#reverb10 for December 28, 2010 Prompt: Achieve. What’s the thing you most want to achieve next year? How do you imagine you’ll feel when you get it? Free? Happy? Complete? Blissful? Write that feeling down. Then, brainstorm 10 things you can do, or 10 new thoughts you can think, in order to experience that feeling today.

This one is easy. It is something I have worked toward every day since starting this blog, taking a wine class, and a food writing class, attending countless networking events, and yes, quitting my safe publishing job. This year, I would like to achieve a new job or jobs that are in line with my interests for the first time in my life. Sure, I have had some great jobs that have given me great professional experience, seven years of Marketing-Communications with lots of Media, Public Relations, Event Planning, and Social Media thrown in for, what I feel is a very well rounded background.

And while in each position I have given my all enthusiastically and never held back, I always wondered what it would be like to have a job that incorporates the skills and experience I have with things I love in my non-work life. In June 2009, I finally discovered that I want to work in food, wine, hospitality, or travel, and my blog was a baby step into breaking into those industries. While it has helped me to make great contacts and to immerse myself in food, wine, and travel, I haven’t quite found a way to use my experience in one of these fields in a way that pays the bills.

I love to work hard; anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I usually overdo it, but when I achieve what I want, I feel as though, most days, that work will feel lighter and will offer contentment.

How will I achieve this goal and the resulting feeling? Get started today!

Continue to add daily content to my blog, sometimes twice daily

Increase my outreach and involvement in the blog community by reading and commenting more

Attend as many networking events as possible

Sign up for professional development opportunities

Write more guest posts for other websites and become more consistent on sites like Examiner

Search for lesser known job websites that might be targeted toward fields I am interested in

Seek out informational meetings or interviews with some of the contacts I have made

Redesign my blog to further showcase my Marketing experience and blog success

Focus more on organizing and a schedule as I enter the New Year

Think positive thoughts and relax; being a control freak and a worrywart will get me nowhere


What is it you want to achieve in 2011?

  1. Megan’s avatar

    Can you start a company and I’ll work for you? Seriously. I think we both have the same interests, and we could definitely combine our skills to do something great that we enjoy… we just have to define what that is…


  2. Shannon’s avatar

    Wow- great post. I found myself nodding incessantly throughout. I also have what I call my “perfect triangle” (travel~writing~music), and am working through how to make the dots connect – how to make these passions help me create an abundant life and rewarding business. I look forward to following your blog now that I found it through reverb10!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Thank you for commenting! I look forward to checking out your blog too.


    2. Elizabeth’s avatar

      Thanks for writing this Meghan. I’ve always been hesitant to share my goals and dreams out loud for fear that I won’t achieve them, which is absolutely the opposite of what I should be doing. Talking about them and sharing them with people will likely lead to more opportunities and make it more likely that I will pursue and succeed at them. Good luck with yours! Can’t wait to read more about your progress.


    3. MelissaNibbles’s avatar

      I’m trying to figure out what my goals for this year will be. I never set goals for myself, but I think it’s out of fear of failure. I think I’ve overcome this though and know what I want out of life. I think putting pen to paper will help me make these things happen. Thanks for sharing yours. It helps to see how others outline their goals. Good luck!


    4. Michelle’s avatar

      My birthday is in January and I’m turning 29 next month. I’m making a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. Some of these items are little things that I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Others are bigger items. Either way, I’m looking forward to facing these things head on. Best of luck next year Meghan. I think you’ll be accomplishing some great things!


    5. Grace’s avatar

      Congrats on moving so much closer to your career goals. It is certainly brave, and I am sure your hard work and hope will pay off!


    6. alicia’s avatar

      Meghan, I second Megan’s comment. Start your own company and I’ll totally join you!

      I really have so much faith in you – I know you’re capable and deserving of achieving all your goals. I’ll be cheering you on all 2011 too!!


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