Shrimp and Goat Cheese Ravioli

I have been spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen lately. I think since I have so many weekends away coming up, I am just enjoying hanging around the house and cooking up a storm. Earlier this week, I had the bright idea to make homemade ravioli, perhaps a lofty goal for a weeknight after a day of work, a run, and some blogging, but it turned out okay.

I looked at a bunch of random online recipes and got the gist of the ingredients involved. Since we only had wheat flour in the house (I will remedy that soon!) I was stuck making wheat pasta.

I used three cups of flour, two large eggs and enough water to turn it into dough. It was a messy mess.

eggs and flour

I used my fanciest of rolling pins, an empty wine bottle, to roll out the dough. I do have a pasta maker, but I didn’t set it up for this venture. Probably a bad idea. . .

pasta dough

I let the dough sit for awhile while I mixed up a quick, simple filling of goat cheese, shrimp, and garlic powder.

shrimp and goat cheese

I added scoops of filling along the dough, placed the other layer of dough on top, and used a glass to cut the ravioli out. Finally, I used a fork to seal the ravioli, making sure the filling didn’t fall out.


Totally rustic, right? My dough was a little too thick, and I will  most definitely use the pasta maker next time and probably more water. It kept ripping when I tried to get it thinner :(

I planned on making a homemade heirloom tomato sauce for the ravioli, but by the time I was done rolling out the pasta dough and all, I decided to use another of the samples that Lucini sent me, Spicy Tuscan Tomato Sauce. It ended up being the perfect choice. Once the ravioli were cut open, the goat cheese and spicy sauce sort of combined to make a nice, creamy sauce.

Lucini spicy sauce

As we get closer to the holiday weekend, I will be taking a break from my kitchen adventures. I am exhausted!

I am going to a wedding in the Berkshires for our friends’ wedding this weekend, and I can not wait to break out of the office Friday at 2. It has been quite the week!

What are you up to for this unofficial last weekend of summer?

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  1. Elina’s avatar

    That IS quite the project for a weeknight. They do look a little thick but I’m sure the flavor was fantastic. Sounds like a great combo! :D


  2. Emily’s avatar

    I recently learned that pasta-making at home is definitely a process! Even if rustic, yours look yummy. Shrimp and goat cheese are a great duo. Enjoy the break from your kitchen!


  3. A Boston Food Diary’s avatar

    I hear you on difficulties with pasta dough- I love the combination though! They look delicious!


  4. MichellePC’s avatar

    Homemade pasta is quite the feat – but this looks like a wonderful first attempt! I’m headed to Italy in a few weeks, and one of my goals is to take a cooking class so I can learn how to make homemade pasta. We’ll see how that goes! ;)


  5. Megan’s avatar

    I’m counting down til tomorrow at 3! And I have nothing planned this weekend, and that makes me more excited than anything.

    Love your rustic ravioli. The filling looks great. When it gets cooler out, I’m planning to get back into pasta making… and try making gnocchi again.


  6. 5 Star Foodie’s avatar

    Delicious filling with shrimp and goat cheese, yum!


  7. Joanne’s avatar

    I love homemade pasta! It is quite a pain but I tend to think it’s worth it…it’s just so tasty in the end! I love your filling combo!


  8. Kristy’s avatar

    I love making homemade pasta, just don’t do it enough! Looks amazing!


  9. Jen@Twenty-Something and Starving’s avatar

    I actually have a pasta maker and I really need to drag it out and try and make my own pasta finally! These look so awesome… how did the whole wheat flour taste?? I typically use it for everything and I was going to pick up some all – purpose but if the whole wheat works, why not?!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I think I may have to mix in some all purpose or bread flour next time. The wheat flour made it a little dry and crumbly as opposed to a smooth sheet. But despite being thick, it tasted pretty good!


    2. Michelle’s avatar

      Making pasta is on my to-do list for the kitchen. Kudos to you for trying it out without using a pasta machine!


    3. Sues’s avatar

      Wow that is a lofty goal for after work!! Looks delicious, though!!! I’ve been meaning to make my own ravioli forever now (either a beet one or an egg one), but I’m looking for the right weekend :)


    4. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

      Oh wow, I’m never to creative in the kitchen during work week :)


    5. Annie’s avatar

      The shrimp and goat’s cheese filling sounds delicious!


    6. Enrico’s avatar

      seriously though… where do you come up with all these ideas… they are so different and yet so very cool. You must have an internal theme or idea or do you get inspiration from the world around you… I mean, apart from PB+J – food ideas tend to cause me difficulty thinking… If the food tastes as good as your photos, you must be very happy with the end result.


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