Baking with Whole Grains

Whole grains are becoming more and more widely used in home baking, and since I love whole grains and most of my (failed) baking attempts have involved whole what flour, I was excited that our King Arthur Flour experience included a class on baking with whole grains. Before I get down to the baking part of the post, and since it is Whole Grains Month, I am pleased to announce that the winner of The Oldways Table is Megan from the blog Stetted! Megan please email me with your contact info so I can send your prize.

Our second baking adventure at King Arthur was making multi-seed crackerbread. You can get the recipe here, and it is beyond easy. I am looking forward to homemade crackers and cheese!

Just as with the pizza dough, we watched Susan do a demo of making the cracker dough, then set out in pairs to make our own.

multi-seed crackerbread recipe
The recipe for multi-seed crackerbread is incredibly simple and versatile as it allows each baker to add her own seeds and herbs for completely personalized crackers 
cracker bread ingredients
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Alicia and Megan were partners for the day. Here they are hard at work making cracker dough.image
Michelle flours the work table while Bridget makes the dough.
Daisy and I were partners for the crackerbread. We made a good team!image
And here we have Katie and Jen. How happy does everyone look?!  

Elina and Kerstin scraping their cracker dough out of the bowl 

Once we had made our cracker dough, we went back up to the demo space so Susan could show us how to roll it out and add the toppings. We had so many fun options available to us, including fresh herbs from the King Arthur garden.

King Arthur baking class

It is so funny to be with a group of bloggers. Someone is always taking a photo!

Boston bloggers

I loved making the crackers because, in addition to being so simple, they allow you to get creative with the variety of seeds, herbs, and flavorings. I want to make curry crackers and cinnamon crackers, and I think I actually have all of the ingredients at home!

rosemary and thyme seeds and salt

After we watched the demo on how to finish our crackers, we chose our toppings and returned to our work spaces to cut and roll out the dough.

herbes de provence cracker dough


cracker dough homemade crackers

In a few short minutes, we had ready-to-bake crackers! And we got to see the big King Arthur oven. It is very deep and has multiple levels. The doors are small and open inward so that the heat of the oven is preserved. A long stretcher-like conveyor belt is used to quickly push in pans. It was so neat to see how they can bake so many things at once.

King Arthur Flour oven  

Once our crackers were in the oven, we had a little snack (fresh made bread and butter, yum!) and then moved on to our next whole grain baking task. . . brownies! You will want to see these photos and to use this recipe, just trust me on this one, and I will be posting it tomorrow.

I am playing around with photo layouts for big events like our day at King Arthur. I have lots of work to do on them still, but do you prefer big single photos to the table with photos and captions? Does a mix of both look weird? I am hoping to make some blog improvements over the next couple of months, and feedback is welcome!

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    I am feeling really lazy with all of these great recap posts already up! I’m really liking what you did with this layout and I think mixing them together looks great!


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    WE DID make a good team! Except for that time I couldn’t figure out how to turn on the individual burners (but I guess that is the next brownie post!) haha. I love playing around with photo layouts and I think it is a great way to incorporate more pictures into posts. Your collage looks great. I prefer a mix of both large single photos and smaller cropped photots as you did above!


  3. Simply Life’s avatar

    how cool! I’ve never thought about making my own crackers so this is great to see!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Making my own crackers NEVER crossed my mind! I am really glad I learned this recipe!


    2. Corey @ the Runner's Cookie’s avatar

      Hi Meghan! We met briefly at the Healthworks post-Boston Marathon event in April. I recently found your blog (and started my own). The baking class looks like so much fun, and I was wondering if I could join this group of Boston bloggers next time there’s an event! Thanks :)


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        Congratulations on starting a blog! Are you running Boston this year?
        I will keep you posted on blogger events when I hear about them. If you are interested in wine at all, please check out my Deuxave post for a list of Boston Wine Week events. It is the first ever Boston Wine Week, and they all should be lots of fun with great food and wine!


      2. Emily’s avatar

        Whole grain brownies? This I gotta see! I enjoyed reading this post, it should a unique angle of the day (believe it or not, there are a few other perspectives out there today!) and making crackers doesn’t seem all that hard. I, too, would definitely be interested in hearing about these kinds of events in the future :)


      3. Megan’s avatar

        I was just wondering how you got your photos like that. I think it looks great! I love the mix of collages and large photos.

        That oven was intense!

        Can’t wait to read about the brownies.


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          Thanks! I just made tables and popped the photos in. I can’t wait to eat more brownies :)


        2. Kimmy’s avatar

          Looks like a blast! What a great experience!


        3. Joseph's Grainery’s avatar

          Baking with whole grains just makes things so much more flavorful, doesn’t it?


        4. Dina Avila’s avatar

          This looks great!
          If you haven’t picked it up already, Good the Grain is a fantastic cookbook. Beautiful to boot!


          1. traveleatlove’s avatar

            Thanks for the recommendation! I am always interested in learning about whole grains!


          2. Erika’s avatar

            The King Arthur baking experience looks amazing! I also like the photo layouts you used, it makes the step-by-step experience look so clean. As a newbie, I’d also love to learn more about local cooking blogger get-togethers.


          3. Rebecca @ How the Cookies Crumble’s avatar

            oooohh! I want to make my own crackers! How fun!


          4. Alison’s avatar

            Thank you so much for having the contest Meghan!


          5. Sonya’s avatar

            These weren’t a bit hit in my house (I think the toppings were too strong for us), but I love this cookbook in general, and we enjoyed many of their other crackers.


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