Hubert Keller’s Burger Bar

Hello from San Francisco and the Foodbuzz Festival! I have about 6 blog posts I need to write, but today is a busy day for Foodbuzz Featured Publishers, so I will keep it short with a review of Burger Bar.

Burger Bar probably wouldn’t be my first choice for a lunch destination, but the hubby likes a good burger, and I love Hubert Keller. Not to mention that the Burger Bar was within view of our hotel room at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco,  in the beautiful, Christmas-decorated Union Square Macy’s.

We were seated promptly for our 1:00 reservation and had a great view of Union Square and the Christmas tree setup, not to mention great food photography lighting!

Burger Bar

Since burgers and beer go so well together, I started with an Eel River Organic Porter. It was yummy!

For lunch, I had the veggie burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, jalapenos, and garlic aioli. Burger Bar’s veggie burger is no frozen patty out of a box. It is made of caramelized onions, lentils, mushrooms, peas, brown and white rice, potatoes, and pumpkin! I immediately wanted to recreate it at home.

On the side, we shared the jalapeno fried pickles. If fried pickles are on the menu, I have to have them!

Veggie Burger at Burger Bar

Burger Bar fried pickles

My husband had the trio of different sliders. He liked them all, but gave a big thumbs up to the buffalo slider.

Burger Bar San Francisco

My burger was huge and very filling. All of the healthy ingredients, plus the toppings I chose, made for a tasty and substantial meal.

Burger Bar veggie burger

As you can see, I had to resort to eating with a fork because the burger was half the size of my face Smile

Burger Bar San Francisco

I barely ate half of it and was completely full. The food at Burger Bar is great, especially for you burger-lovers. The service,  however, was a little pushy, and spurred a conversation between my husband and me about our eating speeds and restaurant service. He is a super fast eater, and I am verrrrrrrry slow. Once our server saw his plate mostly empty, she returned repeatedly to try to take it, but I had not even made a dent in mine. I hated feeling rushed on vacation and probably ended up eating less than I would have if I felt more relaxed. I am sure my slow eating can be annoying, but I really like to enjoy eating and never end up way too stuffed because I am always conscious of how full I am. It works for me!

Overall, Burger Bar was worth a visit if you like burgers, a great view, and are a fan of celebrity chef Hubert Keller. Perhaps sitting at the bar might have resulted in a less fast paced meal, and I would probably go that route next time.

Are you a slow or fast eater? When you are eating out or shopping, do you prefer constant attention from staff, or like me, do you prefer to be left alone?

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  1. Kimmy’s avatar

    Love reading all the perspectives from San Fran and all the different things people are doing! Have so much fun!


  2. Michelle’s avatar

    I am TOTALLY like you and just want to be checked on once or twice but otherwise left alone. Bret is a fast eater but I’m slower…so I definitely experience stuff like this all the time!


  3. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    The burger sounds delicious! I love fried pickles and always order them if they’re on the menu. I want them right now!

    That stinks about the pushy server. I’m a fast eater, but my bf is a slow eater. I would’ve said something to the server though…because I’m kinda mean ;)


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I love that you are kinda mean :)


    2. Julie’s avatar

      Mmm… fried pickles–I’ve never had those before! I’m a slower eater than my husband. I’m happy to be left alone, unless I need something (salt, pepper, something to drink), in which case waiting to flag down wait staff is annoying.


    3. alicia’s avatar

      Sometimes I’m fast, other times I’m slow – depends how much I’m talking :)

      I pretty much like to be left alone when I’m dining. My favorite places are the ones where you don’t even notice the service – your wine glass is refilled and you don’t remember how. It also depends on my mood – If I’m eating alone at the bar, I sometimes like to make conversation with the bartender, and I often ask wait staff for reccos on the menu….

      But my favorite part of fine dining is definitely when the tablecloth gets ‘crumb scraped’ between courses….I don’t know why, but it thrills me.


    4. Shannon’s avatar

      ooh, that sounds like an awesome veggie burger!!


    5. MarathonVal’s avatar

      That burger sounds amazing! I’ve been meaning to make a veggie burger with pumpkin, glad to hear that it tastes as good as it sounds in my head ;) And I love that the Macy’s already has Christmas decorations up!


    6. Sara’s avatar

      I totally missed you at the Festival! Next year I need to look for you more carefully! I love your blog and I would have love to chat with you! I’m totally a “leave-me-eat-in-peace” costumer. I don’t like being constantly bothered and I eat very slow so I get interrupted pretty often usually. I need to try Huber Keller’s as both my hubby and I looove burgers! Thanks for the suggestion


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        I am sad that I missed you! Foodbuzz Festival went by SO quickly!


      2. Emily’s avatar

        My husband and I are both super fast eaters – it’s definitely something I’m trying to work on, especially when eating with friends. I find chopsticks help me slow down. The festival looked like such a great time!


      3. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear’s avatar

        I LOVE HUBERT KELLER!!!! I’m ssooooooo jealous right now :D :D

        I’m a very fast eater but have tried to learn to eat slower… it’s not as easy as it sounds though.


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