both of those out in college.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      No, I was just watching the Jersey Shore last night, and seeing all of their tattoos made the question pop into my head! :)


    2. Daisy’s avatar

      Some South End gems on your list! Many I’ve been to and love, and others still on my must try list, which now included this sushi spot. Are those metal/silver chopsticks? How fun!

      I have NO tattoos but for years have “wanted” a fish (I’m a Pisces) on my foot. I had piercings, but like you but took them out after college. My eyebrow and get this, my nipple. Is that even appro to admit on the internet?!


    3. Colleen’s avatar

      Oooh this place sounds great!! And to answer your question, I have one teenie tiny tattoo on the back of my neck. A little shamrock! :)


    4. Katherine’s avatar

      YUMMM!! I absolutely love sushi. These look delicious!


    5. Elina’s avatar

      Ooh, I didn’t know about the food truck festival but now I think we’re going!
      I’ve been to Seiyo and actually really wanted to love it but didn’t. I have a feeling they had an off night. I need to go back there to make sure :)


    6. ashleigh’s avatar

      Thanks for the review! Although I don’t eat sushi I love wine and I love reading reviews about local places.

      I used to have my nose pierced too! Along with my tongue and two little tattoos. I had to take my piercings out when I was a student teacher, I got in trouble.. woops!


    7. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

      I’m craving sushi big time! I haven’t had any since Germany :(

      Haha, yep. I have 3 tattoos; one on my shoulder, one around my belly button and one in my ankle. I took them in a fast pace between 18-21 yrs and still love them madly. I would like to make the ankle tattoo a bit more colourful and that’ll also help me no to take any new ones – you get so easilly addicted to tattoos :D


    8. Chef Dennis’s avatar

      sometimes its nice to just go out and enjoy yourself, I haven’t started taking pictures when I go out to eat yet…I think I need a smaller camera for that.
      I use to have two piercings in my ear when I was a colorful chef, when I started taking karate I stopped wearing them, the only tatoo I have was when I got my black belt.


    9. Jen@Twenty-Something and Starving’s avatar

      Spicy tuna rolls are my absolute favoriteeeeee! I even know that the spicy sauce is made with mayo and I still eat it. Ha. I despise mayonnaise. Ohhh now I want some!!

      Also, funny how much we have in common, though I still have 4 holes in each ear (three lobes, 2 cartilage) I had my nose and bellybutton done and took them out ever-so-recently!


    10. sophia’s avatar

      Aw, if it makes you feel any better, i sold my blogher ticket…and apparently it’s not that great? But anyway. No tattoo or piercing for me! I’m practically Virgin Mary.


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