Movin’ On

On and up, hopefully! As some of you may already know, I decided, after lots of thinking, planning, and saving, to leave my current Marketing position at the end of the month. It has been a move I have wanted to make for a year.  It was a difficult decision; who leaves a great, secure office job with good pay, benefits, and security? Usually not someone like me, a worrywart for as long as I can remember, someone who is constantly thinking “what if”, someone who has often felt the need to be successful by traditional, societal standards. Giving my notice was terrifying; as some of you reading well know, it took me weeks after I decided I was leaving to actually give my notice because I just couldn’t figure out how to do it.

I thought I should stay and stick it out even though I was unhappy for some time, and despite the fact that I know there is a place for me elsewhere. Eventually that growing adventurous spirit won out

But now it’s done, and I have 3 weeks left of work and my resume is up-to-date. What the heck is next?

  • Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco and another visit to my home away from home, Sonoma. I can’t wait to get to spend the whole weekend eating and learning with other food bloggers, then head North to Healdsburg to visit a bunch of wineries and do some more eating!
  • Red White Boston I am so excited to have more time to work on social media for Red White Boston! There are lots of great events and blog posts coming very soon, and if you live in Boston and enjoy wine, you will want to check it out!
  • Niece/nephew arrivals! My sister is due in November and my sister-in-law is due in December. That, my friends, will make for 10 nieces and nephews! I hope to spend part of November with my sister before or after she has the baby, helping with my little niece Isabella and spending time with family.
  • Recovering! I have been working myself to the bone and taking many things way too seriously for many, many years. It will be foreign, and I think really nice, to not be on a rigid schedule for a week or two.
  • Boston Marathon Training! I am running with The ALLY Foundation again this year and can’t wait to get started.
  • Looking for all sorts of great opportunities in Marketing, Social Media, Event Planning, and general writing gigs in food and wine.  Please check out my background, and if you know of anything that might fit, let me know!

I haven’t been this happy and excited about life in so long, and I have many of you to thank for the support! THANK YOU!

Before I sign off for the day, one small favor. . . my neighbor and his brother are doing a 51 mile hike this weekend in New Hampshire in memory of their dad, who recently passed away at a young age from Alzheimer’s. He also just started a blog with some fun information for the outdoorsy among us in Boston. It would be really cool if you felt like stopping by and saying hi! Good luck, Rob and Jamie!

I am excited for a long weekend and to go to City Winery in New York City tomorrow night for John Lennon’s 70th birthday party. I <3 weekends!

What is the scariest thing you have done lately?

  1. Elina’s avatar

    Yaaaaaay. I’m seriously so happy for you (I knew you did it but just reading about it again is so exciting). Good luck with everything. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. I’m sure you’ll have tough days after being so used to go-go-going but there won’t be any crying in the office either ;)


  2. Kathy’s avatar

    I feel you with the hating the job thing. I’ve been working in a job I hate for about a year and I can’t get the courage to quit at all. It’s exciting that you’re taking that step! Good luck and make lots of delicious foood!


  3. Emily’s avatar

    Congrats. That takes a lot of you-know-what! Enjoy the quiet time while it lasts!


  4. Brian @ A Thought For Food’s avatar

    You really are a busy woman! We need to spend time together when we’re out in CA for the festival! I can’t wait!


  5. Megan’s avatar

    Yay!! You rock. I am so inpired by you… too much of a worrywart to take that step, but inspired nonetheless. I know something great will come along for you, and I will keep an eye out for anything interesting.

    The scariest thing I did was jump in and try baking as a profession… turns out it was a lot of fun and not so scary at all. :)


  6. Mellissa’s avatar

    Congrats on leaving your job!!! I am going to Foodbuzz too and would love to meet up :)


  7. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    Congratulations! You continue to inspire me everyday. I know you’re going to do great things :)


  8. Brandi’s avatar

    So excited for you :) Maybe one day I’ll have the courage to do the same – not today, that’s for sure :)

    I really hope I get to go to foodbuzz again!


  9. Michelle’s avatar

    Meghan, I’m so excited, proud and elated for you. I know that what you did was difficult and it often takes a lot of courage to do what you feel in your heart. All my love and support….


  10. ashleigh’s avatar

    That is so cool Meghan! Congrats to you. Life is too short to be anything but happy and it sounds like you are following you dreams! I am sure eventually you will find a job you love and until then it seems like you have plenty to keep you busy!


  11. Sara’s avatar

    Congratulations on taking such a huge step! It takes so much courage to take control of your life like that, and it’s awesome that you were able to do it.


  12. Julie Q’s avatar

    Good luck with everything! I did the same thing a while back, left my old job with no clue what I wanted to do. 2 months of play, and 2 months of job searching, I’m at a company I love now celebrating 3 years this month :)


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Thank you! You have no idea how much it means to me to hear success stories like yours! :)


    2. Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite’s avatar

      Good luck Megan, I am sure the future holds great things for you!


    3. Karena’s avatar

      CONGRATS! I’m so excited for you and I’m sure a break will be good :) I’ll keep an eye out for opportunities in the Bay Area!!


    4. Simply Life’s avatar

      Congrats on the big leap! I’m sure it was the right decision!


    5. Clarice’s avatar

      While I didn’t leave one job for no job, I did leave one job that was far away that I really disliked ,for a job that pays less that I like and is much closer. Considering how I feel, I think it was worth it. Good luck! I’m sure you will find something that is perfect for you.


    6. Kelly’s avatar

      I think I said it before but I’ll say it again- I’m so happy for you and I think this is going to be a great life decision :)


    7. Kim’s avatar

      Good for you for taking that step! It’s hard and it scares the daylights out of us but there are times where such reflective writing brings us back down to earth and into reality. I wish you all the best success in your endeavors! Seems like you’ll get a chance to slow down and enjoy life for a change, even if you have been already.

      I think the scariest thing for me lately is trying to find my place in the world. I’m angry, frustrated, somewhat bitter, and a bit depressed. My 20s are going to be gone in 25 days and I am leaving behind the battles I’ve fought and have won (most of them, still battling one big one that has haunted me for years).

      I’m happy I will be a wife in 7 days but scared to death at failure and remaining in the dark for the next decade of my life. But, even with the downsides I have to do my best to stay positive and keep fighting, as hard it is.

      Again, I wish you luck and all the success you can get. I don’t know you beyond what I read in the blog but you’re certainly a smart woman.

      Enjoy your time in California! I love Sonoma as well. Beautiful region. It’s wine country. Who can argue with that?


    8. Leeanne’s avatar

      Many congrats on the job move – I celebrate my one year as a freelancer at the end of this month and while some days it’s nerve-wracking, it’s been the most personally fulfilling work of my life. I’ve accomplished things I never thought I would and I’ve met some incredible people (mostly food bloggers) along the way. I wish you lots of luck – I’m sure you’ll find your passion!


    9. Allie (Live Laugh Eat)’s avatar

      Congrats Meghan! Even though I don’t have a job my worrywartness can totally understand what you’re going through. I’m proud of you though and cannot wait to see where you go from here.

      See you at Foodbuzz Festival!


    10. Marco Montez’s avatar

      Meghan… congratulations!
      It takes great courage to take a step like this. My wife did it (left the corporate world to pursue her passion) a few months after the birth of our second daughter. Three years later I can tell you that not only is she happier, we are all happier as a family. Best wishes and if there is anything I can ever do to help in any way… you know how to find me.


    11. Katie’s avatar

      CONGRATS!! I’m so happy for you!!! I can’t wait to see/hear/read about what new adventures this will take you on. Good for you!!


    12. BostonSportsWoman’s avatar

      We are all so proud of you at BSW! And, you always play a big role in everything we do, so there is always a position for you!
      This is a great time in life to take steps for yourself. It will payoff for later in life, believe me!


    13. Susan’s avatar

      What you did takes so much courage. Congratulations! And thanks for always inspiring.


    14. Shannon’s avatar

      congrats on making the move!! i’m trying to figure out what i really want to do so i can leave my current position as i’m not happy…. looks like you have so much to look forward to!!


    15. Cooking with Coley’s avatar

      Just saw this post. Congrats to you! I look forward to reading what adventures are in store for you.


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        Thank you! I am a little scared but mostly so excited!


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