Coconut Rum Rice Pudding

When it comes to rice pudding, I feel as though people either love it or hate it. I happen to love a well-made rice pudding, one that isn’t too sweet or too overwhelmingly creamy. Since I have been experimenting with different dessert creations as of late, I decided this week to make a little rice pudding utilizing coconut milk and Basmati rice, two ingredients that I had in the house. It started with two basic building blocks and then took on a life of its own.

Basmati rice

coconut milk

nutmeg and cinnamon

Into the pot went a cup of Basmati rice, 13.5 ounces of coconut milk, a teaspoon of sugar, a dash of fresh cinnamon, a dash of fresh nutmeg, and a bit of water. I brought it all up to a boil, then turned it down and let the rice simmer, tasting it as I went along until the rice was done to my liking. I enjoy it slightly al dente, but if you prefer creamier rice, you can always add a bit more liquid and cook longer.


When the rice was just about done, I poured in a shot of rum, stirred thoroughly, let the rice simmer for another minute, and then turned off the heat. Right before I turned off the heat, I added in a handful of golden raisins. I am almost out of these, and I need to stock up!

Mount Gay Rum

The rum cooks off leaving just a hint of flavor that goes marvelously with the coconut milk. Since there is very little sugar in the recipe, the pudding isn’t very sweet, but what it lacks in sugary sweetness, it makes up for in delightful tropical tastes.

rice pudding

I had a small bowl of this rice pudding with my kale smoothie and some almonds for a pre-workout breakfast, but it is also delicious as a dessert, warmed and topped with dark chocolate shavings.

rice pudding with chocolate

Not bad for a “clean out the pantry” sort of recipe!

Are you a rice pudding fan? What is the most creative recipe you have come up with by cleaning out your fridge or pantry?

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  1. Sarah @ Semi-Sweet’s avatar

    LOVE rice pudding. Love coconut & raisins – this is a great recipe – the addition of rum is a great idea. As for pantry cleanout – I’m not all that creative. I often end up making soup or a frittata with ingredients I’m trying to purge (usually veg on its way out). My “green soup” fetish started last summer when my CSA was uber-prolific – combine all your green veggies in a Dutch oven, pour in broth & a few tablespoons of Arborio rice (to thicken), cook, puree, drizzle w/EVOO (or not), sprinkle w/cheese (or not) – eat!


  2. Daisy’s avatar

    I think I like rice pudding. I happen to have basmati rice and coconut milk so maybe I will try this recipe out!!!


  3. Michelle’s avatar

    I love rice pudding! There is a place in Hoboken called Miami Rice and it is a rice pudding shop with all different flavors – so good!


  4. Megan’s avatar

    I think I like rice pudding. I keep meaning to look for a recipe that uses purple sticky rice, which I got as a gift. This looks tasty, especially with those chocolate shavings on top!


  5. Kate @’s avatar

    I love rice pudding! I make it as often as I can – easy and delicious! :)


  6. Evan Thomas’s avatar

    I haven’t had rice pudding in years but tell me there’s rum in it and I’ll definitely have a taste.


  7. Shannon’s avatar

    fabulous. i haven’t had rice pudding in awhile, but this reminds me i should :)


  8. Amanda L.’s avatar

    I am a huge rice pudding fan. My Mom makes a delicious Portuguese rice pudding and it’s awesome!


  9. Elizabeth’s avatar

    I’m definitely pro rice pudding. It’s definitely a good last minute dessert. I’ve made it several times with coconut and it’s also really good with a little bit of almond extract. You should totally try that. Always like raisins in it. I usually keep the recipe simple but I had it once made by a friend who made it extra rich with egg. It was delicious.


  10. Jason Phelps’s avatar

    I love a good rice pudding too. Come to think of it I haven’t had one on quite some time.

    I thought I would share an interesting tidbit I learned reading a kitchen chemistry book last year. Alcohol in cooking and baking does not burn off as much as people think. For the short time and temperature of your usage you might have only lost 20% or less of it. Not that it matters, but some people might be surprised to find this out and might be concerned depending on how and to whom a dish was being served.



  11. Raija’s avatar

    You are giving me more great ideas of things to have on hand in the pantry!

    Looks delicious!!


  12. Jessica’s avatar

    Rice pudding is the perfect sweet for any time of the day! Yours looks fantastic! Thank you for sharing =)


  13. Katie’s avatar

    LOVE rice pudding and this recipe looks great. It looks so smooth and creamy, perfect for a snowy day like today!


  14. brandi’s avatar

    This sounds delicious – I love a good rice pudding, and I bet it’s great with the coconut milk and rum.


  15. Cakewalker’s avatar

    Like you, I favor a rice pudding that is spot on – not too creamy, not too sweet. My hunch says this one serves it up right! Love the photo of the fresh cinnamon and nutmeg. Then there’s the rum… YUM!


  16. Jean at The Delightful Repast’s avatar

    This sounds delicious, Meghan. I’m a rice pudding fan and enjoy all types of rice puddings, except overly sweet ones. Your low-sugar version reminded me of the time I had my in-laws over for dinner and made rice pudding since it was one of their favorite desserts. They took one bite and immediately asked for the sugar bowl and cream pitcher!


    1. traveleatlove’s avatar

      Oooh that just made my teeth hurt a little! :)


    2. alicia’s avatar

      I’ve never had rice pudding. But i’ll try any dessert with rum in it :)


    3. Kerstin’s avatar

      Mmm, sounds great with that coconut milk in it! My hubby would especially love this one :)


    4. Eat to Evolve’s avatar

      Mmmm- this looks super good! Think I’d want to make it with brown basmati rice, or even millet, since I only eat whole grains…

      I always thought if you simmered coconut milk for many minutes, it would separate – why did I think that?! Guess cause I was taught to add it to curries only at the end. But this opens up a whole new world! Thank you :)


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