“What’s in the House” Soup

Despite yesterday’s chilly rain, I had a fantastic evening. After finishing 3 projects for work, I went for an all out run in the rain, splashing in puddles and completely soaking wet by the time I was done. I looked very much like I did in this photo. I can not wait to officially start training and fundraising for the 2011 Boston Marathon.

After a hot bubble bath, complete with Philosophy Pumpkin Spice Muffin bubble bath (adore Philosophy!), I put together a delicious soup using ingredients I had laying around the house.

1 summer squash

1 zucchini

3 heirloom tomatoes

6 potatoes

1 carton organic veggie broth

1/2 red onion

1 cup cubed tofu

3 cloves garlic

olive oil

dried herbs and spices to taste: basil, fennel, crushed red pepper, black pepper

I began by chopping everything in uniform sizes so that all of the ingredients would cook through.

tomatoes squash potatoes

Organic Veggie Broth

I then sautéed the chopped onion and garlic in some olive oil just until soft, pouring in the veggie broth before they started to brown. I added the potatoes first, then about 3 minutes later the tomatoes and tofu, and 5 minutes after that, the zucchini. As I was stirring, I added tiny bits of the herbs and spices, tasting as I went along.  Toward the end, I drizzled in a bit more olive oil, then lowered the pot of soup to simmer for about 15 minutes.

vegetable soup

Once my husband arrived home, I ladled our bowls and grated parmesan cheese over the top.


Served with a small glass of spicy, jammy Nero d’avola, this meal was warming to the core. My Monday workout plus making a big Monday night meal, plus my run made me sore and sleepy. And the rain certainly made me want to go to bed!

Nero d'avola

I am soooo happy it is Wednesday! Dinner tonight at Upstairs on the Square with some of my favorite Boston bloggers which is totally making me smile. I still have to draw a winner for my CSN Stores giveaway, will definitely announce that by the end of the day tomorrow.

What’s your smile-maker today?

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  1. Emily’s avatar

    Sounds cozy! There is nothing better than making your way through a grueling workout and rewarding yourself with comfort at home! (I ran this morning and am at work… not so cozy). Great idea to wing-it and make a soup with what you had!


  2. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine’s avatar

    oh wow that looks sooo good! I am starring this to make in the winter!


  3. Colleen’s avatar

    Mmmm that soup looks delicious!! My smile-maker today? My new, big girl, Queen size bed comes tomorrow! :)


  4. Michelle’s avatar

    Even though I love trying out new recipes, I really feel that it is dishes like this – the clean out the fridge type dishes – that really taste the best. This looks so delicious and perfect for a rainy night like last night!


  5. Jenna @ Healthy. Happy. Well.’s avatar

    Total improv recipe! Love it! I call this gypsy soup.


  6. Daisy’s avatar

    I ran through the rain last night too. Though I was running through the streets of the fidi to pick up my contacts at the eye docs before they closed. Still a workout in my book. haha. your soup sounds like the perfect meal for last night.

    my smile maker might just be the same as yours!


  7. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

    I love making soup with ingredients I have on hand too. Today is another soup kinda day, I wish I were home already so I can cook! My smile maker is an early morning bikram session :)


  8. Corinne’s avatar

    ahh i LOVE rain runs!! they are awful in the moments leading up to walking out the door but once you get going, the rain takes your mind off of the fact you are running and its just FUN! its absolutely pouring here and i’m insane and actually excited to run later. what a good looking soup, perfect for last nights weather and post run!


  9. Melissa’s avatar

    Mmm, that Philosophy bubble bath must smell delicious. All of their scents make me so hungry! My small bottle of Cinnamon Buns is almsot empty!

    And with all of this rain, all I want to eat are warm bowls of soup!


  10. Vegan by Valerie’s avatar

    Oh my goodness, that bubble bath sounds heavenly!!! Love, love, love the smells of fall.

    I also loved your guest post on Healthy Living Blogs! :)


  11. Kristy’s avatar

    ok, your soup looks amazing and soooo much better than my boring canned soup that I had tonight! lol :) Thanks for sharing!!


  12. ashleigh’s avatar

    I love soups like that! Perfect for this crappy weather we are having.


  13. Jess’s avatar

    Yesterday was definitely a great day for that kind of soup! I walked by Upstairs on the Square last weekend and it looked so cute!! It’s on my list of places to eat now. Have fun!


  14. Anne@ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

    Your soup looks like a perfect rainy evening food, I wish I had it yesterday when it was raining here too :)


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