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Sometimes, I wonder if people think that’s all I do. Food and drink events definitely play a huge role in my life. I love food, love tasting wine and beer, and most of all, I love doing these things with fun people who I also love, or at least really like :) Yesterday was the first Saturday spent at home in a very long time, and it felt great to not travel more than a few miles from home. We are tired.

First up on our agenda was the Boston Lobster Party, a much-anticipated event at the SoWa markets. It was a brisk day but sunny with blue skies, and we were excited about the event; how could you go wrong with local beer and lobster on an autumn day in New England?

My thoughts?

Pro-The space, although chilly and shady, is a brilliant space for a food and wine event. I would love to see a tasting similar to the Newport Mansions Wine and Food Festival held in the building. I love the old mill architecture in the area.

Con-The event started at 2:00, and we were still standing outside at around 2:15.

SoWa Trolley Barn

Pros-The event was eco-friendly, with compostable plates, cups, and utensils. Beer was pretty much as many tastes as you wanted.

Con-Food was limited to 4 tickets. Beer was unlimited. There were 2 lines to go into the venue. If you entered on the right, you got right into a line for food that was ready. If you entered on the left (as we did) none of the food was ready until about 40 minutes after we arrived which meant plenty of time for people to drink lots of beer without a bite of food.

Peak Organic

Pros-The beer selection was GREAT! We especially loved the Peak Organic Maple Oat Ale and the Espresso Amber Ale and the delicious, and very local Blue Hills Brewery Dunkelweiss and Red Baron Ale. We also loved the Ipswich Ale pumpkin stout and their cool, old-fashioned beer truck.

Ipswich Ale

Because of the lines and late start with the food, we only got to try the lobster lettuce wraps from Trina’s Starlite Lounge. They were flavorful and stuffed with perfectly cooked lobster. I wish we had gotten to try more food at the event, but unfortunately we were cold, hungry, and it was too chaotic, not to mention too easy to fill up on beer while we waited.

A trip to Myers + Chang, a place that is always spot on, warmed us and filled us just like we expected.

Trina Starlite lobster lettuce wrap

We feasted on their dim sum menu, starting with dan dan noodles and Thai ginger chicken salad.

Myers + Chang dan dan noodles

Sriracha butter corn, one of the best things I have ever eaten

corn with sriracha butter

Spicy, crunchy Asian pickles, a dish that we always get and one that I could easily eat twice a day

Myers + Chang Asian Pickles

Brussels sprouts with caramelized onions, one of my favorite veggie combinations, done to perfection

Brussels Sprouts

We may have also gotten Myers + Chang takeout for a quiet, cozy dinner in. The food is just SO good!

Overall, we salvaged the day despite being pretty disappointed in the Lobster Party. I am glad that some of the proceeds went to charities, but I wouldn’t have gone if I had any idea of what it would be like.  Major organization changes and more staff for the restaurants were definitely needed. . . as were more restaurants.

Myers & Chang on Urbanspoon

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  1. ashleigh’s avatar

    For the most part I really can’t handle any type of events like that! Any “festival” that offers free or reduced price food or drinks is always way too crowded, unorganized, and full of pushy people. It’s definitely fun to be able to try food or drinks you may not normally try, but usually its the people that get me the most..they lack patience. I do have to say that corn looks DELICIOUS!


  2. Justin’s avatar

    That’s too bad about the Lobster Party. But, any day that includes Myers+Chang is a pretty good day!


  3. Daisy’s avatar

    Not bummed i passed on the lobster fest. I can’t believe you only managed to try one restaurants dish. at least the beer was good and myers & chang was close by!!


  4. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    That stinks that you only got to try one restaurant, but it sounds like you were able to turn the day around with Myers & Chang. YUM! I want that corn!


  5. Michelle’s avatar

    I was planning on buying a ticket at the door but when I saw that it was sold out, I was bummed. I think any of these events get really tricky with the amount of lines, people, craziness…


  6. Alicia’s avatar

    Haha – i think the same thing sometimes…
    Do people think I just eat and drink all the time? No, you run too :)


  7. Elizabeth’s avatar

    Hi Meghan!
    So nice meeting you last night. I just got to this post through your pic of the sriracha corn on Photograzing. I LOVE grilled corn in any form. Can’t wait to talk more and catch up at Foodbuzz!


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