Welcome, Little One

My family and I are early people. It is not unheard of for me to be 45 minutes early for an appointment or an hour early for class. I have always been this way and probably will always be this way. With all of us having that early gene (and I married someone with the late gene, by the way!), it was no surprise that my nephew arrived yesterday morning, 15 days early, almost beating his older sister who was born 16 days early.

Harrison William joins his sister Isabella on my side of the family and another Isabella, Tessa, Liam, Conor, Fiona, Orla, and Emma on my husband’s side. That makes 9 nieces and nephews with another due in early December.

My nephew

I have never posted photos of any of them on the blog, and after the story one of the Foodbuzz panelists told about having her children’s photos taken and used by another blogger as their own children (!!!!), I definitely won’t.

But since Harrison is just an infant and not headed to school or out in public just yet, I thought it would be fine to post this. He will certainly look different in a few days. Smile

It is going to be a busy day of babysitting Isabella and spending time with my sister and our newest family member, but I will be back later with a food-related blog post.

Also exciting this week? I am on another TasteLive panel this Wednesday and attending a potluck with Amanda Hesser from the New York Times on Friday.  Life is good, and I am sending all of you lots of happiness for a great Monday!

How do you feel about posting photos of kids on your blog? Do you have any nieces or nephews?

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  1. Emily’s avatar

    eesh… i had no idea that happened. so scary. I’ll definitely rethink sharing my nephew’s (and friend’s) photos in the future. But, more importantly, congrats on the new addition!


  2. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

    Congratulations to you and your entire family!

    That’s scary about the baby picture. The internet is ripe for all kinds of thieves I guess.


  3. Karen’s avatar

    congratulations to you and your family! :)


  4. Alison’s avatar

    Such a lovely picture. Congratulations on your early Christmas present! :)


  5. A Boston Food Diary’s avatar

    So beautiful! Congratulations to you and your family!!!! I’m always a little nervous to post personal photos on the blog- esp of children- but then Im a bit of a nervous nelly :-)


  6. Grace’s avatar

    Awww love the name! Congrats!


  7. Clare Taylor King’s avatar

    Hi Aunty Meghan.

    Super Congrats to you and to your family.
    Bigs hugs & loves to you all.

    Hope to see you in April 2011!


  8. Kim’s avatar

    Awww! So cute! Congrats to being an auntie again!

    I’m an aunt to six: Four from my brother, 2 from my sister. They range in age from 8 to 22. Haven’t seen 3 of them in a decade (talked to my oldest niece on Facebook) and the 3 youngest I haven’t seen in a year and a half.

    As for pics of kids, I won’t do it. My blog is wide open for anyone in the general public to see. I just don’t think it’s wise considering all the predators and weirdos out there. Maybe it’s a bit paranoid to some but I’d rather not take the risk. On Facebook where you can keep your pictures private, that doesn’t bother me.


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      I don’t think it’s paranoid at all. I completely agree with you! And I thought it was really weird that someone would continue to post photos of children even after something happened.
      I won’t post any pics of the school age kids for the same reason. I would like to think everyone who is reading is well-meaning and normal, but you never know!


    2. Janetha G - meals & moves’s avatar

      Congrats on such a sweet little baby! I just gained two newborn nephews in September and October. I also have an Isabella in my fam! Have a great week :)


    3. Daisy’s avatar

      CONGRATULATIONS Auntie! I usually follow the parents rule – for example I posted photos of my cousins kid Jett, because he’s all over facebook! But I won’t post photos pf Kaycee (my Dad’s gf’s daughter) because she is very against children on the internet and i respect it. no wonder why – what a horror story having someone do such a thing as you mentioned.


    4. Simply Life’s avatar

      oh how exciting! congrats on the new addition to the family!


    5. Kirsten’s avatar

      Congrats auntie!! I’m always early too — there does not seem to be a thing I can do to change it (or to change my always late friends ;))


    6. Megan’s avatar

      Congratulations, auntie! I can’t believe you have so many nieces and nephews. Wow!

      I only have 1 nephew and I did post his pic once, but he’s only 2. I’m not overly concerned about it, but I understand the precautions.


    7. Janel’s avatar

      Congrats!!! How exciting :)


    8. Susan’s avatar

      Congratulations! I think I’m one to shy away from posting kids, I actually barely post photos of my friends or myself even.

      I can’t wait to hear about your tasting and potluck!


    9. Lawyer Loves Lunch’s avatar

      Beautiful! A huge congratulations to your entire family :)


    10. Michelle’s avatar

      Congratulations! I post pictures from time to time of Bret’s nephew but only with his sister’s permission!


    11. David’s avatar

      congratulations! nothing in the world comes close to having a new baby in the house :)


    12. Enrico’s avatar

      YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! YAYYYYY!!!!


    13. Hadley’s avatar

      Congratulations! How adorable. I love those newborn hospital blankets. They bring back good memories.
      We decided from the beginning that we would not put photos of the boys on our blog or website. Sometimes I am sorely tempted (I have the cutest photos of Noah stocking wine) but it’s just not worth it.
      After our Groupon fiasco I was SO happy there were no pics of the kids on our site. People were threatening us, etc., and it really solidified my stance.


      1. traveleatlove’s avatar

        People threatened you over the Groupon?! That is insane!


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