Pork & Gewurz

I love to cook. Even when I am down and out and so sick that I can only stand for small periods of time, I want to cook. And so, yesterday, after sitting around all day long, I was ready to cook.

It was quite the coincidence that at almost the very same time I wanted to cook, the FedEx man arrived with a sample that I have been waiting for. . .


Le Creuset Cobalt Blue

Yes, my friends, the cobalt blue Le Creuset French Oven. And I received it as a gift from the wonderful people who do Public Relations for Le Creuset. I am beyond lucky and excited about this sample, and I know that there will be many meals built around it. Merci beaucoup!

Since I was more in the mood for cooking than I was eating, I decided to make pork chops, something that I don’t eat and rarely make.

I started with some of the leftover Afton Mountains 2009 Gewürztraminer from the Virginia wines TasteLive event, then added two chopped apples and slowly cooked them together in the new Le Creuset.

Le Creuset


Meanwhile, I gave the pork a generous rub of curry powder. The pork was very lean, and I wanted to make sure it had tons of flavor.

curried pork

On the side, I was cooking orzo in a mix of water and Gewürztraminer. I absolutely love the texture of orzo, and I find it a nice, versatile side dish.


Once the orzo was mostly cooked, I added it to the pork and apples, then poured in a bit more Gewürztraminer. I let it all simmer for a few minutes, making sure the pork was cooked, then served it all in a big bowl. The smells coming from this pot were absolutely incredible. I didn’t taste it, as I am on a strict diet of throat-soothing soup, but my husband LOVED it. Lots of flavor, tender pork, and the wine was really an excellent pairing. Gewürztraminer has a nice spice to it, making it great for the curry. I was quite proud of this last-minute dish!

Do you have a favorite “thrown together turned gourmet” meal that you have discovered, or are you more “by the (cook)book”?

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  1. Shannon’s avatar

    sounds like a delicious combination! i am getting better at throwing things together, but i started out STRICTLy by the book :)


  2. Michelle’s avatar

    The Le Creuset is BEAUTIFUL! You have me seriously antsy for the delivery guy today!


  3. Mellissa’s avatar

    I love all of my Le Creuset Cookware :)


  4. A Boston Food Diary’s avatar

    This sounds SO amazingly delicious!!!!!! I love it! Good for you for taking the sample!!!


  5. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    Yum yum yum! I love pork and apples together. I’m jealous of your Le Creuset.


  6. Sara’s avatar

    I just bought a similar piece at the Le Creuset outlet–LOVE IT!


  7. Dana’s avatar

    So lucky!! That’s my favorite Le Crusset color, too!!


  8. Justin’s avatar

    You can bake some serious bread in that Le Creuset! You’ll get an awesome crust.


  9. Megan’s avatar

    Soooo jealous! Love the French oven. Cobalt blue and green are my colors, but I’m thinking of adding ocean to the mix. Just saw it at Williams-Sonoma recently and fell in love!

    I am very cook by the book. I love following recipes so it’s ok.


  10. Emily’s avatar

    I have that same French oven! Isn’t it a beauty? i swear things just taste better in it.


  11. Katie’s avatar

    That Le Creuset piece is awesome, I’m so jealous of your sample! I’m a Le Creuset freak! This recipe sounds great, hope you’re feeling better!


  12. Raija’s avatar

    DREAM POT!!!! What a beautiful color! I love le creuset…so jealous!


  13. Loren’s avatar

    Love the meal and the pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Kimmy’s avatar

    Oh yum… I love that le creuset piece. It sits on my stove, the workhouse of my kitchen. Enjoy it!


  15. Alicia’s avatar

    Also jealous of the Le Creuset!! I love them so much! And the pork looks scrumptious!


  16. Jason Phelps’s avatar

    Can’t go wrong with this combination of flavors! I’m not much of a kitchen gadget guy so I can’t really swoon over the cookware. I suspect from the responses that I should care, but I just don’t know enough I guess.



  17. Alison’s avatar

    That oven is a thing of beauty! I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better! :)


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