Bloody Mary Risotto – World Pasta Day

Three days in bed. Chicken broth, tea, Theraflu, Super Red Drink Powder, ice pops, and seltzer water were all that I could consume for three days. Despite feeling awful all weekend, I, as I always do, had a hearty appetite and a desire to cook. Sunday, the third day without leaving the house, I had to do SOMETHING, so I set out to make the Bloody Mary Risotto I planned on all along.

I first saw Bloody Mary risotto at this past summer’s Bloodypalooza at Turner Fisheries. Summer seems SO long ago, doesn’t it? After we had Bloody Marys with our brunch for dinner last week, and I was left with quite a bit of excess mix, I decided to make it into a risotto in honor of World Pasta Day.

I love risotto and the process of making it, but it was a little too much of an undertaking for someone with a bad cough. I got tired pretty quickly after I started making it. . . how pathetic does that sound?

I started with a few cups of Arborio rice from Trader Joe’s, mixing it with a good pour of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and black pepper, before adding the heat and letting the rice grains toast a bit.


risotto and olive oil

While the risotto got started, I brought the Bloody Mary mix (tomato juice, pepperoncini juice, horseradish, hot sauce, lime juice), up to a boil and then kept it very hot.

Bloody Mary mix

As soon as the rice started to sizzle, I added one ladle of Bloody Mary mix, stirred it in, and repeated about 15 times, stirring, adding liquid, and stirring some more. The result was a rich, flavorful pasta with lots of spice.


I served this with shrimp sautéed in garlic and olive oil. I didn’t actually eat any myself, but the husband liked it, and from what I could smell, it was quite a delicious dish.

I do apologize for the lackluster posts over the past few days. I guess I have learned that if I feel exhausted and have a sore throat, doing a million things and pushing myself at the gym just result in illness that seems neverending!

I hope you all had a good weekend. Did you do anything fun?  This is my last week at work, and while I have been too tired to be excited or nervous, I am starting to feel ready for what is next.

Tonight I am attending Steals from the Vault at Pairings with Red White Boston AND participating in a TasteLive panel on Virginia wines, tomorrow I have wine class, Thursday is my last day of work, and for the weekend, I am going to Portland to judge the New England Chef Competition and to do lots of birthday eating with my friend Meghan!

And last, but certainly not least, the winners of the Bauer Howl-o-ween giveaway are: Elizabeth and Alicia. Please email me, and I will make sure your tickets are ready for you at the door!

  1. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Bloody mary risotto???? This is pure genius! and I can’t believe I won!! emailing you now! see you there?


  2. Dana’s avatar

    This is such a unique idea! Sounds so delicious… I love a Good Bloody Mary… and who doesn’t like delicious risotto? Definitely a winner!


  3. Jessica @ How Sweet’s avatar

    This risotto sounds incredible! Such a great idea.


  4. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    Very different! I love it.
    I hope you’re feeling better today. You have quite a busy week ahead of you. Try to rest when you can:)

    I’m jealous that you’re headed to Portland!


  5. Emily’s avatar

    I don’t care for bloody mary’s but anything with risotto works in my book. I’ll have to give this a try!


  6. Daisy’s avatar

    this dish is right up my alley! can we add vodka to it? ;) (ew kidding). I am glad you are starting to feel better, have fun at the RWB event tonight and holy last week of work…exciting!!


  7. Kimmy’s avatar

    This looks fabulous! I’m definitely trying, and a love me a spicy bloody mary. I hope you feel better! I certainly feel your pain. I was couch-bound for most of last week. I pushed myself, like you, way too far!


  8. Shanna, Like Banana’s avatar

    Ooo that’s a great dish! I recently got hooked on bloody mary’s and this is a perfect way to combine it into a meal. AND I can make it extra spicy!


  9. Megan’s avatar

    The risotto sounds delicious! I probably would have gotten tired of making it too if I were sick. I hope you feel better in time for your event tonight!


  10. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

    I don’t really like bloody marys but this I could eat.. no problem! :D


  11. GreenGirl’s avatar

    reading the title I was expecting a drunken risotto LOL , but yours is just delicious
    thanks for sharing


  12. Kocinera’s avatar

    Sorry you’re feeling sick! This risotto looks so cool, though. If regular risotto is already delicious, I imagine that this version is just bursting with flavor!


  13. Jason Phelps’s avatar

    The title of the post definitely stopped me from passing it over. I’ve never made risotto and am not a fan of Bloody Mary’s but the combination seems too interesting to forget…

    I hope you are feeling better. It is that time of year again.



  14. A Boston Food Diary’s avatar

    Awww I feel awful that you’re feeling so sick! I hope you get better in a hurry! Bloody Mary Risotto sounds fabulous- and maybe the spice of it will help kick those back germs away??


  15. Jolene (’s avatar

    Eeeeeeeeeeek how did I miss world pasta day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????


  16. Lindsay Meyer’s avatar


    I’ve been thinking about you mucho recently. It will be great to see you next weekend in San Francisco! I was just in Napa yesterday, which is of course made me think of you, too! I hope you’re beginning to feel better and that you enjoy the journey into the unknown in the days ahead as you blaze a new trail!

    PS. My favorite risotto is white truffle. To die for!


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