Bringing the Indian Restaurant Home

One of the best meals I have ever cooked, hands down, last night’s vegetable Korma was a healthy blend of vegetables, spices, and most importantly, textures.

I have made various coconut curries in the past; my love for ingredients from the East is definitely evident in my favorite cuisines, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian. Yesterday, however, I decided to actually follow a recipe. Well, sort of.

Basmati rice

One thing that I did do was make sure that I had as many of the ingredients from the recipe as possible, including fragrant Basmati rice and golden raisins. I don’t like any rice, other than Basmati rice, and the rice that we bought at Trader Joe’s did not disappoint.

golden raisins

I had a very special sous chef, the normally way-too-busy mister, to help me chop the veggies. I ended up going off of the recipe, which called for nine different vegetables, and went with cauliflower, red peppers, green beans, and potatoes.

cauliflower and red pepper

The flavorful base of the meal was one of the most important features though. I made a homemade clarified butter (also made here during my Saag Paneer post) using a lump of Kerrygold, heating it until foamy and then skimming off of the white solids. To the clarified butter, I added a diced white onion and a ton of chopped garlic.

chopped garlic

Mmmmm garlic.

To the garlic and onions, I added about half a can of tomato paste and the chopped red bliss potatoes. And then the layering of spices began.

There was powdered ginger (because Trader Joe’s was out of fresh ginger), cinnamon, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and curry powder. The smells from this pot were incredible.


I let the potatoes cook with the garlic and onions and spices for awhile before adding in a whole can of tomatoes, pureed in the food processor, liquid and all. Once all of that was mixed and had simmered for about 15 more minutes to let the potatoes cook, I added the rest of the vegetables, about a cup of golden raisins, and the finishing touch, 1/4 cup of heavy cream.

Vegetable Korma

I put a lid on the Korma and watched it bubble away as we prepped the rice and other toppings, yogurt and toasted almonds.


Once we were ready to eat, I scooped Basmati rice into bowls and topped it with the Korma, making sure to grab a lot of the liquid. I topped each bowl with toasted almonds and plain yogurt.

Vegetable Korma

I ate FOUR bowls of this! That is far more than I ever eat at dinner, but the blend of spices, the contrast between the soft, sweet raisins with the crunchy vegetables, soft fragrant rice, and crunchy almonds was almost too much. While we were eating we exclaimed many times how good the meal was. Luckily there were plenty of leftovers for our lunches today.

In addition to an amazing home cooked meal, it was so nice to spend the evening in the kitchen with my husband, listening to James Taylor and cooking together. I almost fell asleep after, I was so relaxed.

Today I have some serious brainstorming to do for the blog and other projects, along with a spinning workout and a seasonal Guinness dinner at Landsdowne Pub. I am hoping to get all of my major marathon workouts in early in the week, some say there is another nor’easter headed our way!

I will be announcing the winner of the restaurant gift card a little later today, so make sure to check my next post! Smile Happy Monday!

We love cooking at home on Sunday nights; do you have any special rituals or traditions for Sundays (or any other day of the week)?

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  1. Michelle’s avatar

    Wow, this looks FABULOUS! I can hear you smiling through your blog post! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful Sunday!


  2. Elizabeth’s avatar

    I can definitely see how this is one of the best you’ve ever cooked. It’s one of the best looking homemade Indian meals I’ve ever seen. I’m super impressed you made your own clarified butter.


  3. Emily’s avatar

    yum! I really like attempting Indian dishes at home. Recently we made aloo gobi which was so tasty. This dish looks great. And boo for TJs being out of items – they were totally out of canned tomatoes the other day!


  4. Evan Thomas’s avatar

    This sounds really good! I never know what to order out when I’m at an Indian restaurant because I don’t know what’s in each dish, but I would love to make more dishes like this at home.


  5. Kate @’s avatar

    I like Indian food, but as Evan said, I just never know what to order. Next time I am going to get this veggie Korma … it looks amazing!


  6. ashleigh’s avatar

    That looks yummy and not too complicated. I should add it to my list of things to try.

    I always cook a big dinner on Sunday nights to last me Sunday dinner and lunch Monday-Weds. While everything is cooking I usually hard boil eggs and chop veggies so I have easy access to snacks during the week. Its the perfect end to the weekend!


  7. Daisy’s avatar

    ok, this i’ve gotta make. I am so impressed with the layering of flavors and the presentation over the rice is beautiful.

    I am so thrilled for the Guinness dinner!!! Pints of beer are calling my name.


  8. Simply Life’s avatar

    Oh that looks amazing!


  9. Megan’s avatar

    Wow. I don’t even like Indian food, and that looks amazing to me. Can’t wait to see you tonight!


  10. Mark’s avatar

    If you ate 4 bowls, then I ‘m guessing I should make 2 large pots of this! Looks and sounds amazing! I’m going to make it next weekend!

    Any wine suggestions that you think might pair well?


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Yes! Bonny Doon Muscat is a perfect pairing. I could also see a Riesling or Vidal Blanc going well with this.


    2. Belinda @zomppa’s avatar

      Four bowls. NICE. I would be doing the same with you.


    3. MichellePC’s avatar

      I loooove making Indian food at home! This is going on my “to-cook list.” Thanks!


    4. Leanne @healthfulpursuit’s avatar

      The potato picture made my mouth water!! Yum. This looks amazing. I too share your love of Indian cooking… but I never ever follow a recipe. Maybe I should try that (for the most part)


    5. Jolene (’s avatar

      I love Indian food, but I rarely make it at home – I need to start!!! Your dish looks so good!


    6. Jason Phelps’s avatar

      I love making Indian at home. This dish does look top notch. Next time I am looking to make some Indian I will be back here for this recipe!



    7. alicia’s avatar

      I love all the same exotic cuisines as you – but I don’t often make them at home – I definitely have to get a little bit braver in the kitchen in this regard! Your dinner looks gorgeous!


    8. Vegan Greens’s avatar

      Great looking food. I love a good bit of garlic in my food. Really nice dish.


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