The Best Thing about NOT Having a Job

Despite some of the stress that has creeped in here and there, taking a little hiatus from the rat race does have its perks.

1. It allows you to tackle big household projects that you would just never do while working full time. Just this week I cleaned and almost completely emptied one of our closets, making room for a new set of drawers and a much more organized setup. In the process, 5 bags of clothes went to Goodwill.

I also was able to clean out an entire bookshelf, relocating some, donating others, until I had the perfect shelf for my kitchen.

cookbooks cookbooks

Instead of being hidden away, my cookbooks, recipes, and some beautiful pieces of glass and handmade doilies from my nana now have a prominent place.

2. Speaking of cookbooks, being home more often definitely gives you more time to cook. Up this week? Shitake polenta, lentil pumpkin burgers, slow-cooker pulled pork tacos, and a few other fun things.

3. You can work out whenever you want. Unless you have lingering pneumonia symptoms that pop up as soon as you try to break a sweat. Friday’s run was a major fail and reminded me how long this dastardly illness is lasting, even if my major symptoms are gone. Still, I got to the Copley Farmer’s Market in record time and got to cool down while enjoying the bounty of local fall produce like mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, shallots, and herbs from Siena Farms and pillowy, fresh pita bread from Sofra.


4. When you spend the whole week at home, you can get everything done, cleaning, laundry, food prep, so that when the weekend rolls around you can actually spend quality time with your loved ones. Photos are from Jamaica Pond yesterday, a gorgeous November afternoon.

Jamaica Pond

Jamaica Pond

Jamaica Pond

5. There’s more time to volunteer. I love getting to walk the dogs and play with the cats at the MSPCA which happens to be FULL of homeless pets right now. It is easily the highlight of my week.

Jamaica Pond

Jamaica Pond

6. Weekend brunch feels more relaxed. Post-Jamaica Pond walk, we had an amazing brunch at the Aquitaine in Chestnut Hill. I forgot to take a pre-brunch photo, and this was all that was left of my Eggs Benedict Provencal. Most definitely one of the best brunches in the Boston area.


7. You have more time to go to great wine tasting events like the La Spinetta winemaker tasting at The Urban Grape. Not only did we taste through a lineup of delicious La Spinetta wines, but they were poured by Giorgio Rivettim the winemaker. And he signed our bottle of Moscato d’Asti, a clean, light, bubbly white that he referred to as breakfast wine.

wine La Spinetta Moscato  d'Asti

I won’t get too used to it as I hope to have some fun projects to work on soon, but it certainly has been fun for the most part!

Today I have brunch at East Coast Grill with the Boston Brunchers, a visit to family, and hopefully some sort of light workout. What are you up to this lovely Sunday?

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  1. Shannon’s avatar

    wow, you are certainly putting your time to good use! i would definitely do alot of those things, too! so great to spend time with pups at the shelter :)


  2. Kelly’s avatar

    Yup- I can definitely see the perks of not working :) I especially love the idea of getting everything done during the week so you can play on the weekends- I want to be able to do that but I’m terrible at doing much besides making dinner when I get home from work!

    Glad you are enjoying it, hope you can get back to normal working out soon!


  3. alicia’s avatar

    Sounds like you are enjoying your weekend! I’m sitting in the great room at Rafe’s house on the cape – fighting my own little illness, but drowning in gorgeous sunlight — and some much needed peace and quiet.

    see you soon!!


  4. Kim’s avatar

    The pictures are gorgeous! Love them!

    I can relate to the benefits of not working and now getting a chance to organize. Refreshing to get rid of old stuff isn’t it? Hope you feel better soon!

    It’s going to be a quiet weekend around here. Well, it is already Sunday but pretty much a quiet day. Maybe grocery shopping. We do need it.


  5. Simply Life’s avatar

    Glad you’ve been enjoying your time off!


  6. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    Sounds like you’ve been up to some fun stuff. I love that you’re volunteering :)


  7. Michelle’s avatar

    I keep feel the relaxation oozing in this blog post. I’m so glad that you’re getting so much stuff done (although I’m a teeny bit jealous). We missed you this morning but congratulations Auntie Meghan!


  8. Enrico’s avatar

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt. The photos are great, especially the one of the two of you as a silhouette. I also love the red berries on the thin delicate branches, such a contrast from the hard grey stone they are on.. The picture just pops. Good job on relaxing – so many people I know do not take the time to do so – and can defeat themselves. In fact, many people will work 100 hours a week for someone else, but never 1 hour for themselves. thats not right, everyone deserves some time off (even if its a weekend day, or an evening or even just enough time for a nice bath,,,, people neeed to switch off to)… :) great post. You sound very happy :)


  9. Daisy’s avatar

    missed you at brunch! i think we need to hit up Aquitaine soon!


  10. Megan’s avatar

    Jealous. Jealous. Jealous. I can’t even tell you how jealous I am. I worked from home today to try to recover from the cruise and barely managed to get suitcases unpacked. There are mounds of laundry all over the place. I can only dream of having time to clean out closets.

    Looks like you enjoyed a beautiful weekend!


  11. Jean’s avatar

    You are one productive woman! I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t get nearly as much done on weeks when I’m at home. Good for you. Also had to comment on your shadow picture. Love taking pictures of me and my husband this way, especially when we travel. Love all the other images, too.

    Thanks for the Twitter follow. :-)


  12. Terri’s avatar

    It is great that you can take a little break. I am sure a great new job will come along when you are rested and ready!


  13. Dionne Baldwin’s avatar

    You certainly have been very productive! I have to agree being unemployed does have its perks. I find that I’ve been busier than when I worked out of the home! It seems like you are definitely making the most of your time. :)


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