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Butter is wonderful. It gives flavor to a multitude of recipes, especially baked goods, and makes most dishes more satisfying, rich, and delicious. It is my firm belief that real butter is part of a healthy diet; you won’t see butter substitutes or any sort of chemical butters on this blog ever.

When it comes to butter, not any old butter will do. Discovered when I studied abroad in Galway many years ago, eaten on each trip home to Galway to visit my husband’s family, and now a permanent fixture in our fridge, Kerrygold butter is the gold standard. There is something creamier, fresher, and purer about Kerrygold, just something special that I have rarely found in other butters. Most likely, the fact that the milk for their products is sourced from small Irish farms has something to do with it :)

As I mentioned the other day, its flavor is so good, I can eat it alone on crackers.

From topping corn, to making a fish dish with Alaska Seafood, from homemade meatballs and sauce,  to tasting at the Foodbuzz Festival, Kerrygold is a big part of my culinary adventures. We have been lucky to live in an Irish enclave in Boston, and Kerrygold has been widely available in our little markets for years. I have been happy to see Kerrygold products become more widely available and less expensive as they have entered the US market.

They not only sell premium butter, but as you may know, Kerrygold also makes a variety of cheeses including the incredible Dubliner with Irish Stout. Yum.

Why all the talk about Kerrygold, you ask?

Because it’s giveaway time! The kind people at Kerrygold are allowing me to gift a month’s supply of butter and cheese to one lucky Travel, Wine, and Dine reader!

Entering is simple, just leave a comment here telling me your favorite Kerrygold product, or if you have never tried one, visit their website and let me know what you would like to try.

Then if you have a blog, include a link back to this post in your next post. Or if you don’t have a blog, link back to this post on your Facebook or Twitter page. Easy, right? I will choose a winner on Sunday, December 12.

Good luck!


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Photo source: kerrygold.com

  1. Amanda @bakingwithoutabox’s avatar

    I was going to say their salted butter but I think I’m in love with that aged cheddar. I retweeted your giveaway as I haven’t baked anything else yet to blog about.


  2. Marcy@JustCrumbs...’s avatar

    I just had some Kerry Gold Cheese for the first time a couple of months ago. I savored every morsel of that creamy goodness. What a wonderful giveaway.


  3. Wichita Falls Foodie’s avatar

    the dubliner cheese with irish stout sounds awesome! the butter as well I love real butter!


  4. Shannon’s avatar

    dubliner’s always been one of my favorites, but i’ve recently tried their irish butter and LOVE!


  5. brandi’s avatar

    we love their butter! it’s the best.


  6. Katie’s avatar

    I LOVE THEIR IRISH CHEDDAR. Seriously, I know all caps are obnoxious but this warranted it. Their cheese is an absolute staple in my fridge..it’s my favorite cheddar! GREAT contest!


  7. Julia’s avatar

    I would *love* the Kerrygold Dubliner Cheese to make their “Dubliner Fig & Walnut Focaccia” recipe! It looks fantastic & would be perfect for an upcoming party.


  8. Courtney’s avatar

    I’d love to try their garlic butter, and unsalted of course! :)
    Added to my latest blog post..
    Not sure if it’s a one entry or two so better off sticking to one.


  9. Tasha’s avatar

    Would love to try any of the cheeses, the butter is delicious!


  10. David Dadekian’s avatar

    Without a doubt, Dubliner cheese.


  11. Kaitlyn’s avatar

    The Blarney Castle Cheese sounds delicious, and my mom would be so tickled to have it at Christmas! =)


  12. alicia’s avatar

    I love Kerry Gold butter – and like you I do NOT use butter subs. Not a big fan – especially when the good stuff tastes.so.good!


  13. Meghan’s avatar

    My favorite is their butter with garlic and herbs but I can’t always find it. I’d love to try their dubliner with irish stout though. Sounds yummy!

    And I tweeted



  14. Joy’s avatar

    I think the Blue Cheese sounds awesome – I bet you could make some sort of cool dessert with it…


  15. Judith’s avatar

    All of these cheeses look amazing! But I would like to try the Kerrygold blue cheese! What an awesome giveaway….


  16. Clarice’s avatar

    The butter is good, but I love the Dubliner cheese. It’s just so delicious.


  17. Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers’s avatar

    I haven’t tried the butter or the cheese yet and have been meaning to for so long! When I finally do try some, I think the Dubliner cheese is the first on my list :-)


  18. Lindsay Meyer’s avatar

    I’m with you! Kerrygold is a mainstay in my fridge, too. For my holiday baking this year, I bought Straus butter (since it’s local to Northern California) and I’m kind of regretting it. There’s something special about Kerrygold.

    PS. How great is is that they use this stuff on Aer Lingus?!

    PPS. I am never as happy as when they are sampling Kerrygold cheese at Whole Foods.

    PPPS. I was super sad that Kerrygold wasn’t at Foodbuzz this year.


  19. Susan B’s avatar

    I would like to try their Swiss Cheese.


  20. Liza’s avatar

    Yummm Cheese I want Dubliner Cheese


  21. Colleen’s avatar

    I love Kerry Gold butter so very much! It reminds me of my cousin Noreen’s homemade brown bread that she makes for us every time we visit them in Tipperary. I usually average about 20 loaves of brown bread and probably 10 tubs of Kerry Gold butter on my Tipp trips. No big deal haha.

    Love it and love this giveaway – thanks!


  22. Sonja’s avatar

    We go through several kilos of Kerrygold butter this time of year. We are busy baking all our favorite family recipes for Swedish and Norwegian Christmas cookie. They quality and higher fat content of Kerrygold makes the cookies taste just like they do back in the “old country.”


  23. Karen Rosenzweig’s avatar

    Love the Blarney Castle – great for holiday entertaining with the family!


  24. Mia’s avatar

    Huge fan of the butter. HUGE.


  25. Meg’s avatar

    I unfortunately have never tried Kerry Gold, which is why I would LOVE to win this. I really want to try their sweet cream butter, or their Dubliner cheese….. it sounds sooooooo gooooooooood!!!!


  26. Stephanie’s avatar

    I adore Dubliner! But if given the chance, I’d try the cheese n beer combination any day. Great idea to combine the two for Irish Stout cheese.


  27. Lori’s avatar

    So many choices! I haven’t tried and Kerrygold products but any of their cheeses would be lovely! The aged cheddar with irish whiskey? The Swiss…all of them sound delectable!


  28. Charity S.’s avatar

    I would love to try the Blarney Castle.


  29. Crystal’s avatar

    I’ve never tried their products but i think the Pure Irish Butter sounds great!
    I am signing up for their email thanks!


  30. Jason Phelps’s avatar

    Mac & Chese all the way! The Dubliner cheese is some of the best I have ever paired with wine.



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