After being away 2 weekends in a row, having a 3 hour wine class every Tuesday night, having a bunch of guest articles that are (over)due, and working on a new social media venture, I was a little too tired to cook last night. Earlier in the week, I was inspired by a post from Fiona’s blog (love her!) to jazz up regular old tuna salad. I don’t know why I never thought to add a little bit of spice with a jalapeno before, but this simple addition was completely game-changing.

Since we already had a few cans of tuna in the house, and I am loving cannellini beans anyway, it was simple to pull together a very quick and delicious tuna mix.

2 cans of tuna, which, to my cats’ delight I accidentally bought in olive oil

1 rinsed and drained can of cannellini beans

about 1/4 of a chopped onion

1 jalapeno, chopped, seeds included

1 TSP of real mayonnaise, In the love/hate mayo war, I LOVE.

tuna salad ingredients

tuna salad

I mixed all of the ingredients together and added some black pepper, then put the mix in the fridge until the hubby got home.

Then I grilled some English muffins on either side until lightly browned. topped with tuna salad, baby spinach, and Cabot sharp cheddar. Our sheet pans are positively ancient. They belonged to a neighbor before I got them about 6 years ago. But they work just fine and save me a little bit of money.

tuna melt

I popped the open sandwich in the oven at 380 until the cheese had melted, maybe a little too much. . .


Then I topped my sandwich with some buffalo sauce, closed it up, and dug in. Delicious!

Since the sandwiches were a little bit spicy, a little bit cheesy, I decided to pair them with the Grooner that I received as a sample (a Monika Caha brand as the ZVY-GELT last week was)

Grooner  Gruner Veltliner

As the label notes, this wine is PERFECT with food. It has a nice acidity to it and lots of fresh, tart apple flavors. Mmmm it was a quick and easy but REALLY good dinner.

Today is the last day to enter my Oldways Whole Grains Month giveaway! And everybody wins if you visit Oldways’ Whole Grains Council website! Tell them what you are doing to celebrate Whole Grains Month, and they will automatically send you some awesome coupons for whole grain products. I just got mine yesterday and am excited to go shopping for Bob’s Red Mill and Barilla whole grain products!

In case you missed it yesterday, I entered the Foodbuzz Project Food Blog contest after lots of back and forth on whether or not I would. Are you planning on entering?

Up tonight, a dinner date at the brand new Deuxave in Boston, and I am SO looking forward to a fun weekend getaway in Vermont. . . more on that later!

Annnnnd if you haven’t yet, I would love it if you could buzz my Foodbuzz Alaska Seafood dinner:

Just create an account, if you don’t have one, log in, buzz, and voila! I am currently behind, and I would love to represent Alaska Seafood at the festival!

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. A Boston Food Diary’s avatar

    Aww these look DELICIOUS!!! Tuna is the best isn’t it? And that melted cheese looks perfect with the spinach! Yum! Glad I could help with such a lovely simple meal :-)


  2. Betsy’s avatar

    I also love mayo and that sandwich looks like a great twist on regular old tuna, thanks for sharing.

    I love Gruner, too :-)


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    Your version of tuna salad looks so delicious! I love it when you can get creative to jazz up something like canned tuna!


  4. Kimmy’s avatar

    I’m usually not a huge fan of canned tuna, but this sounds fantastic. A reason to use the can that’s sitting on my shelf.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Haha, I had the cans forever! I am surprised my cats didn’t get them. It was nice to just whip up something easy (and really cheap!) that was also yummy.


    2. Jason Phelps’s avatar

      I’ve only had “Groovy” a couple of times, but enjoyed it thoroughly. I have it on my list to make next year, but I am trying to get away from kits and use fresh grapes or juice. These grapes don’t seem to be grown in enough quantity in the States for any leftovers for the home winemakers, and I haven’t found a source of European ones, yet.

      Do you have other producers of this type you would reccomend? At the very least I am going to have to get some and do a comparative tasting to increase my familiarity.

      Thank You



      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        I have been fortunate to try a bunch of Austrian wines. I really enjoy Loimer and Stadt Krems, but I must say that “Groovy” is such a great wine and so good for foodies that there are probably many more great ones. Here is the link to the tasting I went to last spring:


      2. MarathonVal’s avatar

        Oh that looks soooo up my alley. I don’t eat fish anymore but I’m gonna have to find a way to make a similar-looking sandwich asap. Have a fabulous weekend!!


        1. traveleatlove’s avatar

          I have made mock tuna with chickpeas. Maybe you could do it with vegan mayo or something? And curry powder! I love curry chickpea salad!


        2. Alison’s avatar

          That wine looks like fun! Do you know where we can pick it up around Boston?


        3. Megan’s avatar

          I have been looking for that wine!! I love that they call it Grooner. I saw it somewhere… F&W maybe and have been searching for it ever since. Do you know where I can find it?


        4. Lauren’s avatar

          Sometimes the most simple things are the best! This looks great, and I love the idea of adding spice to tuna!


        5. Skylar’s avatar

          I love the addition of the beans, it makes the perfect quick meal! Thanks for sharing.


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