Meat-a Balls!

Getting my post-pneumonia self strong again would be so much easier if I was actually interested in eating. The past couple of weeks have not been my finest when it comes to cooking or eating well, and yesterday I mustered up all of my energy to create a hearty meal, at least for my husband to eat well.

Justin’s recent post on “tomato, onion, and butter” sauce got me thinking about making sauce, and since I am home all day for the moment and am in love with my new Le Creuset pot, I decided to make meatballs and sauce.

My sauce consisted of just a few ingredients: 2 teaspoons of tomato paste,1 can crushed tomatoes, 1 can fire roasted diced tomatoes, a small yellow onion, 2 cloves chopped garlic, a few teaspoons of basil-infused olive oil, and a few pats of Kerrygold butter. Mid-way through cooking, I also added a generous pour of Castello di amorosa Il Brigante red wine.

pasta sauce ingredients Castello di amorosa Il Brigante

I started by sautéing the onions in a mix of olive oil and butter.

onions and olive oil

Once the onions had softened, I mixed in one of my favorite ingredients, tomato paste. I love the flavor that it adds to the sauce as well as to chili and soups.

tomato paste

I finally added in the rest of the ingredients and left the sauce to bubble on a very low flame for hours.

tomato sauce

About 2 hours before dinner time, I returned to the kitchen to make the turkey meatballs. I used a container of ground turkey, 1 egg, 1 cup of panko bread crumbs, and generous shakes of both dry basil and red pepper flakes.


I used my hands (ewwww) to form them into meatballs and then lightly browned the meatballs on the outside in a pan lightly coated with olive oil. Once they were all browned, I placed them in the sauce, turned the heat up, and really got it bubbling for about 20 minutes before turning the heat back down and simmering until we were ready to eat.

turkey meatballs

I didn’t have the energy to make homemade pasta, so I used a new boxed fettuccine that I picked up at the grocery store, Ronzoni Garden Delight, a pasta that boasts a full serving of vegetables per serving.


It was very pretty and tasted just like regular old pasta.

garden pasta

garden pasta

I plated the pasta and topped it with the sauce and meatballs, a mix that became so rich and flavorful during the cooking process. It was a VERY good dinner! So good that I actually felt like eating a whole bowl of pasta and 3 meatballs. This is something that is best for a weekend or vacation day because, while I do make some good, quick pasta sauces, this really benefits from the time spent on the stove.

What do you like to cook most when you have the time?

I can’t believe it that I am leaving for the Foodbuzz Festival tomorrow! If you are going let me know so I can make sure to say hi! Smile

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  1. Mellissa’s avatar

    I love making homemade soups and pasta but they are so time consuming! Hopefully we get to meetup this weekend :)


  2. Michelle’s avatar

    I was just looking through my freezer tonight and realized I have so much ground turkey and ground beef! I think I’m going to use the turkey or the beef to make meatballs this week. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Justin’s avatar

    Thanks for the shout out! I never add wine to my tomato sauce, but I think I definitely should. Which styles of wine do you recommend? Glad to hear you’re feeling better!


  4. Sues’s avatar

    That fettuccine is awesome-looking! The whole meal sounds delicious :)

    See you in San Fran!!


  5. Kerstin’s avatar

    Mmm, there’s nothing better than homemade meatballs – yum! Hope you have fun at the Foodbuzz festival!


  6. Jolene (’s avatar

    I love cooking meals for friends – with many, many courses!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Susan’s avatar

    Homemade sauce is the one thing that I’m not afraid to make for some reason. That looks amazing.


  8. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    Looks delicious! I’ve tried that pasta recently and really liked it.


  9. Emily’s avatar

    Mmm… meatballs definitely make me feel all warm and cozy inside. I don’t make them often enough but your recipe looks great.


  10.’s avatar

    these meatballs look delicious! I wish I had some! :D


  11. Belinda @zomppa’s avatar

    So sorry you were sick but glad you are feeling better! You said the magic word: Kerrygold butter!


  12. Enrico’s avatar

    Meat-a-balls – just in time for the changing weather – look seriously delicious. Have fun in San Francisco.


  13. Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic’s avatar

    I love pasta and meatballs! That’s definitely comfort food for me, and I do like making it at home (and I also like ordering it at restaurants hehe). Now that the weather is getting much colder, I enjoy making roast chicken and roast veggies when I have more time – as opposed to the 15-30 min dinners I usually prepare ;)


  14. Megan’s avatar

    My sauce usually consists of those same ingredients! But I do love the tomato, butter, onion sauce as well.

    I like trying new recipes when I have time… and making entire meals from scratch.


  15. Betsy’s avatar

    Home made meatballs are one of my favorite things! I like to (well help) make pasta from scratch if I have time!


  16. Evan Thomas’s avatar

    Those meatballs look great! I’m bound to love any recipe that starts with sauteing onions in oil.


  17. Kim Beauchamp’s avatar

    Thanks for sharing! Spaghetti and meatballs are one of my all time favorites and homemade sauce really makes the meal. I love your use of the fun tri-color pasta. Can’t wait to give your recipe a try:)


  18. Kelly’s avatar

    Wish I was headed to SF with you girls :)

    This meal looks delicious- totally wish I had time to do this stuff. My favorite thing to cook when I have time is yummy soups!


  19. Julie’s avatar

    Glad you’re feeling better; have a safe trip and great time in SF! I’m sure that will continue to make you feel healthy again!


  20. Raija’s avatar

    My aunt says she’s started using rubber disposable gloves for cooking tasks like making meatballs. I thought that was a good solution to the nasty feeling of actually incorporating the raw ingredients.


  21. Jason Phelps’s avatar

    Love the post title. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I know you are because the FBZ tweets have been flying!



  22. alicia’s avatar

    Glad you’re feeling better. Delighted to see wine from Castelo di Amorosa on Travel, Wine, and Dine!!! I’ve been there too! Can we please plan a wine trip?? Hope you’re having fun at foodbuzz!!


  23. Yesim’s avatar

    my favourite dishes.. meatball and pasta!! i could just live my whole life with eating them , ohh sure if u give cheese:D


  24. Amanda @ BakingWithoutABox’s avatar

    Lol on the “eww” comment. I totally do that when making meatballs. That sauce looks divine!


  25. Grace’s avatar

    I very rarely make turkey meatballs, but they are so flavorful and pretty healthy, I really should. Perfect Sunday night dinner for fall!


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